How Thermogenic Foods Can Help Burn Fat

Weight loss can happen when there’s an effective and sustainable calorie deficit, which means a good dieting routine along with regular exercise will help you drop those extra pounds. The idea is to burn excess calories or to take in less calories on a regular basis. However, there are certain weight loss aids that can help accelerate the process; but they are effective only when paired with a proper exercise regimen and a proper diet (they do not work on their own). Thermogenesis is one such process which acts as a weight loss aid. It’s a process by which your body cells burn increased number of calories to utilize the foods you have just eaten. Our body needs energy to run all its functions smoothly and to maintain an optimum temperature, which is 98.6 Fahrenheit irrespective of the weather outside (extreme cold or hot weather does not matter). To digest food, our body needs energy and this energy comes in the form of calories. Whenever we consume food, our body uses energy to digest that food. Certain food items require more energy to get digested (beans, lentils, dal, paneer are some examples), which means that they consume a lot more calories to be metabolised and digested. Eating thermogenic food, which increase the temperature of your body, can help burn more calories, and you would be cracking a good vertical to burn fat. In this post, we would find out how thermogenic foods can help burn fat and a list of thermogenic food that you can include in your diet.  However, it’s not at all advisable to focus entirely on thermogenic foods as a weight loss mechanism because it may deprive you of essential nutrients. You can ensure that you maintain a proper balance by eating your recommended daily amount of calories and then focusing on thermogenic foods coupled with exercise to help you reach a calorie deficit and that’s why a good diet program like Rati Beauty can help you lose weight without compromising on nutrition or health.

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What is Calorie Deficit?

A calorie deficit occurs when a person consumes fewer calories than those burnt while exercising, resting, or performing basic bodily functions. In contrast, a calorie surplus occurs when a person consumes more calories than those that are burnt, leading to weight gain. In order to have a calorie deficit, the average person must cut down food intake by 500 calories per day. This figure is usually sufficient for weight loss without affecting energy levels, hunger, or bodily functions. For women, the number of calories must not drop below 1200 calories per day, and for men, it should not fall below 1500 calories per day.

What Does Thermogenic Food Do?

Thermogenic foods increase energy expenditure in the body through the process of thermogenesis where the body actually burns calories to breakdown the food, converting these calories to heat form.

12 Thermogenic Foods Can Help Burn Fat:

  • Black pepper – Contains capsaicin which leads to thermogenesis. It also contains piperine which new fat cells from forming.
  • Celery: It’s a great food to include in weight loss because it is low in calories, rich in water, and has fiber – all of which are good news for weight loss.
  • Turmeric: This popular Indian spice, essential to Indian cooking, induces thermogenesis to boost metabolism. Drinking turmeric tea is a good way to fuel up thermogenesis.
  • Garlic: Certain compounds in garlic boost thermogenesis by increasing norepinephrine secretion. Norepinephrine increases heart rate and blood pumping from the heart, and helps with weight loss.
  • Coconut oil – Medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil helps to burn fat and also to inhibit fat deposition by way of increased thermogenesis and calorie burning.
  • Green Tea: The good thing about green tea is that it is low in calories, contain caffeine (which boosts metabolism) and also catechins which have a thermogenic effect.
  • Cinnamon: It has certain metabolic regulatory proteins which boost theromgenesis.
  • Apple cider vinegar: The presence of acetic acid in ACV can not only decrease appetite and help manage blood sugar levels, it can also induce the process of thermogenesis.
  • Green chillies: Rich in capsaicin, helps to convert energy into heat.
  • Coffee: Avid coffee drinkers rejoice because the caffeine content in coffee can help you lose weight, but do not go beyond two to three cups per day.
  • Kidney beans: Rich in protein and fiber, this type of beans lead to increased energy expenditure.
  • Cayenne pepper: It has a thermogenic compound that decreases appetite, increases metabolism and increase thermogenic activity.

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