Inglot Makeup Brush 27TG Review

I love makeup brushes; they make the makeup routine easier and fun. But they do come with their share of problems and the most important being availability of good brushes in India. Surprisingly the problem still persists. Even though some companies have makeup brushes, they are either super expensive or they are not easily available. Inglot has some good ones but they are expensive. I got this synthetic duo fiber brush from Inglot a while ago and here are my thoughts on the same.
inglot makeup brush 27TG

Price – Rs 2200/-
Product Description:
Inglot Makeup Brush 27TG is also known as stippling brush gives wonderful result for foundation application.
• It helps foundation spread all over the face evenly.
• Can be used for pressed powder, bronzing powder and foundations.
• A thick size handle gives perfect grip for superior hold.
• Soft, dense bristles helps to spread powder on your face and neck comfortably.
Additional Information : Founded over 30 years ago in a small town of Przemyśl, Inglot Cosmetics is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers in colour cosmetics. Inglot Makeup Brush 27TG is a must have in your makeup kit.
name on handle

My Experience with Inglot Makeup Brush 27TG:

I love duo-fiber stippling brushes; they have something very satisfying about the way they look and perform. I don’t know if it is just me but if you use duo-fiber brushes, you will agree with me on this. This brush by Inglot was on my wish-list since a long time as I wanted a synthetic duo fiber brush for liquid foundation mainly.
duo fibre bristles

I have been using this for quite some time, mostly for liquid foundation and blush. I have to say I am impressed. It really does the job well without any irritation or poking whatsoever. The bristles are very soft and hence you can really work with it to reach the corners for even application of foundation. For application of blush, I like the diffused look it gives; highly recommended for the blushes that tend to go overboard very easily.

The bristles do shed a bit every now and then but nothing alarming. On deep cleaning it lost a few strands which is quite normal in my opinion. There is a slight problem regarding the cleaning of the brush, without the MAC brush cleanser, it refuses to get rid of all the pigments that it picks; so while cleaning, patience is the key.

Pros of Inglot Makeup Brush 27TG:

• Sturdy body.
• Perfect size.
• Great quality of bristles.
• Does not poke at all.
• Good for both foundation and blush.
soft bristles

Cons of Inglot Makeup Brush 27TG:

• Very expensive.
• Bit of shedding every not and then.

IMBB Rating – 4.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Inglot Makeup Brush 27TG?
Repurchase – only if it wears out completely.
Recommend – yes, definitely!

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  1. totally love inglot brushes. I havent picked anything from the brand in a while. gotta give it a go. loved the review and usual. 🙂

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