How to Apply Cream Foundation With a Stippling Brush (Video Tutorial)

Products used:

  • MAX Factor Age Renew Foundation
  • Fab India Rose Water
  • Stippling Brush- Ambika Pillai / MAC 187
  • The Body Shop Loose Powder
  • MAC Cosmo Lipstick
  • NYX Blush

YOu may use the same technique to use cream to powder foundations or any cream foundation.


35 thoughts on “How to Apply Cream Foundation With a Stippling Brush (Video Tutorial)

    1. Ritu, mousse foundation is an air whipped foundation, has a creamy texture and gives a full coverage. The powder content in mousse foundation generally high as compared to the regular liquid foundation so it works well for people with oily skin. Also because of its texture it doesn’t settle in fine lines so works well for mature skin as well. The finish is generally mate. Generally people have love-hate relationship with mousse foundation. It works for some and completely goes wrong for someone else. Apart from Maybelline :

      Bourjois also has a mousse foundation. Atleast that I know of.

  1. Making a 3 with the blush is an awesome tip! 🙂 And btw, I totally love your little wave at the beginning of each tutorial – hella cute!

    1. No Palak, I did not check that. I will check that in a day or two. This one is def not for you. Actually I did this tutorial because some people were not comfortable with applying cream foundation with fingers. So I thought I’d do this quicky. 🙂 Glad you liked it. 🙂

  2. That was a lovely tute..

    Have never tried the stippling brush for foundation..But I have seen some U tube vids on that.

    I use the 3 technique for blush too gives a very natural look.

    See my gravatar in the earlier comment??..Thats how I looked when the blog said my comment is being moderated…But then I found out..I had mis spelled my email :silly: :silly:

    Hence I am copying and pasting again **shameless** :disdain: :disdain:

    1. he he , I just saw that. You must try this technique with “our” age renew foundtaion. It gives a flawless finish. 😛

      The grace in your email became “garce” lol!!

  3. Really nice video Rati! Have to check out that foundation next time. The NYX blush is such a pretty shade too


    1. The review is coming today. That foundation is even better than my MAC satin finish. The stippling brush is by Ambika Pillai. Honestly, the brush is not that great. I am going to use it a for a few months and then may be invest in a good brush. Brushes are investment, they last you for years. So buy a good one if you can. Mine was a desperate buy. Colorbar and MAC are out of stock of stippling brush from many months and Inglot’s brush (though nice) was in a weird price range. So I bought this one.

  4. Really nice’ve become a complete pro! agree totally about the “hello” wave being so cute. BTW… I even copied ur hairstyle! I have curly/wavy hair that I normally get cut in layers which looks great if I leave my hair open but junk if I tie it up. So last week I got my hairdresser to give me that layered fringe in front – COPYCAT me ;D You give people so many ideas! Thanks a ton. :-*

    1. Awww!!! I have got long hair from front for a very long time but then as usual, I got bored of them. 😛 I so want to see your piccy now. he he I am smiling and smiling now. 😀

  5. great video rati …
    would try it with my sigma ss187 brush…
    n loved the 3 idea…. m sooo much addicted to blushes
    would try it tomm only…
    hey have u tried TBS vitamin e illuminating cream ???
    it is great highlighter if used correctlly…

    love n lipglosses

    1. I know blushes are actually addictive. One you get a hang of them, then you just want all of them in your collection. 😛

      I am still getting used to the idea of makeup from TBS. They are my bath and body brand , so far. 🙂 But will take a look at vitamin e illuminating cream since you suggested.

  6. hey rati!
    i love ur reviews and vids.. iam atotal makeup junkie 2..recently bot MAC studio fix liquid foundation, m fair the mac rep gave me NC 40 shade wich lookd good in the store but i feel i lookd darker after an hour or so..i dnt knw if i was imagining it coz i read about da oxidising effect matt has:( still nt sure if i have da rite shade.. :yawn: the Mac rep applied da foundation with a brush,,i used 2 do it with fingers.nw i wana use da brush , but da MAC brush was 2 expensive for me, Do u think i should get VEga brushes?? are they good?

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