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Mahi Asks:

I have recently started using bleach on my face for the fine hair and so on. I accidentally bleached my little parts of my hairline too, and left the bleach on for more than 20 minutes (which it suggested for fair skin), but it made my hairline light brown or golden! I know that the fine hair on my face starts showing up in a month or so…is there any way to expedite this process or undo it for my hairline? I wish i had been more careful…but I never realized this would happen…it never happened before!

And also, have you have that experience? And if so…how long did your hairline take to get its natural hair color? I know that skin bleaches are not as strong as hair bleaches so I hope it goes away…but any suggestions would be welcome!

It is not a big deal, but I feel weird about it sometimes…just happened two days ago!

Thanks guys!


5 thoughts on “How to Darken Bleached Hair : Ask IMBB

  1. hehehe rima i ahd tried dat in whn i was in school, in a desperate attempt to make my ahir look brown since we werent allowed to colour our hair… 😛
    fortunately it had worked just fine for me 😉

    @mahi.. soometies this happns with me too.. so il wait for others’ answers…just out of curiosity… generaly i just leave them like dat…in abt two weeks theyr just fine :))

  2. probably try coloring your hair temporary(like when u got to go out) with a waterproof mascara( a shade close to ur hair color)…

    i bleach my face 2 and the same thing happens…i think it looks kewl…probably u should have few strands of hair streaked to the same color so it doesnt look odd 🙂

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