How to Fix a Broken Lipstick : Ask IMBB Gang

Ask IMBB Gang

Neha Asks:

How to fix a broken lipstick? I don’t have tiny jars and Chennai weather would melt someone of my precious lipsticks. πŸ™


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  1. Arey I did this once. I broke my moms’s brand new Revlon lipstick just coz I forgot to rotate the case down, before closing the lid!! :-/ :-/ :-/

    Here is what I did to make my mom happy!! πŸ˜› :-P…

    You can buy an empty water color case from a nearby stationary. I couldn’t get the empty one, but I bought this 10 rs ka water color set from my local stationary, poured all the colors off and washed it thoroughly with water. Dried it completely!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜› …and then I stored them with the lipstick remains, oozing them out properly with the spatula and storing them safely into those tiny jars or cases. If the lipstick is already melting, it is even better to place and store them in the jars. Keep the jars in the fridge. Use it whenever needed with your lipstick brush!! :-* :-* :-* :-*
    .-= calicoaster´s last blog ..My small weekend haul =-.

    1. thanks cali
      i will check put some water color stuff but with caps and lids
      cant think of storing make up open so ur tip really helped :-*

  2. i think you can use the small bottles that come in home facial kits.
    containing 4-5 small plastic bottles. whenever i go to the parlour for a facial, (which in once in 40 days), i carry my own facial kit, coz she knows me when i was a child n she suggested it to me. i can try different facials n decide which suits me best. settled on fruit facial kit from nature’s, bought d parlour size kit after it suited me, n hv done around 4-5 facials with that till now.
    therefore hv a decent collection of around 20 small plastic jars.

  3. If you can get a Lipstick Mold, try this:

    Put all lipstick in a clean cup or a small clean glass using a spatula. Best is to use a little flexible plastic cup. Use the spatula to get out all lipstick out of the lipstick container and clean the container well. Very good fot getting it really clean ist aethylen alcohol or the less expensive isopropyl alcohol. You can also use the alcohol to make sure that the used cup is really clean.

    Take the cup and put it into the microwave (middle power) until the lipstick is liquid (takes between 30 seconds and one minute), donΒ΄t let it get too hot – it is better to check it a few times. Pour the liquid lipstick into the lipstick Mold slowly and carefully (do not overfill).
    Then put the Mold into the fridge (freezer) for 10-15 minutes.

    After that pull of the top of the mold, you should see some lipstick sticking out. Slide the lipstick back into the container, then remove the sides of the mold. If it does not fit immediately, just push it in further carefully. And thatΒ΄s it πŸ™‚

    1. hygeine and touching broken lipper with hand was really a major concern so thanks for the tip
      i really dont think it will be easy to find lip stick molds here
      thanks a ton tatjana

      1. You are welcome πŸ™‚
        Most stuff of Molders you can buy here in Europ IS made in India (or China).
        Maybe ebay India will be helpfull I suggest. They are very usefull.

        And at least it is no big deal to handle them, sounds more difficult th. it is πŸ™‚
        Just twist the containter to top, slide the stuff in, little bit pressing – and the lipstick looks like brand new :yes:

  4. If your lipstick is already broken
    squeeze it into a small tin or jar πŸ˜€
    you can use a brush to apply it πŸ™‚
    or also with your fingers if you do not want a lot of lippy on your lips!

    Store it in a fridge πŸ˜€
    i think cali’s idea goes really well with your problem 😎
    .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

  5. Open up your broken lipstick. Twist up the tube to the maximum.

    Now burn a lighter or match stick and wave this over the broken part of the lipstick in the tube. Now pick up your broken lipstick with a tissue and attach it on to op the broken part. Press it gently, your lipstick would stick on the melted part. now place the lipstick as is in the fridge. Your lipstick would be fine..

    My cake , please. :cake: :cute:

        1. What kind of cake is it? :laugh:

          Risky to appear BAD but I do not agree about this technique πŸ˜‰
          Open fire kills/burns INCI and forumla of the product. And only warms up edges, so that this construction is not really solid.

          But you can have the cake, I take the lipper :-*

  6. Oh…Poutmati is a LIPSTICK MECHANIC……tip her up Neha……order maternity bra for Rati online πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ :giggle: :snicker: :giggle: :snicker:

  7. cant b so patient wid all the above techniques…I just once faced this problem of broken lipstick.. i think due to the hot weather, it got broken frm the base… but luckily it didnt fell out of the lipstick case so i just turned it rght bak in the case n then started applying it wid a lip brush.. simple… :-))

      1. ya may b neha.. bt it really depends on how u use it later… the whole idea of doing what all wid the lipstick n then tranferring it to a new tub or tube is quite a ‘no no’ for me… πŸ™
        better use it more patiently wid a lip brush.. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Neha, I would suggest using a 7 day tablet/pill holder. You get these in any shop that sell plastic boxes/goods. You can put a different colour into each of the 7 boxes.

      1. i live in t.nagar, so i only know about this area. if you go there then do visit pondy bazaar. you can try ratna stores or if all else fails, then the street hawkers also sell really good quality plastic items. so check that out.

        I also know that you get them in parrys corner. But check out any shop that specialises in plastic boxes and plastic items; they’re sure to have it.

      2. Neha…

        Those 7 day pill boxes are normally available in Health n Glow outlets..Or in Chennai, you can check out the stores at T nagar market..Rathna Stores, Kanchi Plaza..

        You can also look around in Singapore Plaza or Maya Plaza on one end of T nagar bazaar.

      1. I suppose that would depend on the size of the boxes…and also how much you’ve used your lippie. but a full-sized, unused lippie might not fit in 1 compartment…
        but ya i like this idea too…can make a lip palette-type thing πŸ™‚

  9. Ame’s tip is great, The pill boxes come in different sizes and shapes. Many shops which sell plastic items have this. By the way Neha have you visited T.nagar in chennai?

    1. 😯 all and sundry talk of t nagar here
      i am dying to….
      but will need hubby time on that
      is it open or like congested to drive in ….
      i am staying in porur side :-))
      need a list of places to go to……
      do keep suggesting
      and rati also gave alist of lotus herbals outlets in chennai ….so i am happy

      1. o and yes, you will need a lot of time to visit t.nagar. since it is the commercial ‘heart’ of the city, it is always crowded esp on weekends and in the evenings. so traffic jams are a daily occurrence.
        and do you want suggestions to visit places in porur or anywhere in chennai?
        where all have you been to as of now?

      2. T.nagar will be crowded cos of the festival season ahead, so traffic jams will be a common feature, but if you are driving a car then parking will be difficult. The best way to travel without any hassle is to go by train. I am not very familiar with Porur area but i can suggest other places to go like,
        Spencers Plaza in Mount Road, Express Avenue mall in Royapetta, Sky Walk mall in Aminjikkarai, Prisha shop in Alsa mall , Egmore ,Angels (famous for all salon items in whole sale price) also in Egmore. When you get a chance to go to t.nagar do let me know , i will suggest all the shops there. :-))

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