Hask Argan Oil – Review

Hask Argan Oil

Hello Everyone,

Doing good so far? I have made no secret of my love for argan oil of late – heck, even my BB status message says ‘Argan oil is my new BFF’ 😀

So, no surprises for guessing what I am going to review today – yes, I will be reviewing the Hask Argan Oil. This was gifted to me by a friend who was flying down from Dublin and who had seen my BB status message. Hence proved that social and mobile networking is REALLY lucrative!

Hask Argan Oil




Before writing the review I shamelessly looked up the price on the net, and these are available for 2.50 euros a pop at Primark and Penney’s stores ;P

Product Description:

Lightweight oil infused with keratin enhancers for a silky smooth finish with exotic shine.


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This comes in a tiny cylindrical brown colored bottle that reminds me of those tiny bottles for homeopathy medicines. Its super compact, tiny, and great to pop into your purse if you want to quickly rub a tiny bit to control flyaways on the go. It has a blue plastic cap with rubber in-lining that helps to close it tightly. No risk of spillage at all!

My Experience with Hask Argan Oil:

I am a complete sucker for things that claim to make my hair soft and shiny – and the word keratin is seriously like music to my ears. So, when my friend got me this baby I was really excited to try it. The oil itself looks exactly like honey with the same gel-like consistency. It’s not sticky but not runny either and has a mild fruity/floral fragrance (sorry I am really bad at describing fragrances – there are only 2 fragrances in my dictionary – ones that I like and ones that I don’t like). The smell lingers on the hair for a while but doesn’t stay long.

Hask Argan Oil

Like other argan oils, you are supposed to apply a pea-sized amount on wet hair, especially the ends and then style as usual. Can be applied on wet or dry hair.

Coming to its claims of making hair soft and shiny – I would say I am loving it! I think it controls flyaways really well and makes hair soft and smooth. I am not too sure about the shiny part though – I haven’t noticed any remarkable difference. Its easy to apply and doesn’t make hair sticky at all! It doesn’t lead to a lot of buildup and I like that. My hair feels smooth to touch and is noticeable free of tangles after applying this.

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I have also applied a little bit on dried hair at times after heat styling and I think it controls frizz to some extent but not completely.

Cons of Hask Argan Oil:

I think it works well as a regular serum but doesn’t work wonders or improve the quality of hair much and that is something that argan oil is supposed to do. But at this price, I am not expecting miracles. It contains some ‘cones’ – so not a natural product.

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IMBB Rating:


Overall verdict:

I am on the fence about this one, I probably won’t repurchase this if I get the chance because although the price is really awesome, it’s just a regular serum and doesn’t work wonders for my hair. But if you want to try it once, it doesn’t hurt to pick it up for 2.50 euros.


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23 thoughts on “Hask Argan Oil – Review

  1. Hey arbee .. howz u ?? the bottle and packaging loks so promising … me all game for argan oil stuff too …. have to find it’s purest form though 🙂 … yup i agree use it as a regular serum.. tc 🙂

    1. Doing good Nidhi! I havent been able to find it in its purest form – but my friend had been to Morocco recently and she said she picked up pure argan oil from there. Asked her to get me one if she goes there next 😀
      In any case this one wont be too hard to finish off quickly considering the quantity

    1. LOL well said – yeah but dove has some elixir thingy that is supposed to have argan oil I think, never tried it though.

  2. Het Arbee nice review..
    I can understand the endless lookout for pure moroccan / argan oil.I came across this oil when I saw the visible effects on my friends mum hair and hence bought soulflower argan oil (cold pressed) Would write a review about it today.

  3. Hey Aarbee… I’m absolutely in the Bandwagon for Argan Oil.. I’m using a shampoo, Conditioner… and a serum of Argan Oil! 😀 But yet to find 100% Organic version… I sooo wish they start selling it here in India 🙁

  4. it has jojoba oil too as i see.. its so difficult to find jojoba pure oil too for hair. people keep on recommending but i don’t find it easy. all you get are the body massage oil types like from soulflower etc.

  5. Wow, Argan oil is like the third ingredient on that list! Hope you can get your hands on some pure oil soon! It works wonders 😀

  6. I hope I can find one soon – in the meanwhile the Moroccan Oil treatment is working great for me – steep but effective.

  7. didn’t get what all the fuss was about until I used it myself. The first one I tried was Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil and my hair is super smooth and healthy looking. Love argan oil!

  8. oh god its high time i need to try argan oil now.. Hey you also got moroccan argan oil and shampoo rt? are they good enough?

    1. Not the shampoo Neetu, using the treatment oil since last week and it has made a world of difference – truly magical!

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