John Masters Organics Lip Calm Review

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This review will be on the John Masters Organics Lip Calm.

About the product:

The best thing that ever happened to your lips!
Soothing, moisturizing and invigorating all in one delicious and aromatic treatment. Made of the finest in organic ingredients, Lip Calm not only protects your lips from weather, it rejuvenates your spirit.

*Certified Organic

Our ingredients and products are never tested on animals.
Cruelty Free. Bio-degradable

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Price : $6

My Experience with John Masters Organics Lip Calm:

I have incredibly dry skin and same thing is true for my lips. During winter season, my lips tend to get chapped and cracked easily, hence I am always hoarding lip balms. For some reason over the years, I have grown uncomfortable using drugstore lip balms as I feel they do not provide me with the hydration I need ;also since I have a habit of licking my lips constantly – what starts on my lips eventually ends up in my tummy; hence I wanted to find a lip balm which is good for your lips and also good if you happen to eat it.


Simple, sleek, and practical like all other lip balms. Has a twist up mechanism.

The lip balm itself has a light green tinge in the tube but it is completely colorless on the lips.This lips balm applies very smoothly on the lips. The balm just melts when it comes in contact with your body heat like most solidified oils do and it coats the layer in thin coating of oil which is very hydrating and healing but is also has a slippery feeling. I usually use this lip balm overnight and by next morning it has made my lips soft and plump.
I absolutely adore the scent of this lip balm. One of the ingredients in this lip balm is lemon/lime oil which is exactly that smell that hits you. It is not too overpowering but it is notable. For people who are not a fan of this scent will not like this but I happen to love the scent of anything citrusy. It relaxes and calms me.

This is not the type of lip balm you can apply over or underneath lipstick. Under lipstick, it makes the lips too slick that nothing adheres to it. And once I made the mistake of applying this over my matte lipstick and the result was a huge mess of smeared lipstick on my face. I guess I should have known since the ingredient of this lip balm is oil and as we all know oil will break down makeup.

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I do tend to run out this lip balm quite fast, hence I wouldn’t really call them long-lasting. They at most last me a month if I use them 2-3 times a day.
Overall, I am really loving this lip balm with it all natural organic components, highly hydrating properties and wonderful lime scent which is my favorite scent in the whole world. I highly recommend this and will repurchase this many many times.

Pros of John Masters Organics Lip Calm:

• Very moisturizing
• Makes lips soft and smooth
• Wonderful refreshing scent
• All organic natural ingredients

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Cons of John Masters Organics Lip Calm:

• Cannot be used under or over lipstick
• It will melt in heat.

IMBB Rating 5/5

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