IMBB Sunday Bazaar, 25th March, 2012

Rules for Buyers

1. Sale for any product would be on a first-come-first-serve basis through the comments section. If someone is interested in a product she can still bid for it even if it has been already bid for by someone else. So we can have bidder 1, bidder 2, bidder 3 etc. for some product. The chance to buy that product first will go to bidder 1; if bidder 1 does not respond bidder 2 would be given a chance to buy the product, and so on.

2. Please be sure before making a bid for the product. If you have made a bid for the product, please stand by your words and buy the product you have bid for. If you make the first bid for the product and then change your mind or fail to transfer the money after the sale is over, we would request you not to participate in our future Sunday Bazaars sales. If sellers are taking pains to showcase their products for you, it is also your moral duty to be an ideal buyer.

3. You have to confirm that you are purchasing a product of a seller by emailing the seller within 24 hours. Also, you need to transfer the amount in the seller’s account within 48 hours of receiving the seller’s bank account details. In case of a lack of confirmation or a lack of transfer of funds in the seller’s account, the seller has a right to offer the product to the next bidder.

4. If you have transfered the amount in the seller’s account, you cannot cancel your order with the seller. Also, you cannot return the product once it reaches you. In case you have issues about a product once it reaches you, please contact us and we shall provide you the seller’s contact details. Please note that you are buying the products at your own risk and the seller is not liable to refund your money. However, you are free to discuss your concerns with the seller.

SELLER- Ritika

my email id:
~1)Shipping charges are rs.35 for Delhi/NCR, rs.40 for other states.
~2) All products are almost new and will be sanitised before sending.

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Courier in Delhi Rs. 50

Outside Delhi- Rs. 80

Free gift if the purchase is made over Rs. 699.

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SELLER Nitika :

The bidders should email me on:
I will only accept online transfers, cash transfers will be Rs. 100 extra (that is what the bank charges me).

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56 thoughts on “IMBB Sunday Bazaar, 25th March, 2012

  1. actually interested in a few but the problem is money transfer.icici and sbi are the ponly ones near me :yikes: :yikes:

    1. i hadalready jomo..actually i live in this dreaded city oF ALLAHABAD WHICH DOESN’T HAVE MANY BANKS AND I HAVE A HDFC ACC ONLY AND I KNOW the location of SBI AND ICICI only;(

          1. he he……..I know its quite scary fahee….initially I was really wary….but now, its become an addiction to get things online through NEFT transactions :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:

    1. mail me wat all u are interested in buying and then i will give u my acc details..u hv to transfer the amount in that and then i will courier the stuff to you…

      1. i read on imbb he was ill…… 😥 😥 good 2 hear he is doin good now :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: give him a :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: from me

  2. yes, Kalyani…you can first contact her with the items that you want to buy and then you can get her account details, etc.

  3. Hi all the pretty ladies

    The straighting iron is from Black and Decker-1 yr old
    Krylon’s derma Fixing powder is p5 for wheatish skin
    Krylon’s Derma fixinf powder is P2 for fair skin ( the picture is the same)
    Courir charges for other states-50 to 80 (depending upon the distance)
    All products are new,all will be santised

    Thanks :makeup:

  4. Hi Ritika… just sending you an email … please revert if u can… So upset … Wotever I had listed down all are sold .. sob sob!! :waaa: :waaa:
    Neway sending u the list in case anybody does back out do lemme know.. plus I had some queries too – if u could answer!

  5. Hi Ritika,

    Please let me know if these are available, post which I shall confirm the order…..
    Oriflame power shine lip gloss (both)
    Oriflame Smokey collection (Black)
    Giordani Gold Mineral Foundation
    oriflame Bronzing Pearls
    Oriflame baked eyeshadow in Cashmere brown and Rich Mauve…

    Warm Regards,
    Amrita Sinha

  6. Hi Babita, you can go to and upload an image for a particular email id that you intend using here while commenting….that image will come up whenever you comment O:)

  7. Hi jomol,

    Please note-Nivea Daily essentials and nivea cleanser and toner-sold out,i got a mail from Deepa

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