Little hearts – Let’s spread Love Nail Art Tutorial

Little hearts- let’s spread love nail art tutorial

Hi girls, I  am back with another nail art tutorial .It is holiday season and hence I am in mood to decorate my nails a bit.. After the black bow design which was loved by all my friends… I took it out to experiment with more of festive colors on my nails . The design came out to be good and hence I thought of sharing with everyone here at IMBB. . So here goes. . . . 🙂
I used –

  • Zero sized brush / bindi brush
  • My disposable Nichrome loop which I use as a dotting tool.You can use toothpick too !!
  • White acrylic colors – any brand will do
  • A Good base coat – I am using Christian Dior’s 108 shade
  • Red colored nail polish – I am using Bronzeberry by NO. 7 brand.
  • White nail polish – to do French tips.


Little hearts Nail Art Tute

Always start with apply good nail cream, push back your cuticles a bit and apply good base coat. Base coats including protein, aloe vera, vitamin e, and/or calcium can replenish nails that are brittle and dry, restoring the moisture that nails need in order to be healthy. This in turn promotes healthier nails, and prevents breakage and other damage, including splitting and peeling. It also ensures that your nails don’t become yellow as the result of staining due to usage of dark colors.

After your done with that, start doing French tips on the nails . I hope everyone knows that . Just apply white color nail polish on the tips of the nails.

Little hearts Nail Art Tute

Now take your bindi brush / zero sized brush and dip it in your red colored nail polish a bit.. you don’t wana load your brush with too much paint. After that just draw a curved line on left corners of the nails .. the shape I have tried to give here is more like that of inverted “J” don’t fill up the entire tip otherwise your French tip won’t be visible.

Little hearts Nail Art Tute

After your satisfied with the shape you desire, fill up the area with your regular nail polish brush. It  doesn’t matter if the color goes out a bit – beauty lies in minor imperfections. .

Little hearts Nail Art Tute

Now comes the fun part. Dip the tip of the dotting tool/ toothpick in white acrylic color..Take extra color (don’t overload the tip with the colour) then place small dots at the intersection of your red curve and rest of the nail . Like so-

Little hearts Nail Art Tute

Sorry my pinkie finger didn’t come in the pic . I hope you all got the idea .

Little hearts Nail Art Tute

Once your done with that ,time to make tiny hearts at the bottom right corner of your nails.It is too easy. I promise.Dip your toothpick in the red nail polish that you used to make curve line and make two dots nearby each other like this-

Little hearts Nail Art Tute

After you place the dots, quickly drag them down slantly and connect them . You’ll get little heart shape.

Little hearts Nail Art Tute

I made few hearts on each nails , followed by placing red dots around the hearts. . It looked like this.. .

Your festive nail art is complete .Wait for it to dry and seal it with top coat. I did some extra smartness and sealed the design with sparkly glittery top coat.:D

Little hearts Nail Art Tute

Hope you all will like it .Till then. Bubyeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. . . . .


32 thoughts on “Little hearts – Let’s spread Love Nail Art Tutorial

    1. thnks zeeba … another question for u zeeba is that …. i hav heard that pink/blue/purple hair color lasts only till 4 -5 washes …… is this true ???????

      1. well…totally depends on the hair color brands rids…..see I had this loreal deep purple done …and it lasted for abt 7 mnths……but the color fades away….as in the other shades enrich on fading ;.bt these colors like purple n pink start showing its worth a trial…. 🙂 :sidefrown: :sidefrown: :sidefrown:

        1. hmmm. . . can ya tell me more ….hehehehehe… as in which colors enrich on fading ..??? i dont want any browns … tell ya suggest me sum colors which ll luk good on wheatish complexion and i have colord my hair with heena …

    1. hehehehe thnks rati … u liked d trick na …?? i told ya ..anyone can do nail art with a little patience n few tricks .. no rocket science… hehehehe………so glad u likd it

  1. Hiya! 🙂
    Been reading this blog lately and I must say it’s now one of my favorites!
    Awesome infos and write ups! Way to go girls! :victory: :waytogo:

    Oh, by the way, Rids, loved this tutorial!!! :heart:

  2. I totally loved this! O:) Gonna do this as soon as my exams get over! :waytogo: Thanks for sharing. It looked difficult but seems easy now :thanks:

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