Eyetex Dazller Mascara Review

Eyetex Dazller Mascara


Hello Ladies,
Today I am going to review Eyetex dazller mascara for you all. As a kid I have seen my mom using Eyetex kajal in a small round small box. Later I found out that they make many other products too, other than their trade mark kajal. Few months back I went to attend a colleagues wedding, I packed everything but forgot to keep my mascara. After reaching there when I realized what I have done, I rushed to the nearby market to get myself mascara; there was no other girl in the group so no option of borrowing. Anyways, I already had 2 mascaras with me at home so I did not wanted to buy any expensive one, I said the same to the shopkeeper and he gave me this mascara. I was like Eyetex ka mascara, is it good? He said yes madam, many girls buy this one, I had no choice but to believe him and buy it. Read on to find how this budget mascara worked for me.

Price: 100Rs/-
What product claims: Eyetex is a popular brand in kajal and bindi products in india.This mascara is high quality, smudge-proof .it stays on all day. This mascara is Blackest Black. Easy to apply and has quality ingredients that are natural and safe for your eyes. Water resistant, gives thicker softer lashes with extreme length and curl. (I don’t have the packing with me now, this is taken from their site)
Ingredients: Hydrated magnesium, aluminium silicate and silicone in aqua.



My experience with Eyetex dazzler mascara:

I had bought this mascara for a quick fex for that wedding and had no high expectations from it. But I must confess here, I am truly in love with this mascara. And from the time I bought this one, this is my everyday wear mascara. It is blackest black in colour which is what I wanted. The wand is long and the applicator brush is big enough for proper application. The brush is capable of holding required amount of product and spreads it evenly on my lashes.

The mascara is not very sticky in consistency; it feels really light on my lashes. It dries quickly and is smudge proof and water proof. It never fades if only water is spaces on lashes, you need to rub it for it to come off, so decent water proof nature for daily use. I use olive oil to clean it from my lashes and it comes out easily that way. On staying power, it holds my lash curl for good 6 hours. The packing is quite simple, black plastic tube. It is easy to carry around. I am using it from more than 6 months and it has not thicken or dried yet.

It has some smell of camphor same smell like the herbal kajals, however it never stings my eyes. In whole I love this product and for the price I pay for this, it is a real winner.

Pros of Eyetex dazller mascara:

• Smudge proof, water proof.
• Good applicator, good brush.
• Holds curls for 5-6 hours.
• Defines lashes.
• Blackest black.
• Very economical.
• Dries quickly.

Cons of Eyetex dazller mascara:

• Availability can be issue at times but I feel most of the small shops will have this.
Final verdict on Eyetex dazzler mascara: For this price and its performance I feel this is the best budget mascara we have here. I recommend this to everyone, especially to girls on budget.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase Eyetex dazller mascara: Will love to ☺

PS: I wore this mascara without curling my lashes for this picture to give you real idea about it.

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  1. Hey Sweta, i have so many lipsticks frm dazzler bt never got around trying the mascara… will try it fr sure ..100 bucks is very affordable!!!

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