Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation, Fenty Beauty , Zoeva First Impressions, 6 Makeup Looks

Skin Type : Normal to Dry
Skin Tone : Olive Medium Fair / MAC NC 35

Hi Everyone, 🙂
I posted 6 makeup looks in one day yesterday on my instagram. I recently got some new products and honestly,I could not wait to try just about everything out. So I did and I did not know where to stop. 😀 Honestly, it almost feels like a dream that I could get hold of these products so quickly. 🙂 Let me know which is your favourite makeup look in comments below. All the makeup looks are named by you guys. 🙂

I am writing first impressions of some of the key products I used in the looks. Since my Huda Beauty Foundation is not the best match, I tried it alone one day and then mixed it with other foundations to get the right match while doing the looks. I mixed beautifully with the other two foundations I used it with in the looks below.  I hope you enjoy reading the post and find some inspiration in the looks I created. 🙂

First Impressions

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation:
I picked up the shade Brown Sugar. It’s a shade way too dark for me but I loooved the golden undertone of the color. It’s the kind of color I was in lookout for to mix it with my other foundations. My skin tone keeps changing with seasons and travel etc so even though I pick up close match of foundations, my skin ends up having a mind of its its own and then I feel stuck. That said I loooved the shade.
It is a super full coverage foundation. That means if you are going for a foundation that is invisible on the skin, this is not the one for you. You can see the foundation on the skin but it gives the most flawless looking finish. The foundation is quite thick. A little goes a long way. You have to work quickly with it because it tends to set fast. Love the gorgeous square packaging. Love that it comes in 30 shades. And it photographs like a bomb- flawless. Honestly, this foundation is very true to the Huda Beauty aesthetics. I mean I personally would not expect a sheer luminous foundation from the brand. The finish is semi matte. The foundation feels a bit tacky when it goes on fresh but once your powder and rest of the makeup is on, it feels alright. I haven’t tested for the longetivity yet.
Now the BIGGEST Drawback for me personally is the scent. It is a heavily scented foundation. It almost smells like a strong jasmine kind of a fragrance to me. Every time I have used the foundation, I wanted to get over the whole foundation process quick because it is so scented. The scents lingers on for a long time and is very over powering. It has not broken me out but people can be quite sensitive to the fragrance. Also, if you are a makeup artist and you plan on using the foundation on your clients, definitely keep this thing in mind. I’d say it is a gorrrrgeous foundation and checks all the points but I can’t get over the fragrance. I am definitely going to use this foundation mostly for the color and how it photographs but in long run, I hope they reformulate the product without the fragrance.

Huda Beauty Primer : Love the tube cum pump packaging. I think it is very thoughtful. The primer is white in color but goes on transparent. It feels a bit sticky but gives a nice base to the foundation to hold on to the skin well. The primer also has the same strong fragrance as the foundation. And both foundation and primer combined, it gets too much for me atleast. if you can get past the scent, I’d say pick up a few shades of foundation for your kit. You can really skip the primer.

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette : It’s a limited edition palette and honestly, I only got it because Jomol just would not give up. :p And I am soooooo glad I got it. Every single color in the palette is gorgeous. It is a shimmery eyeshadow palette. The packaging is stunning. the colors are pigmented. It does have a bit of fall ojut but with glitter shadows it is always good to do eye makeup first. I used it both wet ( with MAC Fix+ on a brush) and dry and it has been a delight to use this palette. It is very comparable to the Urabn Decay Moondust Palette but the eyeshadows in Fenty Palette are more pigmented and saturated compared to the ones in UD palette. if you can get hold of it, you would not regret it. It’s an evening/ party/ bridal makeup delight.

Fenty Beauty Matte Matchstick Truffle, Ridiiic , Yacht Life : OBSESSED is the word. I loovvvveeed the gorgeous beige packaging. They are magnetic and stick on to each other. it’s almost like a play. 😀 I picked up Trufffle for contouring, which an amazingly deep brown color and works great for my skin tone. Blends like a dream.  Ridiiic is a bright coraly orangey color and looks like a fresh flush on the cheeks. Yacht Life reminds me of the cream version of NARS O blush. You can double it up as a highlighter/ One thing I noticed was that if you use the sticks directly esp the two blushes, it tends to move the foundation underneath. What I do is, I just pat the blush on cheeks and blend it with finger tips rather than dragging the stick all across. Blended like a dream.  I loooved how my cheeks looked  in the Red makeup look.All the 3 shades I picked up are great for medium skin tones. You can explore some more product reviews of Fenty Beauty HERE

Zoeva Matte Spectrum Palette and Naturally Yours Palette : One of my favourite additions to the collection. They are buttery soft. The colors in both the palettes are something you would use tirelessly and never get bored of. These palettes have quite a bit of fall out but considering how gorgeously pigmented and true to the pan shades are, you almost want to forgive any drawback. They blend like a dream. Some of the colors esp in matte spectrum palette are sooo unique. Highly recommend these.

Zoeva Matte Palette is reviewed HERE
1. The Azure Seduction by riding.on.rocky.rainbows
huda beauty foundation indian skin
La Mer foundation + Huda Beauty Foundation
Huda Beauty Primer
NARS pencil Curacao
Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette eyeshadow midnight bolt
Too face better than sex mascara
MUFE HD Concealer
YSL Loose Powder
Charlotte tilbury lipstick amazing grace
Maybelline Color jolt matte intense lip paint show off nude
Burberry gloss
Fenty Moon highlighter
Fenty Beauty Matte Matchstick Truffle
Gucci Bronzer
MAC Blush pinch o peach
Too Faced Better Than S*x Mascara Waterproof
2. Red Hot chill Pepper By Deena6622 🌶
red makeup fenty beauty

Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation + Huda Beauty Foundation
Nars Creamy Concealer
Fenty Beauty Truffle, riddiiic, yacht lyfe
charlotte tilbury lip pencil kiss n tell
dior liquid lipstick 999 matte
Mac red pigment
Zoeva naturally yours palette casual elegance, sweet sound, soft sexy
3. After Sunset By Mumbai2melbourne
huda beauty foundation first impressions

La Mer foundation + Huda Beauty Foundation
Huda Beauty Primer
Zoeva Matte Spectrum palette mt 070, mt080, mt 060, mt050, mt040
The balm Mary loumanizer
Lips – maybelline plum perfect, orange shot
4. Midnight Soiree by Order_of_chaos💙
blue smoke eyes fenty galaxy palette

La Mer foundation + Huda Beauty Foundation
Huda Beauty Primer
Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette Lightyear, midnight bolt, mars on fire inner corner
Mac blush pinch o peach + well dressed
Dior liquid lipstick 334 vibrant metal
5. La vie en rose by Ywnehcor
Giorgio Armani designer lift + Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation
Nars Matte Concealer
Fenty Beauty Matchstix Truffle, Riddiiic, Yacht lyfe
Zoeva naturally yours palette casual elegance, sweet sound, soft sexy
MAC blush dolly mix
Maybelline liner glossy emerald
Zoeva naturally yours palette sweet sound
Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette eyeshadows Sublime, Milky way
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner Midnight Cowboy
Sugar Cosmetics Lipstick Dial M for Magenta

6. Mermaid Kisses and starfish Wishes by Pratibha0713
purple blue eye makeup
Giorgio Armani designer lift + Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation
Nars Matte Concealer
Fenty Beauty Matchstix Truffle, Riddiiic, Yacht lyfe
Zoeva naturally yours palette casual elegance, sweet sound, soft sexy
MUFE Waterproof eyeshadow i90
MUFE Star powder 90954
Urban Decay Glitter Eyeshadow
Maybelline Color jolt Lipstick baby mauve
Vaseline for glow


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  1. Wow All looks are so different and so beautifully created. You look absolutely Gorgeous. Some of them are so beautifully named by your Instagram followers. My favourite is la vie en rose and mermaid kisses and starfish wishes. Love all your looks, by adore the last two.

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