These Healthy Seeds Help with Weight Loss

Weight loss takes time and effort because it’s a process as we have always maintained. Only good diet and exercise can get to your goal weight and shape; however, all along the way, little things help to rev up the metabolism and burn fat deposits faster. Metabolism-boosting foods, omega-6 fatty acids all add up a little in the weight loss process. We have long ignored the amazing benefits certain seeds carry in them – they are superfoods which pack a lot of nutrients in them. Rich in fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and trace minerals – they are not only great for overall health, they help cut down fat and even reduce belly fat.

These Healthy Seeds Help with Weight Loss

Benefits of Eating Seeds:
1. Help regulate blood sugar level.
2. Rich in protein and fiber.
3. Rich in trace minerals.
4. Omega-3 fatty acid.
5. Boosts weight loss.

Tips While Consuming Seeds:

1. Eat seeds in moderation – though they are good for overall health and aid in weight loss, going overboard can prove counterproductive because they are rich in nutrients and also calories too! Don’t go more than 2 tbsp for each serving.

2. Consume unsalted versions: Salted, packaged versions though may have nutritional value, they can add a lot of sodium and take up your weight.

3. Roast pumpkin seeds to break their phytic acid content because they prevent absorption of other nutrients.

4. Grind flaxseeds before consuming because whole flaxseeds are not easy do digest.

6 Healthy Seeds Help with Weight Loss:

1. Green Pumpkin seeds: Of late, health-conscious people have been adding pumpkin seeds to everything they eat – from smoothies to rolled oats to granola. They can be roasted and consumed as snack by themselves. With their high protein and fiber content, a handful of pumpkin seeds can keep you full for long and rev up the metabolism with its zinc content at the same time.

2. Flaxseeds: Rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids (ALA), they suppress appetite, regulate blood sugar levels. Flaxseeds also have thermogenic properties and help burn more calories by raising heat in the body. If you want to strengthen the gut, you can always turn to flaxseeds.

3. Sunflower seeds: Get your daily dose of vitamin E from sunflower seeds and additionally get magnesium, potassium, protein, and calcium also from these seeds. Sunflower seeds also have fiber to keep you full and healthy fat to reduce fat.

4. Chia seeds: Chia seeds are extremely popular in weight loss circles and why not! They are tiny seeds which swell up in water and attain a gel-like consistency, and keep you full with their high protein and fiber content. Chia seeds help curb appetite and frequent snacking. The magic of chia seeds is in their high fiber content which we all know can help shed weight. Also, since they have calcium, they are good for trimming out the waistline.

5. Sesame seeds: Sesame oil and seeds are widely cooked in Indian cooking and that’s because these tiny seeds are rich in fiber, magnesium, calcium, and the immensely beneficial vitamin E. Sesame seeds are not only great for your skin, hair, they boost metabolism and help burn more calories. Just roast them slightly and sprinkle them on salads, toasts, and in chappati dough too.

6. Hemp Seeds: Though it’s difficult to find hemp seeds, do grab them whenever you can because they suppress appetite with high fiber and protein. You can also find calcium (reduces waistline), iron, magnesium, phosphorous in these seeds.

Different Ways to Use Seeds in Diet for Weight Loss:

1. Salads

2. Smoothies.

3. On toasts

4. In yogurt.

5. Overnight rolled oats

6. Multi-grain bread

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