7 Polite Ways to Say No To Food Pushers

So, you are on a weight loss diet, counting every single calorie, sticking to the mean plans mentioned on the diet, on an earnest mission to burn extra weight and get leaner, but then comes along a “food pusher” who tempts you to eat more food, overeat, or just basically eat unhealthy food that’s not part of your diet. These  “food pushers,” can knowingly or unknowingly derail your weight loss plan, by encouraging you to eat more food. “Food pushers” is a term that is relatively new, but they are people around you who act as “enablers,” tempting you to eat more food, and can stand between you and your goal weight. It becomes extremely difficult to say “no” to food pushers, especially when they are family, friends, and relatives, and also particularly, when they are moving around a plate of freshly-baked cinnamon buns right under your nose! But if you want to lose weight at any cost, you have to practice saying “no” to food pushers, and obviously find polite ways to do so. In this post, we list some ways to say “no” to a food pusher the next time around they appear with a piece of pizza or a box of chocolates to tempt you.

Polite Ways to Say No To Food Pushers

Who is a Food Pusher?

1. Someone at home who thinks you are starving and not eating enough food.
2. Someone who loves to cook and wants you to taste the delicacies they prepare.
3. Foodies who love to share goodies with others.
4. Hmm…someone who is a bit jealous of your weight loss (on the Rati Beauty diet), and wants to throw you off the wagon.

7 Polite Ways to Say No To Food Pushers:

1. Reveal to them you are on a Diet: Most people would understand and would not push you to overeat or eat junk food if you just mention the word “diet.” Try revealing to them that you are on a diet and cannot eat outside of your meal plan, and they will retreat without complaint.

2. Chew Food Slowly: There are multiple benefits of chewing food slowly – you will get to reduce calorie intake drastically and would also be able to keep food pusher at a distance, who is serving around the table and sees you still have lots of food on your plate. Read “how eating food slowly can help you lose weight” in this post.

2. Ask the food to be packed: Most of the times, a food pusher might be someone at whose place you are having lunch or dinner, and you do not want to hurt their feelings by refusing food. Ask them if the extra food could be packed so that you can have it later. Of course, you can decide if you want to have that food or pass it on to another foodie.

3. Tell them the Benefits of Eating Healthy: If it’s one of your family or friends who is trying to push you towards eating unhealthy food, guide them about the importance of eating healthy, tell them it’s not only about losing weight, it’s about reducing the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular issues, too.

4. Simply tell them that you are full, and would give that extra serving a pass!

5. Change the Subject: If they are constantly talking about food, change the subject, and talk something non-food related to divert their attention.

6. If a food pusher is looking for validation for the food they prepared, compliment them that the food looks delicious, but you would like to give it pass!

7. Finally, if you suspect someone of being a food pusher just because they are jealous and want to sabotage your goals, turn the food away firmly, saying “no thank you.”

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