Fiama Di Wills Exfoliating Beads Seaweed and Lemon Grass Review


By Valentina J.F.

Hola amigos

How you all doing??  I hope fine. Its summers in India and the heat is killing us all *sob* .Anyways this is my first review on IMBB and am super excited about it :D. (I hope you all like it  ).
The product that I’m going to review today is the Fiama Di Wills shower gel and it’s the exfoliating beads for revitalization care with seaweed and lemon grass extracts. This isn’t my 1st product from Fiama Di Wills previously I used to use the Fiama Di Wills La Fantasia gel bar(pink coloured one) and I was so obsessed with it(I had fine boils on my arms and back and the gel bar cleared my skin completely).But this time I thought of purchasing the exfoliating beads shower gel. Am done with my 1st bottle and am on the 2nd one so I thought of reviewing this product.



Luxurious bathing with moisturized skin, indulgent lather and a luscious fragrance
Contains Skin Conditioners with Moisture Lock
Gives you soft, moisturized and youthful skin round the clock
Contains exotic natural extracts of Seaweed and Lemon grass and
Exfoliating jojoba beads gives you revitalized care

The shower gel comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip cap which makes it travel friendly. The gel is light green in colour and little rough in texture due to the tiny jojoba granules. It has a lovely lemon-citrus fragrance (I love the fragrance).




Fiama Di Wills shower gel the exfoliating beads for revitalization care is easily available at any supermarkets or grocery store at a price of Rs.145 for 200 ml. (cheap isn’t it ? :P)

My Experience with Fiama Di Wills Exfoliating Beads Seaweed and Lemon Grass

Frankly speaking I never thought of purchasing this product cause as I said before I was obsessed with Fiama Di Wills La Fantasia gel bar but as I picked up the bar and was about to put it in my basket my eyes fell on the colourful shower gel bottles. I was so confused which one to buy and I wanted to try something new so out of all I decided to buy. This particular one because it had seaweed, lemon grass (once again I loveee the fragrance of lemon 😛 ) an jojoba granules. And the most important thing was I wanted to buy a body scrub to exfoliate my body and remove all the nasty dead cells :/ *errr :/*. The granules aren’t very harsh on the skin which I really like. I use a little amount of gel on my loofah and it lathers well to clean my entire body. The only thing I don’t like about this product is it dries my skin (depending on the climate) but who cares there are moisturizers to fix it ;). I am quite happy with the results of this product. It fulfills my expectations.


(by the way that’s my maid’s hand, her hands was dry and rough due to the work she does and as soon as she washed her hand she came up to me and said “ my rough hands has turned soft and smooth and smell nice what product is that” ) :p



Pros of Fiama Di Wills Exfoliating Beads Seaweed and Lemon Grass

 I love the lemon fragrance
 It cleanses body well
 The fragrance linger on for a long time
 The granules aren’t too harsh
 Affordable
 Easily available
 Travel friendly
 95% does what it says

Cons of Fiama Di Wills Exfoliating Beads Seaweed and Lemon Grass

 Dries my skin (Depending on the climate)
 Contains SLS ( it actually isn’t a con coz most of the products contain SLS)

IMBB Rating:


Final Verdict:

I would recommend it to all you pretty ladies out there. It’s worth a try. It’s a good shower gel which does a superb job.

Bye take care.

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  1. Lovely review Valentina 🙂 I have tried their shower gels and they are really good 😀 one question, are you from mangalore? Or coorg? Cuz only those houses have the red brick colored paint on the compounds 😛

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