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Archana Asks:

Hi Guys,

Most of us here normally live in our jeans right I am one of them. And I particularly live in “Levis” jeans. Most of my life I have only worn Levis jeans and strangely I was never able to find the right fit.

I usual keeping eye girls who wear jeans which look they were made for them and I also followed few of them to check the jean brand (yea, am desperate). And one thing am sure about is that they were not levis (tiny red Levis label missing on back pocket), or any other popular jean brands. So now I decided to try some local brands, Can you guys please find shops in Bangalore, preferably in Commercial Street, MG Road, and Kormangala area which store jeans like they were made for me. 🙂

Thanks in advance

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  1. i found a lovely pair of slim fit jeans in a brand that almost no one has heard of, i got it coz they were super cheap at 550 rs per pair on a Buy one get one offer. it is a brand called eccentric, it is an inhouse brand of a famous jeans store called loot. i am sure there are many loot stores in blore. you can call them up and check with them about which store stocks the widest variety of their in house brand.

  2. I am a die-hard Levi’s fan 🙂 , and own a few of their classic mid rise. It was the only brand that fit me. But it irks me that they are just hiking their prices to astronomical figures with no value addition! I would suggest brands like Bare denim, UMM and Jealous jeans. These are available in Central, Pantaloons and Brand factory.

  3. hey archana…have you checked out the new curve id from levi’s….??? i used to have the same issue of non fitting levi’s and curve id changed my view and am very happy with the same.
    Have also heard that com. st has great local brands which are very cheap and fit great…you will have to go around the street and just enter shops and try them 🙂 i will also check with some of my cousins who are college going and they seem to have more understanding on local brands

      1. haan do that rati….they measure and all and tell you what fit you are types and give you jeans accordingly….:P

    1. Hey Rachana,

      By any chance were you working in Career Net Technologies, Bangalore. You resemble one of my friend who was working there.


  4. The best fitting jeans I have are from Marks and Spencer. 1800 bucks on sale..think it might be abt 2700 original price. I find it better than Levis.

    There should be Marks and Spencr in Blore..do check it out.

    1. oh have never checked their denims aruna…i should….will do that next time..:) but they do have amazing cargos and linen trousers

      1. oh ya their linens are fantastic especially the Men’s section. My husband is a big fan of linen and he has a couple of lovely shirts from M&S – light pink and a yellow..very metrosexual too 😀

  5. i always fine that pepe is better than levis in fitting……….i love pepe now……..but new levis curve range also good…….hey delhi/NRC girls……… :announce: CK jeans in now flat 30% off in City walk ……… :yahoo: :drool:

  6. hey you can try Jealous 21 they have three hip sizes in same waist size.i have tried it you will definitely find your fit. are available at Brand Factory Whitefield

  7. wherever you buy make sure it snugs you on ur butt.
    waist and fall corrections can be done.i read somewhere buy a jeans that fits u on you butt and thigh.
    diesel jeans i have found to be the best ever. :teddy:

    1. diesel :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: if i pay 12000 bucks…they better fit me welll :mirror: :mirror: :mirror: :mirror:

  8. hey even i had a bad experience with levi’s curve id. as in after measuring me i qualified for the bold curve id. but when i tried out all the cuts , i found i fit better in a demi. i sincerely advise you to try before you buy.

  9. hi
    there is a brand in lifestyle called GINGER
    their jeans would be aroung 1200 to 2000 but they really fit well
    i hope u stop following girls after this post now 😐 :stars: :lol2: 😆 😐

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