Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette Review

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I find myself lucky to have access to some stuff from Australia and UK despite living in India. Many of us get perfumes as gifts when families visit abroad. This EDT was one such gift from my mom when my parents went to Australia. She had given me an option to choose whichever scent I liked from an array of brands including Elizabeth Arden, Kim Kardashian, but somehow, this bottle caught my attention. I picked this one first, read on to find out whether I liked it or not.

Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette

Around AUD 50-60 ( INR 4000 approximately).

Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette details

My Experience with Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette:

Apart from the classy packaging and heavy glass bottle, the color of the content is super awesome to display on top of my chest of drawers/dresser. I loved the pink color they have chosen. The scent is an EDT, despite that, it is very perfume-y, not too light.

Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette outer packaging

Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette packaging

Being a citrus lover, I chose this particular scent due to its top notes being citrus, but in a while, the notes settled to a more floral scent, to my astonishment. The base notes settle down musky on my skin. So yes, this scent was a roller-coaster ride for me. Thankfully, I love all the three notes, but I do wish, it settled down being more citrus. The floral notes and the musky base notes are slightly more suitable for the 25-35 age group, so younger girls should not buy it thinking it has citrus top notes and base notes.

Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette

Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette cap

It changes quickly on my skin and settles for musk, like I earlier mentioned. It lasts very lightly for three hours only, not heavy at all, but the skin still feels musky after that too, only if you sniff too hard. So, I cannot say this is a very lasting scent, but for an EDT, it is good enough.

Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette

Pros of Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette:

  • Citrusy top notes, middle notes are floral, base notes are very musky.
  • Stays for three hours.
  • Not overpowering.
  • Lovely packaging in pink.
  • Heavy glass bottle, classy to display on the dressing table.

Cons of Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette:

  • A little mature (say 25+) age group should choose it.
  • I wish it were more citrus than musk and floral.
  • Heavy glass, impossible to carry it on travels.
  • I wish it lasted a bit longer.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Intimately Beckham Women Eau De Toilette?
Yes, I would recommend it to you if you are comfortable with the base and middle notes of floral and musk. Buy it for the packaging too. I think if given a chance, I would love to try the other Beckham scents for women.
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