Five Makeup and Beauty Products Under Rs.100

Five Beauty Products Under Rs.100

I am a new make up addict,a beginner you can say and the credit goes to IMBB and the beauty blog’s world :). But as I am new in make up I don’t want or I cant spend directly on high end products I buy cheaper products first then after getting comfortable and used to the product I can think of buying high end products.I was bored so I was fooling around with google(googling random things:D) so I googled “five beauty products under Rs.100” and there was no such thing so i thought if I can write something like that.I quickly went through the products I have and I shortlisted five products.I guess I cud have come up with a few more but these came to my mind that time and here they are:).So today out of the products I have I am listing 5 products that are below Rs.100 and I absolutely love them. So the products are as follows:-

1. Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Soufflé(Rs.99):– I guess all of you must be knowing about this product. Though I’ve read negative reviews about this product but I’ve read some good reviews this product. I bought it because I guess I liked the packaging(it’s weird I know but I am a sucker for cute packagings :D) but when i started using it I wished it was in a bottle cause putting my finger into the tub everytime is quite a pain:( as the product gets into my nail. It does not give any coverage but it does even out the complexion and gives it a kinda glow.And it never turned orange on me as i heard it did on some people.Has SPF so you don’t need to put on a separate sun block.I just love it and I would recommend it if you are looking for something to put on daily, its not for you if you are looking for coverage.

Lakme Souffle
Lakme Souffle

2. Olivia All-Over Make Up Stick(Rs.90):- Its a creamy concealer like-ish stick. I read on the pack that its a Concealer, Foundation and moisturizer in one. Its a make up stick that is meant to be used all over the face, I never used it that way so cant really comment on that but I guess in case you need very heavy coverage you can use it all over the face. I use it as a concealer for my dark circles that i have because I wear glasses and it works good for that. Another plus is it comes in 11 shades so you can easily find the right shade 🙂


3. Hashmi Kajal(Rs.40):-Almost every Indian girl uses kajal since childhood so i guess all of us have come across various brands of kajal through our life. I only started using kajal since I was in 11th i guess but as a child I always saw mom putting surma in her eyes the one that has that stick kinda thing. That’s the reason i was fascinated by the packaging of this kajal plus hashmi is a well known name in kajals.It also comes in a bullet form and the price is same as the tube.It’s a true intense black kajal and gives that intense black color in just one swipe. It does smudge a bit all kajals do but it stays on the waterline for quite long.

Hashmi Kajal
Hashmi Kajal

4. Lotus Herbal Lip Balm(Rs.80):– Out of all the products this is the product I’ve used the most and I am totally totally loving it :).This is my 4th tub and I aspire to buy more:P. The one I am using presently is Raspberry I’ve used strawberry before,it moisturizes the lips and gives that slight red tint to the lips. I keep changing the lip balms but then I keep coming back to this one as I never liked any lip balm as much as I like this balm.For me lip balm is lotus herbals.:D.The first tub I bought was for Rs.50 so you can say I’ve grown with this product;).I am totally addicted to this if i have to live with only one beauty product it would definitely be lotus lip balm.

Lotus Lip Balm
Lotus Lip Balm

5.Avon Simply Pretty Shine No More Pressed Powder(Rs.79):– The Avon prices keep changing as every month the brochure comes with some or the other discounts. But this the regular price. The powder can be used to set the foundation and also for touch ups. I have oily combination skin so it works whenever I need something to absorb that extra oil.Has SPF 14. The packaging is pretty normal, no fancy packaging(but then what else do you expect at Rs.79:P).It’s a good buy at that cost:) Selecting the right shade from the catalog is quite a task, i just took a risk and i ended up getting the perfect shade for my skin. I have the Natural Beige shade and its the exact shade for my skin 🙂

AVon compact
AVon compact


89 thoughts on “Five Makeup and Beauty Products Under Rs.100

    1. Thanks Monika 🙂 🙂
      Me too loved it in strawberry..but one day there was no strawberry so i had to get raspberry…but now i love it more than strawberry…it smells so yuuuummmmyyy 🙂 🙂

  1. I have used two bottles of lakme souffle during my college days. It was okay then but I cant use it now. I kind of feel I have nothing on my skin. So why apply it only. 😛

    I louve love love lotus lip balms. They are life savers. 🙂

    I stopped using hashmi kajal because it has lead in it and is quite harmful for eyes. It’s quite a controversial kajal. A lot of suppliers in Pakistan don’t even sell it anymore.

    1. This is my first bottele of souffle and i like it a lot…specially coz it evens out the complexion so well 😀 😀
      And lotus lip balms…aahh..nothing can match up to them :inlove: :inlove:

      Ya even i’ve heard tht abt hashmi kajal recently but its sooo good :-(( :-((

        1. Ya that proper desi black kinds it is…. but even i think i shud give up(sadly :-(( ) on it…
          Anyway m loving the lotus kajal as well 😀 😀

    1. Thanks Neha 🙂

      I was sooo confused myself on this till i found it at a local beauty store 🙂 🙂
      I heard so much abt Hashmi on orkut kajal loving community i had to get this…

      And the balm…its smells yum as well 🙂 🙂

  2. Where is Elle 18 cooling eyeliner??? Man..I guess its like the ABCD book to every eye makeup lover …since nowadays its gettin difficult to get Elle 18 products even in regular stores..I have a stock of 5 bottles of it..keep them safely wrapped ..away from sunlight.. so that they dont dry up 😀 😀 😀 😀 ..Its cheap-all day lasting-non smudging-jet black-and my winged eyes are never made without it :-* :-* :-*

      1. Yupp Absolutely..I never use that brush..instead I have one from Maybelline ultraliner ..I use dat..anything for a tru black and no smudging eyeliner!!!

    1. Thanks Anuradha… 🙂 🙂
      and that’s what I call dedicated love for makeup :laugh: :laugh: :yes: :yes:
      True finding Elle 18 stuff is no less than a victory 😀 😀

    1. Neha wherever u see Lotus lipbalms… you might get it there…they’ve also come up wid a new flavour..some fruity fren told me abt it…

  3. OMG i just bought this exact same LOTUS lip balm today !!!!!!! i got the ‘fruity fusion’ flavour… this is my very first lotus product, i was not aware of this brand until i came to IMBB, i was like ‘lakme lakme lakme lakme’ till now… only now i’m venturing into other brands. I’m looooooovingg this lipbalm!!!!
    nice article deepika, i’m liking the sound of OLIVIA… thinking of buying it.. sounds pretty good, all in one.

    1. Thanks Smita 🙂 🙂
      Yeah that was the Flavour i was talking abt…which color is it? ?:-) ?:-)
      I’ll get that next… 🙂 and no doubt u’ll love the the balm!!
      About olivia they’ve come up with a new packaging…i checked on the website….nice colorful packaging 🙂 but i have no idea how one can use it as a foundation… ?:-) ?:-)

      1. Its colour is faded pink… it smells like strawberrys and feel AWESOMEEEEEEE no wonder people out here rave about LOTUS… i bought it today, and have already worn it 5 times hehehe
        Can you give me OLIVIAS websites name ?

          1. Yes do try 🙂
            I have no point of reference because this was my very first lotus lip balm, but i love it, i’m going to try other flavous next.
            Rasberry is dark coloured na, so does it tint your lips? Like, does it colour it ? Because i think ‘fruity fusion’ makes my lips a li’l pinkish, my lip colour is almost the same as the fruity fusion, but i still think it colours it a bit

            1. Oh yes it does give a color to the lips….but a slight one nothing overwhelming or too much…actly i have pigmented may a diff color to the pink lips :idk:
              and Ur welcome 🙂

                  1. smita, very pink/ orange/red lips are also called pigmented. intensely coloured lips are pigmented lips.. 🙂 can be any colour.. 😀 brown maroon pink red orange:P:)

                    1. Ohh you mean like, some lips are kinda translucent ? And uska opposite, deep coloured is pigmented ? I get it now, thanks ikkizzz and deepzzzz 🙂
                      And no way, on IMBB theres no such thing as ‘butting in’ ! 😛 😛 :-*

  4. hey Deepika
    good work girlie :-))
    SUPER-DUPER LIKE………. but cant get any of these here :-((
    but will get heaps of stuff, when i will come back to india…………

  5. Gr8 article Deepika :yes: :yes: and just perfect for us dirt poor coll students 😐 😐
    The olivia concealer sounds nice.They have 11 shades really 😯 😯 .Surprising for such a low priced product(are u listening lakme??avon??) I havent seen it here tho.Where did u get it??

    1. Yeah rt v college students have to manage a lot 😀 😀 and when v have so many options its sooo difficult :-(( :-(( … I am a maniac for clothes…. jewellery…makeup and what not :laugh: :laugh: and i have to manage it all in my pocket money 🙄 🙄
      As for the olivia thing..I saw it in a magazine….then i just spotted it at a local beauty store…. 🙂 🙂 …they had 7 or 8 shades available and i read 11 on their website..but this stick has some strange shades as well :idk: :idk: of the stick had strong yellow undertone…i dnt knw who wud use that color… :idk:

  6. thanx for this post…. even i m sort of a beginner…i mean…i DON’T….(yes…i don’t 😮 ) have any makeup till now… only some random things i use daily like kajal and lip balm… this post is gonna help a lot…since i m a student…and can’t buy highend cosmetics….

    THANX A TON!!!!!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Mita for liking it…. 🙂 🙂
      I am a student as well……
      and that make up collection doesn’t take much time trust me…this stuff gets collected so fast :laugh: :laugh: …these stupid cosmetic companies keep coming wid so many bad( i meant gud err.. fab 😉 😉 ) new things every time :pain: :pain:
      I was the one who always moved away from make up counters some months ago…. now I am only the one who just jumps even at the sight of them :laugh: :laugh:

      1. same PINCH Deepika!!! couple of months ago..I was scared of wearing kajal..thanx to IMBB..I give out free makeup tips to friends now :-* :-* :-*

        1. Hehehe…. This make up is such an addiction I tell u 😉 😉
          Yeah it feels gud when my frens call me to know what to buy 😀 😀

  7. hey….deepika :-))
    i realy like ths artical….. :-*
    even i hav tryed lotus lip balm its superb……………. :-*
    actly i love its taste 😀 😀 😀 .
    gud work……… :-)) :-)) :-)) :yes: :yes: :yes:

  8. @Ikky…Oh not at all..that kind of butting in is always welcum… 😀 😀
    There wasnt any reply button so i had to post this comment here :-(( :-((

  9. hi deepika
    since a lot of people are curious about this olivia make up stick, can you do a tutorial \ write up on it ? And put pics of swatches and and how you use it ? it would be helpful to all of us

  10. Good God.. Hashmi kajal is packed with lead..Please stop using it gals..Not worth putting lead in your eyes..It is banned in Western countries..Very dangerous product..I threw mine into the garbage…Using Lotus kajal now..

  11. Hey i completely agree with the review about the souffle coz i too accidentally started using it at my fren’s place and fell in love for it. it actually gives a glow to ur face and covers the uneven skin tones smartly. i believe the bad reviews abt the it might be coz girls are not choosing the right shades as per their skin tone.

  12. hi deepika …..

    which shade of olivia makeup stick did u use?can u tell me the name of the shade please..

    i have wheatish skin.what ur skin colour?

    the saleman didnt show me all the want to know what r shades which i can try..

  13. really nice .. i just want to ask u one thing n needs some solution also ,, am having dark circles its really terrible n i tried out so many methods bt ended up in frustrate ,, can pls help me out ,,awaitng :yikes:

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