Inglot Eyeshadow Refill 395 Pearl Review, Swatch

Inglot Eyeshadow Refill 395 Pearl

I have never looked back since I got my first Inglot eyeshadow refill, I realized what I was using till then *rofl* no wonder that’s why my eye makeup never looked that great even after trying so hard *cry* Today I am reviewing 395 Pearl eyeshadow refill which has a permanent place in my staple eye makeup, read on further to know how?

Product Description:

Freedom System Eye Shadow Square Refill 2.7 g/0.09 US OZ


Price and Quantity:

INR 400 for 2.7 g/0.09 US OZ


These shadow refills come in individual packs of small card-board boxes with a little leaflet about the product details and ingredients. The shadow comes in an individual plastic bubble wrap kind of secure packaging, since I order online as I have no stores in my city the come in seal lock plastic wraps and they are double wrapped in bubble wrap…that ensure no damage in transit. Trust me I have 20+ eyeshadow refills from Inglot all were bought online and not a single was damaged till date, so I am mighty impressed.



My Experience with Inglot 395 eyeshadow refill:

I am quite into eye-makeup since my college days and over the years I have been able to refine some of the flaws I used to make then *hihi* but as a college student the budget was low as well and there were not enough good options for makeup brands. I am glad there are so many different global brands offering incredible products of course at a premium price Inglot is one of them.


This refill from Inglot 395 P is a pearly beige shade as the name suggests it belongs to the pearl family of refills from Inglot collection. The shade looks very luminescent and works really well in all kinds of looks as I mostly use it as a highlighter for my brow bone. The shade looks more whitish pearl on application that really make the eyes pop.


I has some misses in Inglot on the pigmentation sector but this one is a clear winner as one swipe deposits more than enough color. This shade can be built up for more opacity and contrasting looks.


Its butter texture and super light, smooth and silky. There is no flakiness even after layering it and blends seamlessly.

Staying power:

I have worn it for 6 hours at max and have noticed that it wears off faster during summers but stays put during winters as my skin tends to get a bit sticky during summers. There is minimal fading after 3 hours and since I use Duraline as my eye makeup base it lasts even longer *happy dance*

Overall experience:

I am very happy with this product as this gives my eye makeup the finishing touch of highlighting and never looks OTT. The soft texture is great for blending and application. I believe Inglot makes some of the most wonderful eyeshadow and they really deliver I couldn’t have asked for more…I am really glad I got this you just need a good place to secure them.

Pros of Inglot 395 eyeshadow refill:

1. Soft and light texture.
2. Great pigmentation.
3. Paraben free.
4. Cruelty free.
5. Insane number of shades available.
6. Huge amount of product.


Cons of Inglot 395 eyeshadow refill:

1. Individual refills need a home… so you need to get them one.

IMBB Rating:


Would I buy/ recommend Inglot Eyeshadow Refill 395 Pearl?

Yes, I would as I can’t do without this on my brow bone *hihi* everyone should have this in their makeup boxes.

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