Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe? Ask IMBB

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Amrutha asks:

Hi beauties..

I have dandruff problem and I live in a city which has polluted water, which is greying my hair and also leaving itchy flakes because of dry scalp. I want to improve this. I heard apple cider vinegar may help. I want to know whether the vinegar will burn my scalp , as it is powerful. My hair is very soft and damaged.

Thanks in advance



3 thoughts on “Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe? Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Amruutha

    ACV is very safe. I use it once in a month on my scalp. it acts as a great cleanser and leaves hair free from residue built up by various chemical products. Also I use ACV on face as toner. It will not at all burn your scalp/hair.

  2. Even I use acv as a toner n once in a while for hair..I dilute acv..1/4th acv n 3/4th filtered water for toner n 1 small cup of acv in a mug of water for hair.

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