Face Wash For Oily and Sensitive Skin: Ask IMBB

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Usha K.

What cream or face wash is best to use for oily skin and for sensitive, acne-prone skin?


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  1. Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser. I found it mild enough for sensitive, acne prone skin yet effective in removing all oil and dirt from the skin without causing any dryness.
    Avoid using creams as they are quite heavy for oily skin. Instead, try oil-free moisturisers like neutrogena oil-free moisture and lacto calamine.

  2. I have oily skin and i use Clearasil face was.. Elovera cream for moisturizing and suncote sungel as sunscreen.. all these combo works well for me.. keeps my face acne free and does not cause breakout

  3. I have oily skin n after using so many brands i think Himalaya neem range is good….one advice even if one don’t find Himalaya good for them….oily skin ppl shld always go for gel based face wash and not cream ones…

    1. yeah,,,this one keeps the pimples away…and it feels fresh after washing the face with himalaya neem face wash…

  4. I also have the same type of skin. I would suggest Clinique. Pricey but worked wonders on my skin. However, if you are looking for a gentle cleanser, then this is not for you.

  5. I have oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. I use fabindia tea tree face wash in the morning and biotique pineapple foaming cleanser in evening. both of these have helped me alot. 🙂

  6. I have the same kinda skin, and I use Himalaya’s Hydrating face wash. I use just a little everyday, and it’s enough. For moisturising I use extra virgin olive oil, and blot off any excess. I know, oil for oily skin sounds weird, but it actually keeps my face from getting oily for almost the whole day! 🙂

  7. i have oily to combo skin and here’s how i would rate some popular face washes. you will find reviews of all of them on imbb:

    1. garnier pure exfoliating face wash.
    2. AHAGLOW
    3. Clean and clear everyday blackhead scrub.

    Doesn’t really work:
    1. Himalaya Neem facewash
    2. regular clean and clear facewashes.

    these are all very affordable and easily available facewashes. Some tips I would add are that you must wash your face at least twice a day, once in the morning and after coming back home in the evening or at night. don’t wash it too much though because the more you strip yourself of the natural oils of your skin, the more you are likely to get dry skin. However oily or acne prone your skin is, it needs moisturizing. also, while washing your face, remember to massage your facewash a little longer than you might normally be inclined to do. it takes time for all that dirt to be cleaned up and for the nourishing ingredients of your facewash to be absorbed. while massaging remember to be gentle and massage more in the oilier areas like your t-zone.

  8. i too have the same skin type.try vichy purifying foaming water radiance revealer(its the best face wash for sensitive skin i have ever used).u can also try vichy anti imperfection deep cleansing foaming cream.this actually reduced my acne problem within a week

  9. i would suggest Olay Total Effects cleanser for All Skin types. it works well for combination skinit has worked the best for me. lacto Calamine is also pretty ok.

  10. Use cetaphil.. there is nothing better than this for acne prone sensitive skin.. do not use oil clearing facewashes.. it may aggravate ur acne.. use oil free moisturiser and blotting papers..

    1. Totally agree with you. Cetaphil is the best for acne prone skin.. Clean and clear pimple clearing facewash is also pretty good for oily sensitive skin.. it doesnt overly dry the skin..

  11. I would suggest you Aroma Magic Grapefruit face, it works really wonder and i too had acne-prone skin, it does help to reduce the pimples. followed by Aroma Magic Almond moisturizing lotion.. Do give a try.. 🙂

  12. Cetaphil
    Pears Green or blue one both work good for me
    Clean and Clear Daily blackhead clearing scrub is also good

    Emolene moisturizing creme (comes in a blue tube, looks like a medicine tube but is simply awesome! Non oily absolutely)

  13. Forget abt these expensive stuff. I have a very problematic oily skin. I use besan mixed with milk to form a paste. I apply it for my face 5 min before taking a shower. It keeps my face clean and oil free throughout the day even in the sun. Go for it

  14. Cetaphil was too mild for me…. if u have quite oily skin won’t be very effective ..but if its acne prone or sensitive skin then maybe will suit u.
    I use Clean clear daily scrub for blackhead removal , it quite good.
    I am planning to try Sebamed it has ph 5.5 so will keep the balance 🙂 thx Parita for introducing it 🙂

    Himalaya lemon+neem face wash was also good for this monsoon.

  15. I have combination skin. I only always used ponds face wash and an Indian cream for moisturising called golden pearl.
    Every other cream gives me a red itchy pimple reaction. What can I use for my skin other than golden pearl? Also what anti-wrinkle cream would you suggest?

    Thanks in advance

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