How to make your eyeliner last all day long

How to make your eyeliner last all day long

Hey everyone !

Today I will be giving little tip on how to make your eyeliner last all day long. I’m talking about the eyeliner that goes on your water line (the little flap of skin right above your lashes).A lot of people like the effect when you actually line that instead of lining your lower lashes, the only PROBLEM is that, a lot of people say that , right when they finish doing it, they can already see it smudging off and dissapearing. And that is because your lining it some where that your body naturally produces a lot of moisture. So its really really easy to make it last all day.

kajal waterline
kajal waterline

This is great if you are a working and you are out all day, and you don’t have time to touch up your eye liner. Or if you are going out at night and you don’t want to carry your eyeliner and spend time touching it up, you just want have fun with your friends.
I hope this review will be useful for you. Keep in mind you don’t have to do it every single day or time, it can be done on the days you don’t have time to touch up your eyeliner . It’s been litteraly impossible for me to find an eyeliner like that because my eyeliner smudges or sometimes it can itch.. So I just tried this trick 1s and trust me I do it everyday its super cool, I love doing it everyday, you don’t have to do it everyday because it looks dramatic and it stays longer. My eyes don’t itch or my eyeliner never smudges, I will post pictures of my eyes with this trick .. after 19 hours of work also. So I hope you all will like it.

1. The first thing your going to do is dry of your water line.  Now obviously through out the day your body is going to produce moisture in the eye but if you go ahead and start drying it off. Its is going take a lot longer for your eyeliner to wash off. Now first you would take a cotton swab or Q tips . I like using a cotton swab that has very less cotton in it because if I use the 1 with more cotton swab it might touch your eye lens and you would have cotton in your eyes. So what you do is you run the Q tip on your water line until it soaks up all the moisture, flip it around n do the other eye as well. You allowed to skip this step but it really helps the eyeliner last a lot longer.

prevent eyeliner from smudging

2. Next I am going to use a gel eye liner anything that you have. I’ll be using MAC fluidline. You can use the pencil liner if you like. But what I love about the gel liner is that they are water proof and they do stay on longer, and I took the MAC 263 angle brush , you can use whatever type of brush you are comfortable in using.

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

MAC 263 brush
MAC 263 brush

I will take a little bit of this product and I will apply it straight into my water line. You might have to do this twice (2 times on both eyes).

liner on waterline
liner on waterline

3. The last step is to take a powdered eyeshadow of the same colour that your eyeliner is was in. So I took the NYX eyeshadow in black and the same MAC 263 angel brush. You have to get a little bit of powder on to this brush and pad it in on to the liner.

Black eye shadow
Black eye shadow

4. Putting the powder on over top of the actual liner its not only going 2 make the colour more intense but its going make it darker and brighter.

When your eyes start producing the moisture, its going to hit the powder 1st, so the powder is going to absorb some of the moisture and that way your eyeliner will last a lot longer.

So I really hope that this helps some of you. Make sure if you try this out you leave me a comment below, if it works for you or not, because this definitely worked for me.


16 thoughts on “How to make your eyeliner last all day long

  1. I find that applying eyeshadow on the lower lashline instead of the waterline is better. The eyeshadow holds the kajal in place and prevents smudging.

    1. Hmmm same here, I always put it on the lower lashline. I’m going to try this with gel eyeliner though, it may ‘stick’ better!
      Nice article Shugraa :))

  2. This is a great tip :yes: However I dont think it will work for me since I have extreme watery eyes so the moment i would dry my waterline the moisture would again get produced within seconds 🙁

  3. Is it safe to use gel liner and eye shadow on waterline? ?:-) ?:-) I only use herbal kajal and nothing else… But your eyes look really pretty 🙂

  4. It didnt cause any damage to my eyes i v been doing this for the past 8 months now…. :laugh:

    it actually depends bcoz most of the tym living in a country where the humidity is high… eyeshadow on d lower lash line drips….and smudges.. :laugh:

    @ insiya : i thought the same thing .. bcoz i have very watery eyes. but wat happens is after u pat eyeshadow .. the water is absorbed by d shadow .. so it doesnt smudge…. :-))

    @ meenal : tanx 😀 .. i think its safe bcoz i wear contacts too and its not harmed me as yet

  5. 🙂 Shugraa Shugraa Many Many Thanks :yes: …. I too face the same problem of my kajal/eyepencil fading away very soon, i mean within minutes. I will try your tip of drying out the waterline first and apply kajal

  6. hi…nice tip….i apply gel liner to my water line…and it satys longer on its own……….i dont feel the need of using an eyeshadow……….

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