25 Vegetarian Metabolism Boosting Foods For Weight Loss

If there is one way to lose weight at a faster pace, it’s by boosting one’s metabolism. With wrong dietary choices, sedentary lifestyle, increased stress, lack of sleep, metabolism tends to drop down considerably and the body loses its ability to burn extra calories at a steady rate. As a result, a person tends to pile on calories and stores that as fat in the body. Metabolism is the pace at which the human body burns calories for energy. The rate of metabolism also determined on a variety of factors like age, sex, body fat, activity level, muscle mass and genetics. Genetic aspects of metabolism cannot be controlled but there are several ways to improve and increase up the rate at which the body processes calories, and there are definitely ways to speed up metabolism. If we follows ways to boost metabolism, we could accelerate the process of losing extra pounds, burn fat, and reach our goal weight sooner. When you lose weight, you feel things are in better control with improved energy levels. When your metabolism is slow, only a lower amount of calories is burnt even when you have active lifestyle, resulting in weight gain instead of weight loss. What matters in weight loss is a good metabolism, more than anything else. However, for strict vegetarians, some metabolism foods such as meat and eggs are not options at all, and that’s why we have put together a list of 25 vegetarian metabolism boosting foods.

5 Ways to Boost Metabolism:

1. Include at least one hour of physical activity in your daily routine; even an hour of brisk walking can be  good way to boost metabolism.
2. Sleep at least for 7 hours every night. Less number of hours means disruption in metabolic activity, sleep well and tight at night to keep the metabolism high.
3. Reduce stress levels. Stress can trigger lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and also cardiovascular diseases to mention just a few. And it wreaks havoc on one’s digestion and metabolism, thereby significantly slowing down the weight loss process. Meditate and practice relaxation techniques to lower stress.
4. Drink adequate water: Drink at least 8 glasses of water to increase metabolic rate and to lose extra weight. Water preloading also prevents you from overeating which is an additional bonus if you intend to keep that waistline thin and slim.
5. Increase intake of vitamin D: Vitamin D is vital in keeping your fat burning cells revving by preserving your metabolic muscle tissue. Get out into the sunlight and get your necessary vitamin D, but do not forget to apply a good sunscreen.

25 Vegetarian Metabolism Boosting Foods For Weight Loss:

1. Almonds: Since almonds are a rich source of healthy fats and also protein, they can boost metabolism to a great degree.
2. Apples: Apples have polyphenols and pectin, along with fiber content, all of which are good for metabolism.
3. Green Tea: No fitness journey is complete without green tea. Skip your regular tea/coffee/juices and add green tea in your diet because not only does it help burn fat around the waist, green tea also increases metabolic rate.
4. Beans: Beans are a great source of fiber and help regulate blood sugar levels.
5. Strawberries:  No wonder, Rati Beauty diet programs suggest strawberry in many of their recipes, and that’s because strawberries trigger the production of adinopectin which in turn boosts metabolism in humans.
6. Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper is not only a thermogenic food (causes body’s temperature to rise), it’s spicy and increases metabolism too.
7. Broccoli: If you have a sluggish metabolism, it would be a good idea to switch to broccoli for a few days because this vegetable has a compound called as glucoraphanin which helps to reset metabolism.
8. Cabbage: With its high fiber content, vitamin B and vitamin C levels, this is a must-eat vegetable for everyone trying to lose weight.
9. Carrots: Carrot is believed to trigger bile secretion in liver which in turn helps to burn calories at a faster pace.
10. Celery:  Celery is low in calories, has lots of water content, has fiber and is easy on the digestive system.
11. Cucumber: It boosts metabolism, adds only a tiny number of calories, rich in water, and also in vitamin A and C.
12. Garlic: It helps to regulate blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, and promotes healthy metabolism.
13. Lemon: Lemon also adds little in the way of calories, supplies a good amount of vitamin C, and boosts metabolism.
14. Oranges: Again, the high vitamin C content takes metabolism higher.
15. Oats:  High in fiber content and complex carbs, it’s a healthy breakfast option to start the day and remain energetic throughout.
16. Green chillies: It’s a thermogenic food item, and like all spicy food, accelerates metabolism.
17. Tomatoes: Vitamin C is highly essential to keep the metabolism running at a normal pace, and the rich vitamin C content in tomatoes does the trick here.
18. Spinach: It’s rich in vitamin A, and B, and also iron – and a lot of other nutrients.
19. Peanut butter: Peanuts are not great for your palate and taste buds, they are good news for your metabolism because they can rev it up by 11% according to studies.
20. Grapefruit: Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, also aids in weight loss.
21. Pineapple: Has an enzyme called as bromelain which boosts the synthesis of protein, which boosts metabolism.
22. Green leafy vegetables:  Great way to get your vitamin B, vitamin K, fiber, iron, and also to boost metabolism.
23. Coffee: In essence, caffeine increases the metabolic rate and helps your body burn more calories.
24. Apple cider vinegar: Drinking ACV in lukewarm water helps lower blood sugar level and boosts metabolism. Acetic acid in apple cider vinegar helps to lower body fat by improving metabolism and burning fat.
25. Ginger: It is also a thermogenic food and has anti-inflammatory properties. It regulates metabolism and helps to burn calories at a good level.

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