Faces Glam On Lip Gloss Review

Faces Glam On Lip Gloss Review

By Lipi

Hello Everybody!!

This is my first post on IMBB.  I recently got so addicted to IMBB that I thought why not write a post.  So, I went shopping for all the makeup stuff and wanted to buy a nude lip gloss and I settled in for the Faces Glam On Lip Gloss in 320 Charity. I also got the Faces Foundation for which I might do a review soon.

Faces Glam On Lip Gloss Review

Product Description:

Okay, so before I tell you my opinion about this lip gloss, this is what the company’s product description is:
Get the color and vanilla flavour on your lips! Enriched with Vitamin E, it is engrossed with high moisturizing emollient that apart from adding diva factor to your personality nurtures your lips. It is easy to apply and leaves a trail of high shine lip gloss, so no need to add on shine. Moreover it leaves your lips fragrant with a slight flavour of vanilla, which all the way makes them more kissable.

Glam on

  • With high moisturizing emollient, for softer lips.
  • Vitamin E enriched, easy to apply, high shine lip gloss.
  • Vanilla flavoured.


Rs. 449/- for 5.6 ml.

Shelf Life:

3 years.

The packing is really simple and all the details are on the box, nothing on the bottle.  It has a simple, slant applicator and the application with it is easy. It is slightly sticky, otherwise it wouldn’t stay, but it is not so much that it becomes uncomfortable, just the right balance.

Glam on

My Opinion on Faces Glam On Lip Gloss:

Since the time I have bought this lip gloss, I am absolutely in love with it. This is for two reasons, first of all, it is very comfortable on the lips and because of the nude colour you can wear it anyway and the second reason is the vanilla fragrance that is to-die-for!!!

The moment you open the lid, you can smell the awesome vanilla fragrance!  Also, it stays for 2 hours which is enough for me since I don’t wear any lip gloss to college.  This staying power is enough to go on any occasion.  After 2 hours too, the entire shine does not remain, but lips are still moisturised and soft with a little bit of shine. After that too, it leaves a very mild colour on the lips.


In Bright Daylight:

Swatch 1

In Normal Light:

Swatch 1

The shine is also very mildly shimmery, not so noticeable one and that is how I like my lip glosses.  Again, very wearable, almost anywhere.

It goes really well with a smokey eye because this lip gloss makes your lips look a little dull in shade, so you can always wear it on a nude lipstick or only the gloss to make it more subtle.

So, let me sum up the whole thing for you:

Pros of Faces Glam On Lip Gloss:

  • It does what it says, moisturises lips and softens them.
  • The shine is not very shimmery.
  • Decent staying power.
  • The awesome vanilla fragrance 😀
  • The quantity is decent.

Cons of Faces Glam On Lip Gloss:

  • At Rs. 449/-, this lip gloss is a little priced for simple stuff like this and also the quantity 🙁
  • The applicator picks up only a little amount at a time.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Buy Faces Glam On Lip Gloss Again?


Hope you all liked it!

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  1. hi jomol, nice review.. :)) :)) earlier when i came across imbb, i was so hooked up that i would read for hours.. all the credit goes to rati and sanjeev ji for making such a nice blog.. :clap: :clap: :clap:

  2. welcome to imbb lipi. i love such lip glosses. i always keep such a color in my stash. wear it whenever i can. it looks closer to mac entice. 🙂

    1. thnk u rati di !! was soo lookin forward to your feedback! thnk u 4 imbb ! love it ! and yeah i checked out your review on it and it kinda does.. 🙂

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