Eyetex Dazzler vs Health & Glow Nail Polish Remover

Eyetex Dazzler & Health & Glow Nail Polish remover

I have used almost 3-4 bottles of Eyetex Nail Polish remover & decided to switch to another one & got the Health & Glow Nail Polish Remover & here’s my take on both the nail polish removers.

Eyetex Dazzler Nail Polish Remover:

eyetex vs health & glow nail polish remover

This is manufactured by Aravind Laboratories from Chennai.

Key Ingredients: Ethyl Acetate, Isopropanol, Camphor

Price: Rs.40 INR for 27ml

Directions to use: Soak cotton with the nail polish remover & gently apply over the nail & rub it. Repeat the procedure once more if required.

My Experience: After using Lakme, Colorbar nail polish removers, this is the third brand that I tried. The nail polish comes in a sturdy glass bottle & has a plastic stopper; we need to pierce it to make a hole to get the remover on the cotton wool. This easily takes off all traces of nail polish with just 2-3 swipes.

Pros of the Eyetex Nail Polish Remover

• Gently removes the nail polish with 2-3 swipes.
• Comes in a sturdy glass bottle.
• Has the Ingredients mentioned on the bottle.
• Doesn’t dry out the nails or the skin around it.
• Doesn’t have a very strong smell.
• Affordable at Rs.40 INR
Cons of the Eyetex Nail Polish Remover
• The bottle doesn’t come with a hole to control the flow of the remover; you need to pierce it.

eyetex vs healthglow nail paint remover

Health & Glow Nail Polish Remover
This is marketed by Health & Glow Retailing Pvt.Ltd (Bangalore) & manufactured by Fiabila India Ltd.
Ingredients: No Ingredients list

Price: Rs.39 INR for 30ml

Directions to use: Dab in to cotton wool to wipe off nail enamel thoroughly yet gently.

My Experience: After using 3-4 bottles of the Eyetex Nail Polish remover, I wanted to try something else, so when I saw the small cute bottle of Health & Glow Nail Polish remover at the H&G store, I picked it up. The remover comes in a sturdy small bottle with a hole on the plastic stopper, I had to dab the cotton wool 4-5 times to remove the nail enamel, it needs a lot of effort to take off the nail polish using the Health & Glow Nail Polish remover & also make the nails dry. I don’t like this at all; it strips away the moisture from the skin around the nails & makes it look dull.

Pros of the Health & Glow Nail Polish Remover

• Comes in a small travel friendly bottle.
• Has a plastic stopper with a hole to control the flow of the remover.
• Affordable at Rs.39 INR.

Cons of the Health & Glow Nail Polish Remover

• Dries out the nails & skin around it.
• The strong smell irritates my nose.
• Gives a burning sensation around the cuticle.
• Gets finished pretty fast. Need a lot of the remover because one swipe wouldn’t be enough.
• No Ingredients list.
• Availability is an issue because as far as I know Health & Glow Stores aren’t available in North & West India.

Final Verdict:

When I compare the Eyetex Dazzler & Health & Glow Nail Polish removers, I prefer the Eyetex Nail Polish remover over the Health & Glow remover. But of the four brands ( Lakme, Colorbar,Eyetex, Health & Glow) I used, I’ll vote them in the same order, so my all time favourite is Lakme.


24 thoughts on “Eyetex Dazzler vs Health & Glow Nail Polish Remover

  1. Hey Uzma O:) , well detailed Review :thumbsup: .. :thanks:

    im using Avon ka Remover :manicure: .. it’s gud & cost around 80/-. :jiggy1: . you must give it a try,im sure u’ll Love :happydance: :happydance: ..

  2. I have stopped using all kinds of removers these days. i am just using the nail paint remover pads these days and they are awesome. My nail chippings and dryness has really reduced.

    no health and glow here and never seen eyetex also. :(( good comparison, Uzma. :))

    1. Yes Rati, it’s better to use those pads :yes: , coz I have observed if I use cotton wool to remove the nail color,sometimes the wool gets struck to the fingers & creates mess.
      I haven’t come across any Indian brands selling the remover pads, I have seen the ELF pads on IMBB :yes:

  3. I like your review, but eyetex one is extremely dry,turns nails white and has horrible smell 🙁 never tried the other one !

    1. Hainnn Really Tapaswini, I find it good, :stars: Or may be coz Health & glow remover is too bad, that I find this better :-/

  4. uzma uzma uzma pata hai…i tried eyetex n i found it sooo strong :weep:
    the smell is ott…
    then again i went back to Lakme!
    :idk: :(( u dint find it strong?

  5. oh, nice review uzma..reminds my dat i need to get one too….but i toh use lakme one only…!!! never seen eyetex or h&g here 😐

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