Is it Safe to Get Pedicure during Pregnancy?

One has no clue where or when the myth about getting manicures and pedicures is deemed unsafe for the unborn baby started, however, we would like to begin this article with a resounding NO!! It is not unsafe to get pedicures during pregnancy – there is absolutely no substance to the counterclaim that it is so. Like most myths, it has been doing the rounds for quite some time now and it is high time that it gets thoroughly debunked. With that objective in mind, let us set out to find out if it is safe to get pedicure during pregnancy. Pedicure involves scrubbing, massaging, and pampering feet and grooming of toes and toenails.

Is it Safe to Get Pedicure during Pregnancy

How does Pedicure help during Pregnancy?
Most health experts have pointed to the immense health benefits and accompanying comfort of getting a pedicure during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester when foot massages are highly recommended to give relief to sore feet and also increase blood circulation, and soothe swelling feet. Not to mention, a pedicure done right, leaves your feet pretty and the soon-to-be mom feel good and that is an extra bonus, psychologically speaking. But there is a word of caution that should be guaranteed as well.

What are the associated risks that should be taken care of?
If you are heading to the salon to get your feet pampered through a pedicure session, then being a would-be mommy, you need to pay heed to a number of factors. These are:

  • Hygiene factor: A salon is a place a lot of visitors come by to get pampered and get various treatments done. Needless to mention about the number of chemicals that are being used for treatments. In such environment, there is high probability of infections due to contamination. For example, if the tools used for pedicure are not sterilized properly, you run the risk of infection and that might put the health of baby at risk. Make sure to visit salons that maintain proper health and hygiene factors in order to reduce the potential risk of bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Lack of ventilation: Sometimes, a non-ventilated environment can cause nausea in a pregnant woman. This problem gets accompanied with exposure to excess chemicals and fumes. So, get your pedicure done in a properly-ventilated environment. It is always best to choose a salon that has open windows or effective ventilation facilities.
  • Massaging at some places: Pedicure is surely good to pamper your feet and give them a quick fix, but while being pregnant, you need to avoid massaging by the pedicurist at certain places. You need to ensure that the pedicurist doesn’t massage the area between the ankle bone and the heel as it might give rise to unwanted contractions.

What are the Safe Measures that you can practice while getting a Pedicure?
1. Book a salon that has a well-ventilated environment. Lack of proper ventilation can cause nausea in a pregnant woman.
2. Choose a salon that practices good hygiene and sterilizes all the tools and equipments thoroughly.
3. An appointment at a licensed salon with a good health inspection record is the safest way to go.
4. Take early appointment to avoid crowd and a congested environment.
5. Try to avoid having food in salons as you might end up ingesting harmful chemicals.
6. You must ensure that the products that are being used for your pedicure do not make use of harmful chemicals.
7. Avoid using any foot cream or product if your feet have cuts, nicks or open sores.
8. Avoid stimulating any pressure points during the massage to reduce risk of labour pain.
9. Do not go for any pedicure during the first trimester as there is high chance of any infection caused during that period of time.
10. At the end of the day, the safest bet is to get a home-based pedicure treatment, so you can also do that with ease.


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