Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint 101 Review

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I am excited to be back with another product from ‘Inglot’. Today’s review will be on Inglot’s Sleeks Cream Lip Paint 101, a shade I was curious about.

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint 101 Review

Price: 750 INR for 5.5 ml

Product Description:
A beautiful lip product presented in packaging resembling a test tube as a nod to the company’s passion for science. Vitamin E and rich emollients moisturize your lips while a long lasting formula ensures longevity. Creamy texture is frost and glitter free, perfect for colour with a glossy yet flat texture.


My Experience with Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint 101:

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint 101 Review packaging

Well, to begin with I have been meaning to buy this sweet peach shade from Inglot’s sleeks cream lip paint range after my previous pleasant experience. But it totally slipped my head. I finally got a chance to add it to my cart while doing my other online purchases.


Packaging: The packaging is the same old eye-catchy test tube packaging that I am finally calm about 😛 For the first-time readers, to go over the Sleeks Cream range packaging is geeky. To go into the specifics, it is a thoughtful cylindrical tube that is test-tube like that is very travel friendly and easy to carry around. The plastic tube is simply weightless through which you can see the actual color of the lip paint which is cool and so the black cap. You got a regular sleek lovely doe-foot applicator that picks the right amount of product, so the application part is also easy. The only sad part about Inglot’s products is ‘no names’ baby! If it is your first time with this lip paint, you are bound to get excited. At least I got excited. As far as the specifications, the tube and the outside cardboard black box has it all, so no worries.


Color: Now moving on to the color, it is not a daring peach but a soft wash of creamy peach color giving mild pink undertones to your lips. The final color that you see depends on the lighting condition. Anyhow, I would highly recommend this color to anyone who prefers a mild creamy gloss or a smooth tinted balm. In that case, it would definitely turn out to be a ‘happy purchase’ for you. I am really happy with the color so far although it does reveal a bit of the pigmented portion. You can always use it with a lip liner for a better finish.


Texture and consistency: This paint hydrates the lips like it claims but with time when you press your lips together, you can feel that it is all gone and you might even mistake it for being a tad bit sticky.
The lip paint is smooth and creamy in consistency but does require more than a single dip of the product to fully do your lips. The overall feel of the product is comparatively light, not feather light, but it feels comfortable to wear.

Coverage: Lighter colors like this peach shade offer a medium coverage but I would not recommend this shade unless you are certain about just a wash of peachy pink for your lips. The lip paint makes lip lines obvious and if you got pigmented lips, it is definitely not flattering to look at. Bolder colors are definitely better as far this area goes.


Staying power: The staying power of this lip paint is not very impressive. It lasts a drink; at the max it stays on until a snack and if your next question is going to be about it leaving a pretty stain, then no, nothing of that sort with this color. To increase the life of this paint, pair it up with a lipstick or a lipliner.

Last but not the least, the fragrance is yummy, like you have licked a delicious cup cake!

Pros of Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint 101:

• Thoughtful, eye-catchy user-friendly packaging.
• It carries a mild chocolate cup cake fragrance.
• It has a sleek doe-foot applicator that helps impart a good finish and does not allow any room for mess.
• It is a mild, peach creamy lip color with soft pink undertones.
• It is creamy and glitter free that is smooth just like it claims to be.
• It offers medium coverage to lips.
• It does not heavily transfer although it is not entirely transfer or kiss proof.
• It does not bleed or dry out the lips.
• It contains vitamin E and does give the smooth wet feeling to the lips.
• In case you have missed your lip balm/lipstick, this is an immediate go-to alternative.

Cons of Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint 101:

• Availability in India.
• Mediocre to low staying power – it lasts a drink and snack (depending on the color and what you pair it up with).
• Pricey.
• Not a wise lip paint color for pigmented lips.
• Would give a washed out look to fair-complexioned beauties.

IMBB Rating: 4.7/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint 101?
Yes, I would repurchase this peach paint but only when I am done with all the ones in my kitty. But if you need a nice wash of neutral peach color for your lips, then I recommend this cute tube.

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