Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review

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Hope you all had a pleasant weekend. I am strictly on a lip product shopping spree involving cute pinks and reds. I cannot wait to share my experience and today’s review is on Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint in 108. Read to know more about this cuteness personified pink.

Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review3

Product Description:
A beautiful lip product presented in packaging resembling a test tube as a nod to the company’s passion for science. Vitamin E and rich emollients moisturize your lips while a long lasting formula ensures longevity. Creamy texture is frost and glitter free, perfect for colour with a glossy yet flat texture.

Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review

USD 12/10 euros/INR 750  for 5.5 ml/ 0.18 US FL OZ

Shelf Life:
3 years and 12 months after product usage

My Experience with Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint:

The journey with Inglot has been incredible so far and I am coming to love them more with every passing day. I look forward to reviewing all of their products soon, that I have purchased. Coming to the ‘Sleeks Cream Lip Paint’ from Inglot, it was a product that was a dream come true for me. I used to be a little uncertain and hesitant about the concept of lip paints, liquid lipsticks, lip lacquers, glazes etc. Being myself (never hesitant to experiment) I finally got something that I like with all my heart.

Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review1

The claim by ‘Inglot’ is true and this product is the proof of the pudding. It comes in a sleek, test tube design that is highly purse friendly but this one does not have a name. It is just ‘108’. Now that is the company’s passion for science. It took me back to lab classes where you would stick the labels on your test tubes. But, I personally prefer names, for it makes it easy to be able to recall, remember and relate (the three R’s) and the personal bond that you share with your products becomes naturally stronger. ‘Desert Rose’, ‘Hooked on Pink’ and ‘Tea Break’ were the ones I suddenly could remember now.

Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review2

A name is also easy to refer to your friends or if someone compliments you, the beautiful names that the product carries can make you a wee bit happier to say it out loud than a plain 108. Also, this adorable pink beauty deserves a name like ‘Candy Crush Saga’. No, I am not into candy crush and I am the diehard Twilight Saga fan. *smiles*. Sometimes a name is more than just a name so with that said, case made in point. I am going to now make peace with that but since I mentioned it in the con, the long story. (smiles). As much as I appreciate science and beauty, my passion thinks it is only fair that both ends meet.

Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review4

Now moving onto the best texture that you can expect from a lip paint, this one does not fail to impart a light-weight, glitter free, smooth, creamy finish. It is light on the lips compared to the ‘Inglot’s AMC Lip Paint’ and the applicator, nothing extraordinary but no complaints, only that it requires you to dip it in at least 3-4 times for a good finish. The color is to die for, a cute Barbie, candy, disneyland pink which is not too girly and pink lovers will love it an ounce more. It brightens up your face immediately. It highlights your face and can be perfect for parties especially with your girls.

Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review5

Saving the best for the last, yes it has a mild chocolate cupcake fragrance to it that is just perfect. Not overpowering, but delicious although I do not lick but I tend to take in a good whiff of my products. So, I love yummy flavor it comes in. Although, the staying power is mediocre, it does not bleed or transfer heavily and since it is glitter free, it just leaves a cushiony pink color behind. There is no room for drying. To sum up, personally, I have no complaints as far as this product goes except for the availability and yes Inglot’s products are a little bit pricey on a comparative basis but completely worth every dollar and dime.

Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review7

Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review6

Pros of Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint:

• Eye catchy, purse friendly packaging – Comes in a sleek yet sturdy plastic tube with a black cap, with the color visible and number printed. Designed in a way that it looks like a test tube in a holder that is cute and catchy
• Affordable
• Flavored – carries a mild chocolate cupcake fragrance to it; would not be overpowering for sensitive noses
• Travel friendly and very light to carry in your purse
• Applicator that helps to impart a good finish and does not allow any room for mess or wastage
• Color 108 – an irresistible, succulent, juicy candy pink which would suit Indian skin tones (medium to fair complexioned beauties)
• Soft and a little moisturizing, yet not heavy on the lips
• Not sticky, easy to build
• Offers a good, medium coverage and can be made to suit pigmented lips
• Does not heavily transfer although it is not entirely transfer or kiss proof
• Does not bleed or dry out the lips
• Although it has a low staying power 2-3 hours, it leaves of tinge of shimmer or sheer gloss behind
• Easy to apply and can be applied anytime since it is easy to carry on

Cons of Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint:

• Availability in India
• Mediocre staying power – without licking , stays on until a meal
• Might be a little edge over price for some
• Applicator has scope for improvement since it requires you to dip in at least 3 times to finish your lips. Avoids excess but allows too little

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Inglot #108 Sleeks Cream Lip Paint?
Yes, I would repurchase this pink beauty again and I highly recommend it and you have hit the jackpot, if you are a glitter free gloss lover who is naturally inclined to soft and cute pinks. I look forward to buying more of pinks and reds from this range.

A spoonful of cuteness personified, candy pink, cupcake potion induced in a test tube worthy of a bite!


• This could make an everyday lip product and as per the requirements, you can build the product when required

• Coat generous amount of the lip paint if you got pigmented lips and need full coverage

• For an opaque look, can be paired along with a mild pigmented pink based lip balms

• You could use lipsticks if you want but that might not do justice to the lip paint. Instead, you can use a lip crayon like ‘Coquette’ and a single coat of this lip paint. You could also just go for a lip liner like ‘Pink Stellar’, to draw your lips and obtain a perfect finish

• With the low staying power( 2-3 hours) could be used to your advantage – If your lips are not strained , apply an another lip color that gives full coverage as this gloss does not bleed and leaves of only specks of its sheer gloss behind which is also barely visible

Create your look
• Occasion- Perfect lip wear for outing with girls, Halloween, thanksgiving and kitty parties. Definite steal a show lip wear for prom night and date nights

• Eye makeup – Keep it bold and dramatic. Go for an interesting eye makeup. Keep the like kohl black rich on the eyes. Use generous amount to draw your eyes. For a colored look, pair it up with metallic blue gel eyeliners or eye shadows for intense and for a jolly fairy like look, turquoises go best with pink. Go for false eyelashes to be a show stopper at the party

• Outfit – Go for flared, floral based maxi, short pleated dress as per your body type

• Hair do – Keep it girly and chic. Side pony, half braid or a messy braid and go for short curls

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