Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Review

MAybellien Dream Matte Mousse FOundationIf you ask me to list 10 of my worst buys till date, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation would top the list. Achieving a matt look is an obsession for many of us with oily skin. I try every trick in the book to get an even-toned matte look, but most of the products disappoint and I am quite immune to high-end products failing me. But Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse broke that immunity and I have not loathed any other foundation like this.

Water-based non-comedogenic foundations work best for oily skin since they do not block the pores and feel lightweight on the skin. I have always preferred liquid foundations coz they are easy to blend on to my skin and do not appear cakey. Lakme’s Face Magic Souffle is a favorite of mine since it is water based with cucumber extracts and it offers sheer coverage, evens out my skin tone, and the best part is that it does not cake out. I do not even mind the slushy consistency of the foundation because it is dirt cheap at Rs. 99.
I had never ever tried anything other than liquid foundation and experimenting with something like mousse was like treading a new territory and I had huge expectations from it. So, before buying Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, I made it a point to check it out at the Maybelline’s official website and was very impressed with what they were describing; I even matched my skin tone online. Also, the SA at the store convinced me that honey beige medium 4 was the perfect match for my skin tone.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
What Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Claims:

  • Revolutionary whipped formula provides an air-soft, perfect matte finish coverage with a weightless feel.
  • Color pigments offer superior coverage
  • Blends effortlessly for a soft, natural-looking, even-toned result.
  • Now in 16 shades.


G681322 ingredients, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, squalene, dimethicone crosspolymer, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, hydrogenated jojoba oil, polymethylsilsesquioxane, polymethyl methacrylate, silica dimethyl silylate, phenoxyethanol, phenyl trimethicone, disodium stearoyl glutamate, methylparaben, vinyl dimethicone/methicone silsesquioxane crosspolymer, aluminium hydroxide, silica, BHT, ethylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben, propylparaben. {+/- may contain/peut contenir: CI 77891/titanium dioxide, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77491/iron oxides, CI 77163/bismuth oxychloride, MICA}.

PRICE: Rs. 499 (Indian Ruppes) for 18 g.

Now , the revelation about Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation:

This small but quite heavy glass jar with a brown inchoate cap, contains an absolutely odorless and kind-of-pasty foundation which when pressed with a finger gives the feeling like one’s touching hung curd or something like clay. After dotting my face with this mousse, I tried blending it with a sponge and as soon as I was done with it, I thought that my face was a little coarser. Upon checking out myself in the mirror, I did let out a scream coz I was looking straight out of “House of Wax.” There was a layer of whitish mask on my face and I was so disappointed with the way I was looking that I abandoned the idea of getting the matte look then and there. But over a period of time, I have tried redeeming the mousse by using it in combination with moisturizer, day cream, tinted moisturizer, water, and what not to make it work, but the mousse always gives a bemired look to my face. There is not any other product that I have given up on like this one. Also, I checked in the dictionary to find out whether I actually knew what mousse meant, mousse means froth or foam, but this thing is nothing remotely like that, it feels quite heavy on the face.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

But as always, I have an alternate strategy for such products other than their actual recommended purpose. Since I bought this jar for Rs. 499, instead of throwing it away into a dustbin, I am kind of utilizing it in many other ways. Since the mousse jar is quite heavy, I use it as a paperweight and also, nowadays, I am aiming it at the mangoes on my neighbor’s tree.

Since I was taken on a royal ride by Maybelline, I kind of lost faith in this brand, but now since I have heard good reviews about the moisture extreme range from Rati and others, I think the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation was just a colossal blunder on the company’s part.

Also, the thought of buying this so-called mousse will never cross my mind again, although I won’t mind gifting it to someone I really hate; like the time I gifted a really wicked office-mate of mine with a strong deodorant (which I obviously didn’t like) coz she had a really bad body odor, but as far as I am concerned……….give me my souffle any day.

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Jomol, btw I also gifted a deo to a colleague once. Geee. :P- Rati

BUY: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation


93 thoughts on “Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Review

  1. This is one product that I REGRET ever hearing about! So many people swear by it, but you’re right – it leaves a whitish layer on the face and doesn’t even come off easily. 500 bucks gone down the drain. 🙁

    Your review captures my sentiments exactly 😀

  2. I gave this product a try during my last trip to Health&Glow. In fact, the SA tried it on my hand and I quite liked the feel of it. But now it seems looks could be deceptive..
    The SA made tall claims that the product is 3 in 1 and all that.

    Probably, I need to try on my face too 🙂 Definitely not in the mood to waste money.

    1. yes poornima, it can be very deceptive, like dvja said, don’t go by what SA’s say…our forearms take the blend easily, but our face will not reflect the same.

  3. ohhh.. You touched a raw nerve Jomol.. I have this too, it lies in my suitcase buried under my saris.. It looks so completely fake on the skin. I thought I was not blending it in well.

    Poornima – it feels amazing on the arm, I too fell for that, but awful on the face. It made my dry skin look so flaked and it totally caked up on my face.

    Btw Jomol – it makes a good concealer for spots and pimples. I use it for that sometimes.

  4. This is my fave founadtion.. 🙁 I cant say that its my HG but till i dont find it im using this. My skin is quiet oily but it stays on me well for atleast 4-5 hours. And the best thing is if i use it everyone is complementing me that my skin has become so much better.. they think its because i am sitting at home and all but what they dont know is im hiding my actual skin behind dream matte mouse. To start with i already have nice skin, so it just glides on me like butter. I agree its very whitish but with my already white skin it doesnt bothers me much.. because the whiteness doesnt looks artificial on me it just looks like i have undergone some detanning treatment so im all fresh and good.

    A typical case of hit for one and miss for the other..

      1. No Jomol.. i just use this and nothing else over it.. i used to used dream matte mousse blusher over it and it stayed pretty well.. giving me a very fresh look.. What i think is this product works just for people who are fair skinned.

  5. Girls, dont you think its high time we ignore the SAs at the stores? I am In! Who else is in? I am not going to fall for the stupid nose-picking’s gibbering 🙂 wonderful review, JOMOL 🙂

    Jomol, I fell for the packaging, but something stopped me from buying this…the reviews were like yes no yes no…on and off…may be, just because i kept hearing it dries up quickly than its supposed to…I also heard thats the same case with the dream matte range of products….so I passed it! Thank god u did review …

    wat i wud do with it? will take some product and mix it with moisturizer and apply on my legs, feet watever to get rid of that stuff…so there is a chance of trying a new product again 🙂 of course without the assistant of SAs…

    ROFL 🙂 paper weight and aiming at neighbour’s mango tree…

    1. Count me in too………..I am really fed up of the SA’s, after the mousse debacle I just shoo them away very rudely, they think I am snobbish and make faces, but that makes me more hitlerish.

    2. Divija, I am so with you regarding what you said about the SAs. I swatched this foundation at the store and since i already have normal to dry skin I found it a little drying even on my hand.
      The SA was trying to convince me that mousse foundations are a revolutionary technology and they suit all skin types and blah blah. I didn’t buy it and now I am so thankful that I took that decision.

      So bugging!

  6. Tanvi,
    Thank you for that bit of info and thank god I didn’t buy it as soon as I saw it blending and sitting pretty on my hand.

    Priyanka : As soon as I read this post, I went on to read a few more reviews and there too I found mixed reactions. Like you said, the effect on each person will definitely be different.

    One suggestion from my side for a new buyer would be to try it on the face in the shop/counter. Walk around for a while, continue shopping and then check out how it feels/looks after a few hours. It would be almost like testing a perfume. And then come back later and buy the product if it suits you 🙂

    1. I agree with you poornima……all of us should try new ones on our face instead of forearm…….and check it out without all that lighting…….come out with the mirror and chck it in daylight if its possible.

  7. Jomol,

    I had once swatched the dream matter mousse blush and didnt kind of feel comfortable that I wud be able to blend it well on my cheeks so gave it a miss….I think after reading this one I am quite thankful I didnt buy the blush…

    I knw it hurts when ur money goes down the drain like this!!

    “I use it as a paperweight and also, nowadays, I am aiming it at the mangoes on my neighbor’s tree. ” ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!

    that was sooooo sarcastically funny!!!!!

      1. yeah jomol…i guess the funda they use in both the mousse is the same so it felt the same too….oh dear u shud try and use this in some other way…dont let ur money go waste….like some have suggested you can try using this with moisturizer, some shimmer etc on other body parts 😉

  8. Did you gift that deo to your enemy Rati?….I think we are feathers of the same bird………………………

    1. he was not an enemy, just a colleague. My biggest problem was that I had to deal with him at least 10 times a day and that abhorring sweat stink got too much for me to take. So I gifted him a deo. 😛

      1. I do that many times……someone with bad breath, I offer to buy them listerine mouthwash from the CSD canteen on a subsidied rate, I can count that also as social service na…

  9. Too bad it didnt work for you .. I was thinking of getting this and your review made me so apprehensive 😀
    Specially the part .. it made me look like white Ghost !! I hate the whitish cast some foundations and sunblocks seems to give away :/

  10. heyy…its not that bad…it makes my face look great….i have a very fair skin tone…it blends really well on my combination skin…i just use some loose powder over it and am all set….
    Well…others can use it as a concealer though.

  11. I bought this product last week. When the SA applied on my face in the store, it looked quite nice. But i have not been able to replicate it at home. I am not sure if this is because the lighting in the store was deceptive or if I am not using it properly. I have the same problem of looking “scary white” with this on 🙁

    The SA also convinced me to buy a UV base to use with this. Which is not bad I should say. I have used with my other foundation and pressed powder.

    Ok my comment was quite long 😉

      1. Yeah its called whitestay UV base. It does make my face look brighter so I am glad that atleast one product was good. :).

        But the one good thing about the mousse for me was it blends well. So may be I picked up the wrong shade.

        1. Wanderlust,

          Is it the white bottle with a lilac ish lid you are talking about? I saw it in the Maybelline counter when I went for shopping. But was quite apprehensive to even try because I have had a very bad experience with the Maybelline Liquid Foundation, which incidentally came in a similar container.

          1. Poornima.. yes its the one with the Lilac cap. Between the mousse and this UV base , i preferred the latter.

    1. its because in the store she probably used a very little bit, people who hate this product are usually guilty of gooping up their face with it and then complaining that it looks like cake.
      Its very high coverage in a small amount, try using just a little bit and make sure your face is clean and lightly moisturized before you start.

  12. Ooooh Jomol, Sooooo sad it didn’t work for you.. But this is my current favourite foundation… Unlike you I find it very smooth, blendable and light !!!! 😮

    I also found my perfect shade with this… 😀

    At the end of the day, every skin is different and so is its suitability… And Lakme souffle broke me out like anything… Looks like our skins are inversely proportional… 😆 😆

    1. Ha, I agree….I love the souffle so much……… does not break me at all…neither did this mousse…but I washed the mousse off quickly,…so I really dont know whether its capable of breakig me out.

    2. Guess this is a funny product. lol!!

      I used to find Lakme soufflle a funny product and it used to give me a sleezy feeling when I used to touch it. lol!!

      What logic am I giving. 😀

  13. Oh I love the maybelline pot too… And Rati all souffles and mousses have this wriggly feel… Once I dropped the Lakme souffle pot.. And all its content just wiggled out of the pot.. And I had to throw it away before i could apply it.. Then I bought the second one which broke me out.. So I’ve a pretty sad history of the souffle.. 🙂

  14. Too bad about this foundation. Your revelation was very funny tough:P
    I think it’s a blunder indeed, I have never been disappointed by Maybelline
    (but I only use things like mascara from them)

        1. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :inlove: from my son to you Rati………hope your hubby won’t mind… 😉

  15. Hi Jomol,

    Nice review. You helped me from wasting bucks.
    I had bought the maybelline white uv compact powder some time ago.
    It has this weird white finish which makes ur skin look so dry flaky and overall a white ghost.

    Infact i find most of teh maybelline face products like foundation n compacts have this white finish which looks very fake. I hope they change the products to suit the indian skin tone.teh current tomes are more for the english fair skin.

      1. Thanks Mrunmayee…..he won’t mind all the kisses and hugs from such lovely and beautiful ladies…….. :-* :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: accept his kisses too…..

      1. Thanks Poornima…..Aarohan has many meanings, it means ascension… well as the high notes in a musical piece. 🙂 :-)) :-))

  16. I couldn’t agree more with you on this :-)) … this product is s complete waste of money 😥 . Though it claims to be 3 in 1 its hardly even 1 in 1 .. i was so very disappointed after using it the first time that i had to wash my face and use something something else. It gives the skin a heavy feeling as it some sort of POP is applied to the face. :-X

    1. I am so glad you agree with me Pooja…….I too had to wash my face every time I tried using it 😥 😥 😥 😥

  17. Looking at the jar, you clearly used wayyyyy too much product on your face which is why you got that caky looking result. The key to dream matte mousse is a light touch and having your skin either based (with a foundation dimethicone basing cream) or else applying to freshly washed/lightly moisturized skin. If you try to use the consistency of the foundation as a “moisturizer” you’re going to use way too much and end up looking like someone threw a pie in your face.

    We’re going for mousse, not pie in the face. I absolutely SWEAR by this foundation. It’s better than even Studiofix for oily skin. The cocoa #3 color is hard to find but its my EXACT shade (which is rare if you’re african american that you can use a generic drug store foundation and actually achieve YOUR shade of brown). Whenever i see it on sale I buy like 3 of them.

  18. I suppose you don’t know how to use it because this is a great, non oily, light make up. I love it and I use it every day.

    Mousse dosn’t mean “foam” exactly, it is a kind of a desert and yes, this make up feels like a mousse.

  19. Oh noooooooo….. I bought dream mousse ( honey beige),Dream mousse blush( soft plum) and Dream mousse bronzer….it blends with my skin smoothly…..I have kind of uneven skin tone (tan color)….It doesn’t look whitish on my face…….I applied UV base purple on my face before applying mousse…….Now after reading all these reviews am kind of upset 😥 😥 😥 …..


    Can I post pics of eye make….Its not a tut ….I can improve myself with suggestions and comments……. :snicker:

  20. Thanks for the review, was planng to buy this today, will def skip. also the lakme mousse foundation is terrible too! hated it… i guess it just din go with my skin type. and i somehow feel lakme products r getting worse by the day.

    Can someone recommend a good foundation? a liquid one if that is te best? i use a creamy one now, from Revlon and anothr creamy one from Oriflame. I have normal fair skin. Can someone recommend a foundation that blends well and doesnt look caked up.

  21. I think that this product is alright. It covers blackheads real well but not acne. I think it looks good when it is first put on but after a while it appears oily and orange. The packaging is great and it is easy to apply with a MAKEUP BRUSH. Dont try using your fingers or a sponge! I use the cosmetica makeup brush

  22. I am surprised that so many people hate the Maybelline mousse foundation because I absolutely love it! I used to use the Lancome mousse, which they discontinued and then found this one and am so thankful. Do you think you are buying the wrong shade that it makes white marks on your face…try buying darker shades to match your skin! I use a Lancome compact over this and the combination makes my skin look so smooth :thumbsup:

  23. Dear all, i used many brands of foundation but my problem is its painful to my eyes and i get burning sensation and cannot tolerate any one. also it gives wrinkles— what is the solution for this- which brand is best for skin– i am in india

  24. Jomol u may be using lot of product…i bought this somedays back n i think the best to apply it is jus press ur ring finger and let the pigment transfer on ur finger n pat it slowly slowly on face..this takes time but gives awesome coverage without whitish look…try it..i found this trick on youtube by lovenector13…

  25. I have to disagree, unfortunately! Although it did not match my MAC Studio Fix Foundation quality, it is STILL a good product for the price that if offers. The product was being targeted at those with a rather healthy skin. I used the caramel one and it did not provide full coverage but I am still happy with it! It makes it hard for people to notice that I’m covered in foundation. LOL!!! It does not transfer too! 😀 This is my kind of product for daily use! If the right shade is chosen next time, I believe that you will enjoy the product! 🙂

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