Victoria’s Secret Pink With A Splash All Over Body Mist Review

Victoria’s Secret Pink With A Splash All Over Body Mist Review

Hello IMBBians,

I am actually a really big fan of Victoria’s Secret and it is my favourite brand, I must admit. They have such a huge collection of mists for which I have totally fallen. The fragrances are so blissful and feminine. So, this product that is a body mist was bought by one of my sisters for me. This is the first product that I have tried from the “Pink” range of Victoria’s Secret, but I have sniffed a few mists from this range in the local skin care stores.  So, let’s go on with the product.



$15 (250 ml) (original price is Rs. 1100 in India).

Pink with a splash Body Mist 2

Product Description:

A refreshing, scented spritz to spray wherever you want. Lightly moisturizes with aloe and chamomile. Scented with a soft combination of pure ocean breeze and jasmine.

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My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Pink With A Splash All Over Body Mist:

Speaking about the packaging, this range of Victoria’s Secret mists has a very different kind of packaging from the other ranges. The bottle is square-shaped rather than being round. It is quite sturdy as compared to the other ones. Thick plastic bottle in neon pink is the most happening thing about this mist. They have combined it with a neon green square cap which gives it a more attractive look.  The bottle is not that handy. Of course if you have a big bag, then it is okay, but if you carry a sling or something, it will not fit in. It occupies a great space in the bag and is a little heavy too. If the packaging would be rated, then I would give it 10 out of 5. I loved it so much. But why have they mentioned “all over body mist” in the name, we obviously know that we spray the mist all over the body. So, did not really understand that thing.

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Now, coming to the scent, this is the first scent I have that is not fruity. It does smell like fresh jasmines. This smell is very very fresh. That dull environment goes away when you puff this scent. It is a floral smell indeed. This kind of a smell would be perfect for springs or summers. The smell is soft and pure as the name says. It is very decent and not as overwhelming as fruity smell. Although you will have to spray a lot so that the fragrance stays on your skin, it does not stay for more than 2 hours on your skin.

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After two hours, if you smell your skin very closely, only then you would be able to smell a mild fragrance. Final word would be that there are far more better mists from Victoria’s Secret.  I tried floral smells but I think I still like the fruity and juicy ones, so I would buy fruity fragrances rather than floral smells. But I sniffed the other scents from this range and I pretty much liked them. Those who like fresh floral smell should give this one a try.

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Pros of Victoria’s Secret Pink With A Splash All Over Body Mist:

  • Attractive packaging.
  • Decently priced according to the quantity.
  • Lasts for 2-3 months even if you spray every day.
  • There are so many variants from this range to choose from.
  • Sturdy packaging, so does not break when you drop it.

Pink with a splash Body Mist 8

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Pink With A Splash All Over Body Mist:

  • Staying power is less as compared to other Victoria’s Secret products.
  • Very mild fragrance.
  • Big bottle.
  • No ingredients list mentioned.

Would I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Victoria’s Secret Pink With A Splash All Over Body Mist?

Not really because I would buy the other variants or try some other range and would suggest the same to you guys. In fact the ones that we daily use such as Amber Romance and Pure Seduction are far more better than this one.

IMBB Rating:


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28 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Pink With A Splash All Over Body Mist Review

    1. Goooooood morning Neha di *puchhi*
      Me too in love with the bottle… even after the mist gets over i’ll still keep the bottle lol *happy dance*

    1. Yeah Esha…. *woot* the bottle looks super-hot… *drool* Victoria’s secret should make some more bottles like these… *haan ji* then i would surely be the one to pick them up whatever the scent may be *hihi*

  1. The packaging is super attractive….Saloni….love VS fragrances…the ones I have sniffed *hifive* *hifive* *hifive*

    1. Yeah Jomol di i have totally fallen for the packaging… *drool* me too a big lover of VS stuff… all the scents are too good… *woot* *haan ji* super-feminine *happydance*

  2. Hey Saloni suggest me a gud body mist frm VS na…i got 2 frm ths range which i did not like much love-spell n strawberry’s n champagne.loved Endless-love though *happydance*

    1. Melissa u can try amber romance, pure seduction, sweet daydream, secret crush and berry kiss are soo far the ones that i have tried… *woot* and beauty rush strawberry wala… but u did not like strawberry and champagne so you would not like beauty rush… *nababana* all the others are damn good… but first too are the popularly liked ones… so try picking them up and let me know how you liked it *hifive* *happy dance*

    1. Hehehehehehe lol Vidhi bottle again *hihi* *hihi* yess definitely try VS scents … soo damn awesome… i love them and i think you might too *happy dance* *haan ji*

  3. Yay….muah tnks a ton honey…..wld sure try amber romance n pure seduction …will let you knw pakka thanks so much babes *puchhi*

  4. I’ll try this the next time I get to shop for VS products. *woot*

    I have the pure seduction hand sanitiser and am loving the smell. I just put the sanitiser on my palms when I forget to put perfume on *hihi*

    *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. Heyyy pragya… even i have the pure seduction body mist… and the sanitizer would smell the same i guess *haan ji* never tried any sanitizer from VS though… *nababana* i know the scents are blissful… *powder*

      1. The sanitizer smells a wee bit stronger (as compared to the body mist) initially, but fades a little bit after sometime. Loving it! *happy dance*

  5. It has diffenet packaging and is costlier then the furit and flower range…. I love VS will give this one a try next time 🙂 Nice review Saloni *pompom*

    1. yeah different packaging Sweta….and the PINK range is expensive then those normal ones… they have sooo many variants in this range…sniff and pick it… *whistle* *jalwa* *haan ji*

    1. I am toh big-time VS fan… rofl *woot* people who start using it will become too…. try some you will like it *hifive* *happy dance*

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