How to Find the Right Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

How to Find the Right Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

How to Find the Right Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Most of us refrain from wearing a red lip due to the fact that we always unsure what red best suits our skin tone, often we ignore blue reds and many of us carry orange reds with fear, but let us see today how you could cross the line and wear a mauve blue red as well if your are a little warm too, If you have fair skin, orange-reds are going to pop even more. Darker skin beauties have an easier time pulling off the orange-reds as well as maroon reds, hence a little judgement in deciding whether you have warm skin tone with yellow undertones or a little pinkish red skin tones with little blue undertones ( veins perhaps if you are pale) will help you pick up the right red lipstick so you dont have to own a dozen red lipstick without having to use them!

When I say warm or cool, take this vein test, If the veins in your arm appear blue you are cool toned and if they are greenish you are warm toned. Or, If you look better in silver and blue, you are cool-toned. If you look better in gold and orange, you are warm -toned.

Peaches and cream complexion:

For a pinkish complexion matte red lipstick with mauve or little plump purple undertones will work great, make sure it is not very blue based or else the complexion will look colder. But on the other hand, even a orangey red will work for such a skin tone, without being too yellow or blue.


Fair with yellow undertones:

Opt for maroon red and little berry reds and never for blue or mauve reds, this will do nothing for your yellowy skin tone.

Fair with blue undertones:

If you think you have some bluish undertones with pinks rather than yellow, opt for cool red, not very blue but still a little on the mauvish side..

Sun kissed warm but fair skin:

This is keeping in mind out warmer Indian skin tones, opt for yellowy or golden reds, not blue reds, a little on the orange side will do you good for the little warm tan you got.

fair with yellow

Warm olive skin 

Matte orange and little brighter reds look beautiful for this skin tone, stick to yellowy reds and not mauvy reds.

warm olive

Light brown skin tone:

Nuetral true reds work great here instead of being too yellowy or blue.

light brown

Medium brown skintone:

Again, warmer yellowy golden reds will work best for you, glossy or matte, even gold shimmer is great.

medium brown

Dark skintone:

To sum it up for you that fairer complexions should look for a more classic red and avoid anything too pink. If your tone is more medium, then a darker blue-based red will flatter you best. Darker skin tones should opt for a more orangey-red.

dark skin

Top tips:

Apply a red lipstick shade that you like to your top lip only and then look at the color against your natural bottom lip.For brown or black hair, choose shades of red with some browns in it.  If your complexion is on the cooler side then try cherry reds, plum and burgundy. Blondes with a warm complexion can get away with coral red, orange red, or copper red. Redheads with a warm complexion should go for orangey, brighter shades of red. Blue toned reds also make your teeth appear white.


*These are essentially tips from my understanding of red lips and the classification is more for our Indian skin tones, hope I could help. See red lipstick to choose from HERE

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