14 Habits of Fit Girls That Destroy Extra Pounds

The world seems to be full of fit girls – they are all over social media, on Instagram posts,  on youtube, at the gym, and scores of them window shopping at the malls. Have you ever wondered how fit girls are able to eat whatever they want and still manage to fight off extra pounds. So what are they doing differently that you are not, let’s check out 14 habits of fit girls that destroy extra pounds.

Habits of Fit Girls That Destroy Extra Pounds

1. The first important thing is that they are aware that if they have gained a bit of weight, it is not at all possible to burn all extra fat overnight, or in a week, they would probably laugh it off about it if someone suggested that it could happen! However, on the speed slim challenge on the Rati Beauty diet, you can still lose weight at a faster pace – download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

2. They Eat the Right Kind of Food: They don’t believe in fad diets, cleansing formulas, or fat burning pills, not even meal replacement formulas. Most importantly, they don’t starve and stay off food. In fact, you will always see them having good food, enjoying each bite. Let us make it clear that a good weight loss diet would encourage you to eat healthy meals, is not based on food deprivation, and takes care of all your nutrient requirements, along with keeping you in calorie deficit so that you can drop extra pounds and burn fat consistently. Rati Beauty Diet encourages you to eat the right kind of food, to make lifestyle changes, and puts you on successful weight loss strategy. You can check more details on the Rati Beauty app.

3. They hardly sit at one place for more than 30 Minutes: They are always on their feet, always doing something or the other, never sitting down to take a breather. Increasing physical activity and being on your feet for the major part of the day helps to burn considerable amount of calories. Even mundane chores like sweeping, mopping, dusting can help a great deal with weight loss. In fact, walk at every given opportunity and burn extra calories through the day.

4. They Eat More Veggies: They seem to love veggies, like all of them! Vegetables not only have a lot of nutrients, most of them have extremely low calories, and keep you fuller for longer. Try to fill half of your plate with vegetables and you can get the benefit of loads of nutrients and avoid extra calories from piling up in your body.

5. They Always Seem to Have Time for Workout: They enjoy doing exercise and don’t consider it as a task to be done away with. Keep aside at least 40 minutes for yourself from your busy routine everyday to relax, and exercise (not necessarily by hitting the gym). Exercise at least for 40 minutes five times a day every week to burn layers of extra fat and drop weight.

6. They Say Polite “No” to Food Pushers: Have you noticed how fit people politely turn away high-calorie and unhealthy food? If you are wondering who exactly “food pushers” are, they are people who knowingly or unknowingly tend to derail your weight loss plan, by encouraging you to eat either unhealthy food or more food. “Food pushers” is a term that is relatively new, but they are people around you who act as “enablers,” tempting you to eat more food, and can stand between you and your goal weight. It becomes extremely difficult to say “no” to food pushers, especially when they are family, friends, and relatives, and also particularly, when they are moving around with freshly-baked pizza slices. But if you want to lose weight at any cost, you have to practice saying “no” to food pushers, and obviously find polite ways to do so and here are “7 Polite Ways to Say No To Food Pushers.”

7. They do have Cheat Meals Once in a Week: A cheat meal is essential in any diet plan because it helps to reset metabolism and helps keep a tabs on cravings. Fit girls do indulge in guilty foods once a week, and do not stretch it into cheat day.

8. They Cook at Home, Cut Down on Eating Out: There are multiple benefits of eating homemade food – you can cut loads of calories, be sure of healthy ingredients, cut out bad ingredients like transfat, etc. And you get to save lots of money while doing so. Also, they hardly order food through food delivery apps because they enjoy eating home-cooked food.

9. They Always Carry a Water Bottle and Do Not Forget to Refill It Frequently: If there’s one golden rule you should absolutely follow if you are trying to lose weight – it’s to “drink at least 8 glasses of water each day!” There’s hardly any dispute that drinking water throughout the day helps with weight loss. Plain water affects fat loss in more ways than one – it helps to flush out toxins, curbs appetite, has absolutely no calories, boosts metabolism, and boosts the fat-burning process. People who are fit sip on water at every opportunity and that’s why they carry a water bottle with them always, wherever they go.

10. They Do Not Like to Talk Much and Put Away Phone While Eating: When you sit down to eat, do so at a slow pace, chewing every bite. When you eat too fast, your brain doesn’t get the signal to stop once you are full. This means that you often eat more than you actually require. Another interesting fact is that the brain takes about 20 minutes to register that you have eaten food and by slowing down, you can actually reach satiation point during the eating process itself and stop yourself from piling on extra pounds. When someone eats slowly, without getting distracted (no phone or TV), they are having a chance to cut down extra calories because they are eating mindfully.

11. They Pack Healthy Snacks: Switching healthy snacks with biscuits, cookies, cakes, pastries, fried foods will help cut down a great deal of empty calories. Check out healthy snack options for weight loss on the Rati Beauty diet.

12. They sleep for more than 7 Hours: Yes, that’s what they call it – “beauty sleep.” Nothing burns more calories than a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation can severely a person’s weight loss prospect by lowering lowering metabolism, increasing cravings for unhealthy food, and also increase stress hormone. In fact, sleeping for lesser than 7 hours, makes your metabolism slump to its lowest and that will lower the pace at which body burns fat. Get a minimum of 7 hours each night to lose weight successfully.

13. They are Always Chilled Out: Just like sleep deprivation, stress has a direct effect on weight gain. Chronic stress can act as a big roadblock when someone is trying to lose weight, increasing cortisol level that encourages fat storage in the body, particularly around the belly area, so relax and find ways to take your mind off stress.

14. They are Not Obsessed about Weighing Scale: Nah, they are the last ones who would associate successful weight loss with just weighing scale. The weighing scale can fluctuate through the day, increasing towards the evening. Also, hormones can cause fluctuations on the scale, so watch out for these other signs of weight loss as well.

So, these were some tips that would help you achieve goal weight and reach the fitness level you have always dreamt of.

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