Inglot Refill Lipstick #36 Review

Inglot Refill Lipstick #36

Hello beautiful ladies,

After reading so many reviews for inglot lipstick refills, I wanted to get them, but I wanted to make a 5 lipstick palette which required an empty palette and 5 refills. Getting all of these in one go was costly, so I always resisted. I finally got a chance to buy them during this sale season when the prices of these refills were slashed down online. The palette was also on discount, so I ordered a palette of 5 with 5 different shades of lipsticks. I was excited to get my complete palette. But one day I got a call from the site, that 2 of the shades I ordered are out of stock and hence they will be shipping only 3 shades with the palette. One of the shades I ordered is shade no. 36, which I will review today.

Inglot Refill Lipstick 36
Product quantity: 1.2 g

Price: INR 300 but as it was on discount I got it for INR 210


The refill comes in a little plastic pack with a flip kind of packaging; it makes it easier to store the refill even without the palette. Back of the refill contains a sticker which mentions the number of the shade.


Nothing is mentioned about the ingredients except the fact that they are paraben free.

Inglot refill lipstick shade 36 (3)

Product Description:

• Paraben free formula
• Not tested on animals

My take on Inglot refill lipstick:

36 is a shade of pink, with a blue undertone to it, the shade is actually kind of lavender pink. I am a huge fan of pink lips and so decided to get at least 2 pinks, but some others that I liked were either sold out or was not a part of the sale, so I just got this one. Inglot is one of my recent favorites, I have tried some eye shadows from them and I love them, and that’s exactly how I feel about these refills. Like everyone, even I am impressed by the way they glide on the lips. They have amazingly smooth texture. Shade no. 36 is amazingly pigmented and my lips pop out even by a single swipe. To avoid getting so much color on my lips, I sometimes use my finger to spread it further. The shade is shimmer free and so can easily be applied during day time. It does have a decent staying power and easily stays for 3-4 hours without meals. After having snacks, majority of the lipstick is gone. Everything is good about these lipsticks but I personally didn’t like the way this color looked on me. It made me look dark and it’s a very weird kind of shade.

Inglot refill lipstick shade 36 (5)

The company claims that the formula is not tested on animals and it is paraben free, both of which are an added advantage. Being paraben free assures me that it will not harm me, and as it is not tested on animals, it did not harm any animal either. The only doubts I have about this shade is that I am not sure that it can suit every skin tone and also I don’t think that it is an easy shade to carry.

Inglot refill lipstick shade 36 (4)

Pros of inglot freedom sytem lipstick:

• Creamy texture
• Does not dry lips
• Amazing color selection
• Smooth to apply
• Super pigmentation
• Good staying power
• Paraben free
• Not tested on animals

Cons of Inglot freedom system lipstick:

• No names, only numbers for the colors.
• I don’t think that it will look good on everyone.
• I didn’t like the way it looked on me.

Inglot refill lipstick shade 36 (1)

Would I buy Inglot freedom system lipstick again?

I have to complete my palette, and for that I need 2 more shades. So I will buy two more for my palette and then I would think of making another palette.

Do I recommend Inglot freedom system lipstick?

Yes definitely. Its inglot and the quality is completely worth the price…but please buy this color only if you can carry weird lip shades.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 I love the texture and everything else, but what’s the use if I don’t like the color on me.

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22 thoughts on “Inglot Refill Lipstick #36 Review

  1. *nababana* these are the some of the risk of shopping shades online *smack* as you can’t see swatches, but you can mix it with some deep shade and create your own *preen*

    1. i know parmita *cry* ….anyways it was a disastrous product, but i will try my best to make it work somehow….even i am thinking of mixing it with some other color to make it look better *ghost*

  2. Nooo… *nababana* on most of us it would look like the white paint that Australian cricketers apply on their lips… 😛 rofl

    1. Yea You’re Super True Do Not Miss Mitchell Starc Who uses it on his nose rofl rofl rofl 😛 You Too Cricket Fan 😀 *hihi*

    1. hmm i can understand your feelings surbhi….but after using this i didn’t want others to do the same mistake that i did and so i thought that it is important to review this *haan ji*

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