Garden Fence inspired Nail Art Tutorial

Super duper easy nail art

So I came upon the idea of doing this nail art tutorial when I was sitting idle in class and was staring out of the window at the garden fence. So now you all know where this is coming from.hehe.You know I am kind of person who can get inspired by anything around me. Keen observant eyes I guess. I was thinking of calling this one “garden fence inspired nail art”. But then I thought “shut up weirdo”. But really wanted to share the story behind this one with you all. I tried some 2-3 designs but I decided this as the final one. I hope this is good enough. I tried with the reds and pinks and gold coz of the season of love and marriages. So for now, I would say for great designs “STAY INSPIRED”

So, let’s get to the point
Things you will need

  • Base coat
  • Pink shimmery nail paint
  • Red nail paint
  • Pearly white nail paint
  • Black eyeliner
  • Golden eyeliner
  • Top coat

Let’s get to the tutorial
Step1-ensure your nails are properly clean and hands are well moisturized

red gold nail art

Step2-apply the base coat and let it dry

red gold nail art

Step3-follow with the pink nail paint. Let it dry.

Step4-now leaving the lower one-third of the nail, fill the rest of fingernail with red color. Let it dry completely.

red gold nail art

Step5-in the upper one third fill in with the pearl white color. The color won’t show up much and it will look like baby pink color

Step6-draw horizontal lines with black eye liner at the junction of pink and red; and red and white color.

red gold nail art

Step7-now within this space draw the diagonal lines. Let it dry

red gold nail art

Step8-now cross these with diagonal lines of opposite inclination to form a mesh like pattern

nail art

Step9-fill in the little rhombuses with the golden liner.dry it.

red gold nail art

red gold nail art

Step10-Follow with top gloss coat.

red gold nail art

And you are ready with your nail art.
Hope you all like this


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    1. at first i found it weird to call it so,but rati decided to keep it that way,nd u guys are such sweethearts to appreciate it :heart: :heart: :heart:

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