H&M Crème Caramel Body Splash Review

H&M Crème Caramel Body Splash

Hello Beauty Lovers!

Here I am again with a beauty item from my favorite brand ‘H&M’. This time, I bring the loveliest body splash which you can find in H&M stores! It is “H&M Crème Caramel Body Splash”. I hope you will love it too.

Product description:

Light body spray to use all over the body. 200 ml.



200 ML. / 6.8 FL.OZ

3.99 Euros

My Experience with H&M Crème Caramel Body Splash :

H&M Creme Caramel Body Splash has the most gorgeous package I have ever seen! It comes with the clear glamorous globule bottle and  the material is plastic. This comes with the transparent light peach colored bottle with a glittery touch to the body splash liquid. The  bottle comes with a  pink lid and a light pink bow which is really adorable. Coming to the downside of the splash bottle, this has a cheap looking fee to it in terms of how the print could fade soon, the bottle would catch finger prints and thirdly the spray nozzle is poor quality but I still like the whole look of the bottle.

The first time I tried using this H&M Crème Caramel Body Splash, it was was great. My first impression after the loveliness of the bottle was the softness and the sweetness of the scent. It was like a real sweetness of some caramel candy. Since it is a body splash, I find  that the smell is  nice at the first sniff and after a few minutes, it fades away. The lasting power  is only 1-2 hours. Anyhow, I like the simplicity of the notes in this body splash, it’s not complex or overpowering which means I can wear it as often as I want to. I can use the H&M Creme Caramel Body Splash to spray on my clothes as well. It seems like there is  some glitter in the body splash liquid, but I could barely see them when I spray it on my skin and clothes.
I  wear this Crème Caramel Body Splash during the daytime mostly as it’s a body splash with very less lasting power. For anyone who doesn’t want to wear Eau De Parfum or Eau De Toillete, I think this  body splash would be the best choice for them.

Pros of H&M Crème caramel Body Splash:

• The gorgeous packaging.
• It’s a plastic bottle.
• The price of the body splash is affordable.
• It’s a sweet and warm candy scent.
• It doesn’t cause any irritation on skin.
• It can be used on the skin as well as clothes.
• It’s not too overpowering and the scent is not like a cheap body spray.
• The cute bottle can be re-used after finishing the body spray

Cons of H&M Crème caramel Body Splash:

• It’s not long-lasting at all.
• The packaging is not travel-friendly.
• The print  on the front of the bottle faded away in a few days making it look like a cheap product.
• The poor quality of the spray nozzle.
• It’s not yet available in India.



Will I repurchase H&M Crème Caramel Body Splash?

No,  it’s a gorgeous body splash which is lovely and fun to use but I would rather find  products with higher pricing with a better quality.

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