Faces Glam on Lip Gloss – Punch

Faces Glam on Lip Gloss – Punch

Hi friends,

Today I am reviewing a lip gloss. This is a part of my experimental pick hence I got it online. This is my very first pick from this brand so let’s get to the review and see how this gloss performed.


Price: Rs. 449/- for & 7.5ml

Availability: Easily available in malls & online

Faces Claims:

Easy to apply, high shine lip gloss, vanilla flavored (yum!). For the technically minded, it’s the high Percentage of CCT (Caprylic Capric Triglycerides) which makes it so easy to apply, gives uniform coverage and makes your lip feel perfect. Let your lips do the talking!!
Available in 12 shades:

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• Ochre crush, 01
Chestnut Tinge, 02
• Caramel Whiff, 03
Zing Pink, 04
• Citrus Dazzle, 05
• Berry Rush, 06
• Sanguive Slush, 07
• Deep blush, 08
• Pink Pearl, 09
• Punch, 10
• Violet Zest, 11
• Rose Dew, 12


My experience with Faces Glam on Lip Gloss Punch:

As this is my very first product from Faces I wasn’t so sure whether to try them or not as I have very sensitive lips and trying something new could just lead to chapping which I completely hate. But since I had a similar shade from NYX, hence I thought of ordering this shade as it would suit me.

Packaging: This lip gloss comes in a rectangle transparent tube with a golden cap. There’s nothing new about the packaging. Maybelline, Maxfactor, Revlon and Lakme have glosses with similar packaging only with different cap colors. If I compare it to Maybelline Colorsensational Gloss tube, this looks bulkier as it has an edgy corner which makes them look on the heavier side. Overall the tube looks neat and clean. The applicator is also generic  that is sponge doe-foot shaped applicator which is pretty easy to manage.

Texture: Like I mentioned in one of my reviews, about glosses, that people avoid glosses because of their  sticky formula. This gloss formula is non sticky, soft and subtle on lips. It completely moisturises lips and doesn’t feel heavy at all. Even after fading, it keeps your lips well hydrated.

Pigmentation & Shade: Shade Punch is the loudest or brightest pink in the range with minuscule purplish shimmer in it. The shimmer just adds a spark to the hot pink shade. I personally don’t find the shimmer overpowering. Pigmentation wise too this gloss scores well, as the shade is the darkest pink in the range. It can be worn over pigmented lips too.

Staying Power: Quite decent, it can survive mini meals and snacks. It stayed for good 4-5 hours on my lips and survived a mini brunch. After fading, also it keeps your lips well hydrated and no chapping of lips. This was my biggest worry and I’m glad that it didn’t harm my lips a bit.

Finally, this gloss has a lovely vanilla fragrance that I didn’t find overpowering.

Pros of Faces Glam on Lip Gloss – Punch

• Very moisturizing & hydrating gloss
• Lovely pink shade
• Good pigmentation
• Decent staying power
• Good range of colors
• Beautiful vanilla fragrance


Cons of Faces Glam on Lip Gloss – Punch

• Packaging looks a bit bulky because of its sharp corners.

Would I repurchase Faces Glam on Lip Gloss, Punch?

No, I might not repurchase as this tube is going to last long. It’s a good deal for the price and quantity. To my surprise, this gloss has a lovely texture and decent wear time and smells delicious. Don’t let the shimmer turn you off  as it is much more subtle on the lips. This shade is absolutely pretty and turned out a good pick. I would recommend it to people who love glosses with a bit ofdazzle of shimmer.

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