IMBB Sunday Bazaar – December 18, 2011 – Part II



Rules for Buyers

1. Sale for any product would be on a first-come-first-serve basis through the comments section. If someone is interested in a product she can still bid for it even if it has been already bid for by someone else. So we can have bidder 1, bidder 2, bidder 3 etc. for some product. The chance to buy that product first will go to bidder 1; if bidder 1 does not respond bidder 2 would be given a chance to buy the product, and so on.

2. Please be sure before making a bid for the product. If you have made a bid for the product, please stand by your words and buy the product you have bid for. If you make the first bid for the product and then change your mind or fail to transfer the money after the sale is over, we would request you not to participate in our future Sunday Bazaars sales. If sellers are taking pains to showcase their products for you, it is also your moral duty to be an ideal buyer.

3. You have to confirm that you are purchasing a product of a seller by emailing the seller within 24 hours. Also, you need to transfer the amount in the seller’s account within 48 hours of receiving the seller’s bank account details. In case of a lack of confirmation or a lack of transfer of funds in the seller’s account, the seller has a right to offer the product to the next bidder.

4. If you have transfered the amount in the seller’s account, you cannot cancel your order with the seller. Also, you cannot return the product once it reaches you. In case you have issues about a product once it reaches you, please contact us and we shall provide you the seller’s contact details. Please note that you are buying the products at your own risk and the seller is not liable to refund your money. However, you are free to discuss your concerns with the seller.

Seller : Asvita

Shipping charges in and around NCR region – Rs. 40. Shipping elsewhere will be Rs. 60.

This slidehow includes : FE Facial Ubtan (SOLD), The Body Shop green kajal, TBS cranberry lotion, oriflame manicure kit, NYX gloss palette (SOLD), NYX lip laquer, inglot lip pot, maybelline eyeshadow palette, faces sparkle dust, Bourjois single eyeshadow (SOLD)

[portfolio_slideshow include=”74592,74593,74594,74595,74596,74597,74598,74599,74600,74601,74602,74603,74604,74605,74606,74607,74608,74609,74610,74611,74612,74613,74614,74615 “]

Seller : MJ

  • Please mail at [email protected] within 24 hours of bidding.
  • In case more than one bidders, all bidders need to mail me.
  • Shipping Charges: Delhi- Rs 40, Rest of India- Rs 65.
This slideshow includes : Faces black eyeshadow(SOLD), oriflame day out cream, 5 piece brush set(SOLD), faces eyeshadow palette (SOLD), oriflame red lipstick, oriflame coral lipstick (SOLD), colorbar foundation, techno blush duo (SOLD), faces gold eyeshadow, ebay 88 palette(SOLD), kabuki brush (SOLD), red bag, black bag, key necklace (SOLD), ring necklace, makeup pouch, faces mascara

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59 thoughts on “IMBB Sunday Bazaar – December 18, 2011 – Part II

    1. Me too:) m quite amazed to see this kind of simple n easy bazzar…
      Congrats to RATI n many other active members on IMBB :pompom:

  1. MJ,

    will dark beige suit dark skin tones? I have no idea on foundations so trusting you guys for the best advice. My skin tone is wheatish but slightly on the dark side. So what do you say?

  2. I want to know which shade no. is the bourjois eye shadow from the seller aswita?? Also tell me the expiry date of the same pls.


  3. Yes:) here it goes:
    1. angelnaz24: Kabuki Brush
    2. KrazzyKi: Oriflame coral lipstick and ebay 88 palette.
    3. Shilpika: River Island Key necklace
    4. Aruna: Faces eyeshadow palette & Techno blusher duo

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