Gucci Begonia, Purpurite Luxurious Moisture Lipstick Review, Swatch

Gucci Begonia, Purpurite Luxurious Moisture Lipstick Review, Swatch



Claims : the luxurious moisture-rich lipstick delivers bold color with an opulent finish. enriched with a distinctive blend of oils, the formula glides on effortlessly and moisturizes the lips. specially designed to give incredible coverage in a single swipe, the sculpted sharp-edged form allows for a precise application.

  • intensely saturated pigment
  • contains more than 65% emollients and oils, which use the body’s natural heat to melt onto the lips
  • signature gourmand ‘Blue Chocolate’ fragrance
  • apply using the sharp edge of the bullet to contour the lips
  • use with sleek contouring lip pencil, vibrant demi-glaze lip lacquer and lip brush 31
  • dermatologically tested

Price : USD 39/ Rs 2,500 approx


My Experience with Gucci Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipsticks :

Gucci has launched its two range of lipsticks. I have already reviewed the two lipsticks from the Audacious Range.  The luxurious moisture rich lipsticks are almost like lip balm+ gloss + lipstick combo. Very hydrating, a bit glossy and pigmented.

The difference that I found between the moisture rich lipstick and audacious lipstick is may be just in terms of staying power. The audacious lipsticks have a longer staying power than the luxurious ones. Also, the luxurious lipsticks feel more balmy and hydrating on lips. But there is not much of a difference that you can tell from one range to the other. Only if you really know which lipstick is which you would be able to set them apart distinctively.

Begonia 430 is a beautiful cool toned pink. The kinds that adds instant freshness to your face. It reminds me so much of MAC Girl About Town Lipstick.

Purpurite 490 is gorgeous deep wine color with golden micro shimmer. It’s a stunning winter color and great for all skin tones.

  • These are suuupper pigmented lipsticks. One swipe and they give an opaque coverage. You wouldn’t have to layer these up for intense color. One swipe is enough to give full coverage.
  • The texture is very lightweight and does not get cakey at all. Infact, it is quite different from most of the lipsticks I have in my kitty. It just feels a little wet but does not feel heavy on lips. It’s super lightweight.
  • The finish is sort of glossy when you wear it that settles to satiny finish after an hour or so.
  • The staying power of both the lipsticks is around 4 – 1/2 hours on me and they stain evenly.
  • I love how luxurious and cushiony they look on lips. The fine lines of your lips look smoother and the lovely glossy finish gives a plump look to the lips.
  • These have a powdery fragrance and the same weird soapy taste. Does not bother me at all. Infact I think I have gotten used to these now. But it may bother some people.
  • The shape of the lipstick bullet helps get to the edges of the lips easily. The sharp edges actually helps in shaping the lips without you actually using a lip brush especially.
  • These lipsticks transfer like crazy. I seriously avoid sipping tea from cups whenever I have these lipsticks on. 😀 But they look sooo good on lips. I’d forgive them. 😛
  • The packaging is just stunning with black casing outside and the gold double ‘G’ logo embossed all over.

Overall, a veryyy good lipstick range. Feels luxurious and looks luxurious. I love that the color selection is kept sort of unique in its own way. And these are like good lipsticks. You wear then and you know that these would stay and make your lips look good. The other day one of my friend complimented me on how good my lipstick was looking. I mean someone else really noticing your lip color, you know they have done something right with their range. 🙂 Worth getting a lipstick or a two in your kitty. 🙂

Rating : 4/5

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34 thoughts on “Gucci Begonia, Purpurite Luxurious Moisture Lipstick Review, Swatch

  1. Begonia is an awesome color…not everybody can pull it off…looks awesome on you…love love…and ur hair Rati…they have grown so long..:-)

  2. Gorgeous shades Rati! Thanks for doing a comparative between the 2 varieties – that really helps the reader to know which one to pick. Loving these but I don’t think Im picking it up (assuming I had access to them) – the transferring bit is a major irritant for me…i hate constantly removing lipstick from my little one’s cheeks….he is just so kissable!!

  3. Gosh awesome awesome… simply gorgoeus though again I loved them on ur flawless skin.. 🙂 seriously i cant dare to try them myself though m so tempted to try them looking at ur gorgoeus picures.. 🙂 I think i found my shade.. 🙂 so kind of u to swatch them and share with all of us.. 🙂 have a happy and prosperous year ahead.. 🙂

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