Gucci Envy Me 2 EDT Review

Gucci Envy Me 2 EDT

This fragrance is floral with a leafy opening with a touch of wood. The heart is Ottoman rose and mauve heliotrope bouquet. The base is composed of woody notes of patchouli and sandalwood, softened by vanilla. It was released in 2006.

Gucci Envy Me 2 Perfume  (5)

Price: Not sure but it is close to 60$


Finally I can say I have my signature scent,this was a gift from my sis and for a long time I ignored it for a long time. This comes in the cutest sparkling bottle and it looks a little green rand it looks like a very clean scent and it is,it looks like a sparkling fresh and crisp scent that is what I love.

This size is just prefect for my purse and it is a day wear and a summery scent.I would say the opening is more neat citrus and then it gets a little grassy but later is gets a little sweet and I love it. It smells like the perfume section in the mall and that is what I thought when I sniffed it.


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The lasting power is super too, for me it stays for four hours and it is very crisp and day wear and very fruity citrus, I would say I would be looking for more of this once this is over.


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The bottle is so pretty you really would not want to throw it, and it  click locks in place so makes for the perfect bag scent,you barely need a few spritz and it is good to go.

gucci envy me2

I would highly recommend this to everyone who likes the fresh fragrance of the perfume section of the malls and who loves citrus fruity ones,this is superb fresh scent and I love it.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5


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