Hair Color: Coloring Techniques

hair coloring techniquesHair coloring techniques

First, I apologize to all the ladies on IMBB for not replying to their comments on my posts. A big SORRY. The second thing is I am in Chennai, to see my 75 year old Grandmother who has survived a cancer operation off late. So, I am happy. *ting*!

Now, coming to the post. Yet again, I am unveiling some darn interesting facts about hair coloring to you all in this post. I am sure; some jaws will drop while some will rush to the hair salon. So whatever it is please let me know.

The word hair coloring brings only two pictures to my mind, a fully colored head and the highlighted streaks. Well, after this article I am sure it will be a lot better.

“Hair coloring is a dye job in a sophisticated way”- My Mom *Sigh*

But with time, of course the camouflage dye job has become even more sophisticated and sassy.

So let me spill the beans now:

hair coloring highlightsHighlights

This is probably the most common and popular hair coloring technique. It’s one of the best innovations in hair coloring in my accordance. Highlights do give a mysteriously trendy look to your hair. Not just this, they proffer shine and brightens the hair color tone.

With this technique, just a few hair strands here and there are colored with a lighter shade of color. Remember, pick colors, which are just two shades lighter than your original one. Not more than that. If you are bold and confident, highlight your bangs. Dual tone highlights are a great idea too. Provided you pick the most complimenting shades.
• Colors: I say they look good with any and every color, provided it must be done in a professional way. I had bronze, followed by blonde, followed by red and tick golden strands.

In particular, honey, reds, amber and gold are the preferred colors. Over the counter hair mascaras (they wash out after a wash) or permanent colors can be used for this.

hair coloring twilightingTwilighting

If you want a change which is visible, go for twilighting. Twilighting basically mellow down the way too vivid and bright colors. In simple language, twilighting adds darker tones to your bright head. 😛

Twilighting is very closely related to lowlighting and it brilliantly accentuates and enhances the lighter hair color tones.
• Colors: Depends on your base color. If you have a red head, then you can have black or dark brown twilights.

hair coloring lowlightsLowlights

I love this one, will be getting this done soon. It adds depth and visible volume to your hair. Similar to twilights, lowlights soften the over vivid and bright hair along with this, it gives a whole new dimension to your hair. Lowlighting is the contradiction of highlighting. 🙂

The best part about lowlights is that you can have about three different colors with it. Weave cap or foiling is the best option to be used for achieving the best lowlights.
• Colors: You can use a good rich purple, or a bright thick gold for this. I will possibly go for a purple. Go bold (not bald, use a good hair color), and use your head as a palette for different colors.


This again, accentuates your flat boring hair, and adds a semi permanent but richer glaze to your permanent hair color.
• Colors: Mostly dark colors are used, but again depends on your base color or permanent hair color.

hair coloring chunkingChunking

This is one of the trendiest ways of coloring your hair, I have this done in my hair at present and NO I ain’t bald yet.
Chunking, means taking thicker and random sections of your hair and infusing them with a new color. It gives a great dramatic look to your hairstyle.
• Colors: Always pick a contrasting color to your natural hair color. Like, I have mahogany hair, so I have picked a honey caramel shade of gold for chunking at my nape.

Hair Painting

Its also known as the color all hair color technique. This is what you do at home. I am the painter at my home :P. It’s done with a basic hair color and foil.

All you need to do to achieve a perfectly painted head is part your locks and apply the dye or colors. For a neat appearance use a foil or if you are planning streaks and stranding. The foil also enriches the hair color. Do not use a shade which is more than 2 shades lighter than your original hair color.

Frosted Tips

It’s not something new, but an ever green hit hair color trend. But you need to have a good choppy hair cut to flaunt it well. With the frosted tips you color an inch or two of your hair ends.
• Colors:  Opt for contrasting colors. Reds, blues, golds or purples.


Here the color is applied around the boundary of the hair to craft softness and strength. The whole head is colored.
• Colors: Depends on your choice and preference.


This is again an interesting way of coloring your hair. In this technique the back slices of the hair are colored.
• Colors: Bold colors preferred.

Partial Hairhair coloring techniques

Parts of hair are colored often with more than one shade.
• Colors: Complimenting shades.

Symbio blow dry

This hair coloring technique adds excellent shine and jolts of color to the hair.
•Colors: depends on your preference.

Global coverage

The whole head is painted 😛
• Colors: depends on your preference.

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  2. hii..i have medium length hair..i want to haircolour with brown shade…suggest technique and shade plzzzz

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