8 Gimmicky Weight Loss Gadgets – Don’t Bother Getting Them!

Even if it’s as clear as a daylight that the only effective and foolproof way to lose weight is by putting the body into a calorie deficit mode through diet control and exercise, we often do fall for tall claims made by gimmicky products, with little evidence to back their claims. Companies tend to cash in on the vulnerability and desperation of people who are scared of dieting or too intimidated by the idea of exercising, and want to try easy ways to get lean. Experts say that you can spend your money on these gadgets, but none of them can get you the kind of results you would see by following a calorie-deficit diet (for example Rati Beauty diet) coupled with physical activity of any form. No doubt fitness tracking apps, fitness bands, step counters, weighing scale would help you in weight loss journey, but we are not talking about any of them in this post. Since obesity has become a pandemic of sorts and considered a precursor to diseases like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart disease, etc., it’s imperative to find ways to shed the excess pounds and reach an ideal and healthy body weight, but make no mistake, none of these gadgets that claim to melt away all excess fat from specific areas without you having to move an inch and continue with wrong dietary habits, would help you get healthy and fit.

8 Gimmicky Weight Loss Gadgets

8 Gimmicky Weight Loss Gadgets:

1. Blue Tinted Sunglasses: With these blue-tinted sunglasses that one can buy in Japan, all the food in your plate would appear blue, and that is believed to douse your appetite, hence you tend to eat less, and lose weight in the process! This gadget of sorts makes use of color psychology to paint the food blue since during the evolutionary process, our ancestors, used to avoid black and blue colored food because they were usually poisonous and not consumed. We have carried the same kind of disdain towards such food from prehistoric times and instead taken a liking to orange, yellow, and red hued ones which are generally considered nutrient dense. That’s why most junk food is colorful in nature, to appeal our senses and to trigger our brains into wanting them. Rather than spending money on these sunglasses, eat from blue meal plates, and you can get more or less the same kind of reaction.
2. Dental Gadget: There’s a new weight loss tool/gadget with magnets and bolts that can be fitted into your teeth (imagine a torture device from ancient times), that would prevent your mouth from opening any further than 2 mm!! This device would basically ensure that you are not having any solid food through the day and would have to survive on liquids as long as the fixation is clipped on to your teeth. The downside is that you can still gain weight by drinking liquid calories and it’s not quite easy to count calories with liquids.

3. Sauna Suit: Kim Kardashian received a lot of flak recently when she revealed details about her extreme dieting routine to fit into a figure-hugging dress for her MET gala 2022 appearance, that was initially worn by Marilyn Monroe way back in 1962, on President John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday. Kim Kardashian followed an extremely restrictive diet and stated that she wore a sauna suit twice a day for two weeks to drop her weight into the iconic dress. Experts say extended use of sauna suits have little to no effect on real fat and what you lose actually is just water weight. Wait, they also warn that overuse can cause serious health issues with excessive loss of electrolytes and heat stroke.

4. Sauna Belt: Such a belt tends to create sauna effect which allows the area around which it is tied to sweat excessively. Due to loss of water in that area, it can lead to sweating which does not mean that you are sweating your extra pounds or fat away. The companies that sell these belts want you to believe that the profuse sweating caused by wearing sauna belt is extra fat melting away! Wearing such a belt with little benefit will lead to dehydration and even heat stroke. Also read: “Do Weight Loss/Fat Burning Belts Really Work?”

5. Bite Counter: Move on pedometer, bite counter is here! It’s a device that is tied around the wrist and counts movements as bites every time food is transferred from hand to mouth through the day. The problem is that portion size cannot be calculated with each bite nor can be the calories counted through this device.

6. Tongue Patch: It’s an extreme measure where a patch made of polyethylene material is stitched on to the tongue, ouch! This patch makes sure consumption of solid food is painful thereafter and the person eats liquid food. The major downside is that one can easily fall out of calorie deficit with liquids as well.

7. Hula Chair: It supposedly helps to trim the mid section by making movements in a hoola hoop like motion – all while being seated on a funny chair!

8. Magnetic Slimming Earrings: From bracelets, to toe rings, and earrings, these so-called gadgets are pushed as weight loss boosting products that can boost improve metabolism, but there is absolutely no evidence to support these claims.

As we have mentioned above, these may seem like easy and quick ways to lose weight, but they are ineffective and have no substantial research to back their claims – only calorie deficit and exercise will help you get lean and fit, if that’s your goal.

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