Inglot Lipstick 105- Swatches and Photos

Rima has sent swatches of the Inglot lipstick that she bought from Select City Walk. 🙂 The shade is Inglot 105.

Inglot Lipstick 105
Inglot Lipstick 105

Inglot Lipstick 105
Inglot Lipstick 105

The price of this lipstick is Rs 550. You may also read  Inglot Lipstick review.

Thank you, Rima. 🙂


26 thoughts on “Inglot Lipstick 105- Swatches and Photos

  1. finally found the perfect coral! i really wanted vegas volt from mac, but you know how that turned out to be! too bright! i hope this post helps those who wanted to see the shade. :beauty:

  2. oooooh…. Sexxxxxxxxyyyy… looks absolutely ravishing.. Glad you found your perfect coral… Congos.. :-* :-*

  3. thx Rima, I was wanting to see the shade, looks really nice on you (at least on ur lips from what we saw),

  4. Gorgeous! Suits u very well Rima.
    Oh I’m now reminded of my squished-top Inglot lipstick 🙁 (I closed it while the lippie was still out!!! Bad. Bad girl!)


  5. Ooh….It looks perfect on you Rima..

    Rati : As you mentioned, it is as if the shade was made for her…

    I am also on the look out for a good coral..Maybe Inglot will help

    1. oh yes, we tried a lippy at MAC but the shade was so-so and as soon as she tried this lipstick, it suited her so well. It was an instant yes! 🙂

  6. nice choice rima. the one i was thinking to buy for u was not tht good. lucky i didnt purchase it kuch dollar bach gaye… nice shade n yeah nice lips :inlove:

  7. Hey all
    Even I have inglot lipstick …shade no 206. It is creamy one and wid the same black packing. I love this shade very much n it stay for 5-6 hours (on Me :p ) what else u want

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