12 Healthy Eating Hacks to Lose Weight

Today, we have decided to delve into is most certainly a great topic of mutual interest and concern for most of our readers assuredly, given the busy schedule we all live and lead. It is tough to spend hours at the gym or remain true and dedicated to a strict diet regime. In this ultra-fast, career-driven era, time for self grooming and dedication to diet regimes is near impossible. But then again, we do sincerely want to get rid of those pesky pounds and stay in shape and in good health. Therefore, today we have decided to pen together a list of 12 healthy dietary hacks that are proven to reduce weight. Let’s get to the list straightaway:

healthy eating hacks

1. Avoid eating while watching television: Recent studies have revealed that it is extremely difficult to practice moderation if you are eating while viewing the television. It is quite easy to get engrossed to what’s playing on the set and that distracts us from bearing in mind what we have on our plates or in our bowls – we just munch everything down. And that is not good news for our waistlines. Besides, it is common knowledge that we tend to eat more than usual if we do so while remaining glued to our television sets.

2. Keep soft drinks at bay: It has been agreed by health experts and professional nutritionists the world over that aerated soft drinks are one of the most fattening and BMR lowering food items on earth. So, it would be advisable to avoid one of stubborn kilos, to not gulp down aerated drinks to avoid piling up of empty calories.

3. Avoid nuts: One must be nuts if one consumes nuts while aiming to reduce weight. Nuts such as cashew nuts are high in fat content and can throw you off the weight loss track.

4. Eat at your table: This might not sound much to most of us, but studies have revealed that one has the inherent tendency to consume more when one is seated at a leisurely location, in a comfortable position, maybe in your sofa in front of the TV set. Instead, if you have the opportunity to eat with your family and friends always opt for that instead of eating alone. It’s a psychological thing, it keeps you cautious of how much you are actually putting in your mouth or what you have decided to consume in the first place; thereby assists you in slimming down.

5. Do not eat while standing: In the age of office parties and our increased frequency to eat from street vendors, it might be a good idea to bear in mind that it is not advisable to eat while standing. Eating while standing is actually bad for your digestion and that actually leads you to consume far more calories than you intended to/ normally do. So avoid eating on your feet as far as practicable.

6. Keep a tab on your sugar intake: Whether it is sweets or ice creams; cotton candy or soft drinks – moderation is the way to go. If you have a sweet tooth, then let me be brutally blunt here and tell you that you are going to have a really hard time slimming down, irrespective of how much you exert yourself in the gym or the swimming pool. Carbs are enemy no.1 for a slim waistline.

7. Keep yourself hydrated: This is one of best diet hacks ever. It is always recommended that you drink plenty of water so that you are properly hydrated. Proper hydration not only guarantees improved metabolism, it is also known to reduce cravings. So, cultivate the habit of drinking plenty of water on a regular and frequent basis for meeting your weight goals and also for your overall good health. One additional tip would be to drink before going to sit for your meals. That way you are prone to less eating and thereby accelerating the process of losing weight.

8. Do not eat more than three meals a day: This is an obvious hack but still worthy of mention, try to stick to no more than three meals a day. You see, moderation is good but after a point, strict adherence to a restriction yields better results under the circumstances. So, it is a quick hack not to have more than three meals per day to achieve your desired weight goals.

9. Opt for smaller plates: It is a psychologically proven technique that one may also create the visual stimulus that satiates one’s cravings if one order or has food on smaller plates. Meals tend to look bigger when served on smaller plates and that goes a long way in helping you eat less and lose more pounds, inching you towards that perfect mark on the scale.

10. Create a healthy food zone: Make sure that you to get rid your refrigerator and cupboards/pantry from all fattening food items that one can fall easy prey to on account of cravings. If you see that you do not have fattening delicacies to distract you off your chosen path it makes it a whole lot easier to achieve your weight reduction goals.

11. Healthy snacking: We are not here to tell you that you must refrain from eating everything. Rather we are here as advocates of just moderation and medically-proven health hacks to help you achieve your target waistline. And it is a healthy advice that one should go for snack packs containing healthy options to lose weight. You need to subject yourself to complete denial from all food to lose weight. Munch on healthy snacks like phool makhana, handful of roasted chana, almonds, peanut chat, scrambled eggs, omlette etc., are considered healthy snacks.

12. Cook for yourself: Now, this might come as an unorthodox addition to the list however it does come highly recommended. If you are in the habit of cooking your own meals, you have complete control over the ingredients as well as the proportions of the same that goes to make your meals. It is a most definitive step towards taking control of your eating habits. If you cook your own meals you do not run the risk of getting fed fatty food prepared with extra garnish and fattening ingredients for taste.

So, dearest readers, we really hope that you found our modest effort to list 12 healthy diet hacks to lose weight informative and useful. It is always lovely to hear from our readers and as such if you have any queries or suggestions to make, or maybe just a thought you would like to share, please do not hesitate to drop a line or two in the comments section below and share your ideas and concern with us.

Till the next time, bye my precious ladies – stay beautiful and healthy!!!


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