Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review

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Surprisingly, we are still recovering from post trip fatigue and it is going to be our resting day this time. What about you guys? Anyway, I am more excited to share today’s product which is by far best deal of my life. Best deal because I picked this beauty package for only $5 unlike its current price. Shocked, haan? Sadly, I could not enjoy this deal and product since my aunties and sisters literally stole away every single piece from my kit during my stay at my parent’s place. I picked these makeup palettes From Flower in December last year. I am happy that my family loved it as much as I loved it. It is certainly a memorable gift for both sender (me) and receiver (my loved ones). So, let’s begin with Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set today!

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review5

Product Description:
The Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Set is your complete guide to perfecting your own flawless face. This set features four on-trend eyeshadow shades, four coordinating matte velvet lip color shades and a volumizing mascara for a complete look.

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Set:
Contains: 4 shadow play eyeshadow shades, 4 kiss stick velvet lip color shades, 1 lash knockout volumizing mascara
Your complete set for the perfect holiday looks
Perfect to give or to get

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review11

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review8

$15 – $19.98 for a set of:
4 shadow play eye shadows ( net wt-0.21 Oz/ 6.0 g),
4 kiss stick velvet lip colors (net wt- 0.17 Oz/ 4.8 g),
lash Knock Out Volumizing mascara (0.25 oz/ 7.0 g)

But, I bought it on christmas sale for 5$!

My Experience with Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set:

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review6

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review7

The set comes in beautiful cardboard packaging flaunting beautiful palette inside through transparent view. The lip colors and eyeshadows are embedded inside sturdy and compact black palette which looks equally gorgeous and appealing. It comes with double ended sponge & brush applicators though the later seems good for nothing.

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review9

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review10

The mascara is as usual Lash knock Out which is covered on IMBB. Over all, I find it best especially for the price I paid, but not for its current price. I would definitely consider it again if only I get it for 5 bucks! 😛

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review12

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review18

We already know about the mascara hence, I will talk about the palette which is the USP of this kit. The palette comes with smokey black eyeshadows with no numbering or names, though I named them as: Shimmery black, Glittery silver, Icy white and Shimmery grey respectively. I found that texture of eye shadows comes bit powdery but not chalky on eye lids thankfully.

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review13

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review14

I also discovered that using eye shadow brush might not be a good choice with this texture as they tend to blend in and might fail to give color pay off while using fingertips or sponge applicator gives immense pigmentation with decent wear time. They show up gracefully with primer on for decent hours however we definitely get many better eye shadows in market though it works much better than Revlon/L’Oreal eye shadows in general.

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review15

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review16

While lip colors are immensely pigmented shades of pink and red, the lip brush applicator is of no use as in my case it simply broke off the moment I dipped it in lip color. :/ I think we can better make use of our old lip gloss applicators or our fingers or best using a lip brush. I must say that the texture, finish and pigmentation of lip colors are beyond excellence I loved them more than eye shadows even.

I think even if we get this kit for 20 dollars it would be worth for these 4 lip colors alone which give amazing pigmentation and finish on our lips! I am amazed how these colors give medium to full coverage more or less which will definitely suit even beauties with pigmented lips. They seem to be matte as per description but they come up creamy matte in finish which is another pleasant surprise.

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review19

Needless to say, these 4 kiss stick velvet lip colors totally made this whole concept “paisa wasool” and “worth trying”. But, like eye shadows they didn’t mention names or numbering for the lip colors and I differentiate them as: rosy pink, dark rosy pink, cherry red & tangy orange red respectively just by appearance unlike their color pay off on my lips.

Now let’s talk about shadow play eye shadows in detail:

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review4

1. Shimmery black: It is topmost shade in palette which is immensely pigmented, though powdery in texture. I guess it would have been more intense with absence of glitters unlike how it looks pale black on eyes even with multiple swipes. It does need generous swipes to show up on eye lids with primer and stays put for decent hours not satisfactory though.

It seems to be working well with wet sponge applicator than dry brush. Comparing it to Revlon/L’Oreal eye shadows, it seems good for money though, I won’t mind shelling extra bucks to get better quality and pigmented product. Its average product to me not a dud as it does not cause fallouts luckily!

2. Glittery silver: It works great as highlighter for inner corner of eyes and quite pigmented of all though I only limit its usage as highlighter for eyes. It is also decently pigmented and shows up on eyes with single generous stroke of eyeliner brush though I have seen much brighter & bolder silver eye shadows before. As usual, it seems another average product from this shadow play eye shadow palette.

3. Icy white: It seems chalky, powdery in packaging as well on my eyes and I don’t think I am ever going to make use of it in my makeup! I think it is below average product in the palette and almost a dud for its chalky texture and fall outs though it does come up on skin with significant color pay off but higher fall outs tend to make mess.

4. Shimmery grey: It seems intense smoky grey with hint of glitters. It is also powdery and somewhat chalky in texture and presence of glitters tends to increase fall outs but they are manageable. I find it pale on skin and wish those sparkles were missing to make it matte grey and much useful for smoky makeup. It gives decent color pay off which hardly lasts 3-4 hours more or less similar to other shades. Hence it is again a beautiful smoky grey but average in this palette.

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review

Over all I feel the eye shadows are decent with poor quality as compared to the lip colors which seem much intense and better in quality. So, talking about the lip colors:

1. Rosy pink: It is a beautiful rosy pink shade which looks a warm neutral rosy pink on my lips. I love the color pay off and texture of lip color which seem velvety creamy matte. The creamy shade slides effortlessly on lips with good quality lip brush there by giving glossy creamy finish which stays put for good 5+ hours great isn’t?

I am also impressed to see that the creamy lip color neither settle in lip lines nor does it bleed so far. It gives picture perfect finish unlike what I expected after trying their eye shadows to be honest! Undoubtedly it is a very wearable warm neutral pink which will compliment every pale-medium skin tone. It gets full on marks.

2. Deep rose pink: The color seems similar to rose pink in palette but surprisingly it came up purple mixed pink on my lips. It seems little difficult to pull off being a tricky shade like purple but I still like it. The texture is again butter creamy which will effortlessly slather on lips with no bleeding or streaky look provided we don’t use the lip brush provided with this packaging but use good quality lip brush.

It does not accentuate dry areas or causes any further drying after all it’s a creamy glossy shade. I certainly enjoyed wearing it on lips for good 4-5 hours with no drying or feathering at all. Probably another feather on hat which make the whole palette worth trying for!

3. Cherry red: The shade cherry red seems rosy brown on my lips, surprisingly! It is also intense creamy glossy and immensely pigmented to deliver buildable coverage and finish with just two brush swipes. This is my most favorite rosy brown shade of all in palette which stays for good 4+ hours without bleeding or feathering around lips corners.

I am highly impressed with the quality and pigmentation of these lip colors which are certainly usp of this palette. It gets full marks from me like others. Just another gem in palette which the whole kit worth splurging in!

4. Tangy orange red: Last but not least, this is such a creamy juicy shade of orange red in palette which will instantly jazz up your skin tone and makeup. I love its creamy glossy finish on lips which stays put for really well 5+ hours with slight fading with heavy meals. It does transfer but still manageable. I feel the shade is enough pigmented to cover light-heavy lip scars very well In fact all the shades are suitable for beauties with pigmented lips so far. Probably these four lip colors make this palette and whole kit worth trying for even for 15 or 19 bucks.

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review3

To conclude, I would highly recommend this palette not for eye shadows but for set of lip colors which are beyond excellence and really worth trying for every Indian beauty. We get variety of rosy brown, neutral and red lip colors for just 5 or 15 bucks what else we need? However, the quality of eye shadows certainly make us think twice before shelling more than 5$. 😛 I would definitely get it again if I get discount again!

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review2

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review1

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set:

• A wide variety of smoky black, grey eye shadows and rosy brown to pink neutrals, red lip colors all in one palette along with natural finish volumizing mascara
• The eye shadows seem decent in quality and good for normal occasions
• The mascara is quite decent and gives natural results which make it perfect for beauties who shy away from dramatic looks
• The lip colors are pleasant surprise in an ordinary looking kit
• All the shades of kiss stick velvet lip colors are intense pigmented and creamy glossy in finish as well as texture
• None of the shade bleeds or feathers around lips making them perfect for any occasion irrespective of using lip liner or lip balm
• The lip colors are hydrating enough for good 5+ hours and I do not feel the need of using lip balm for couple of hours
• The lip colors do not cause any dryness or accentuate dry lips issue making them perfect for even dry lips beauties
• The intense color pay off makes them perfect for beauties with pigmented lips
• Quite user friendly and travel friendly packaging with equally unbeatable price

Cons of Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set:

• The quality of eye shadow could have been better
• The shades of eye shadows could have been better
• The brush applicator is of no use
• The products do contain parabens, talc etc which might be bothering to sensitive skin

IMBB Rating:

Well, ideally, I should not even point out cons for 5 bucks. Honestly, I feel even for 15 bucks this kit is worth trying just because those kiss stick velvet lip colors are paisa wasool in this kit. We get to enjoy velvet creamy and different shades in one palette and the mascara is also decent, we cannot call it a dud! For 5 bucks you will certainly want to rob the whole counter that’s what I did. 😛

My Gifts:

Flower Total Package Complete Beauty Purple Set Review17

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    1. obviously nobody wud like to invest a penny for non-sense 🙂 But I wud definitely play for this fair game since m getting 4-4 super duper hits pdts along with one average mascara and I feel another 4 pieces are free duds so in all 5$ for this kit is more than a steal coz I won’t get a single piece of lipcolor for 5$ alone with same great quality!!

  1. Neetu after seeing all the gifts you bestowed your family with, I so wish we were related. 😀 And this is definitely a killer deal for $5. My favorite is tangy orange red.

    1. haha.. 🙂 are my family has done so much for me and actually we had a joint family with father’s siblings who still look after my parents in our absence 🙁 am here and my bro works in another state and my parents siblings are their major strength, we live in peace here coz we knw my uncles aunts are living together to nurture and cherish bonding forever. <3 Honestly I feel this is nothing infront of wtever they did to my family and for me, this is just token of respect & love from me to let them knw that "I have'nt forgotten u n ur kind actions" 🙂

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