Kylie Spice Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner Review

Hey lovely ladies,

After trying my level best to not get sucked into the hype – I gave in!! I got myself a Kylie Lip Kit mainly because I was smitten by the shade and also to just figure what the hype was all about. So, is it the best thing out there since glazed donut? Let’s find out:


Product Description:
Spice | Lip Kit: Contains: 1 Matte Liquid Lipstick (0.11 fl oz./oz. liq / 3.25 ml) and 1 Pencil Lip Liner (net wt./ poids net .03 oz/ 1.0g)
The #KylieCosmetics LipKit is your secret weapon to create the perfect ‘Kylie Lip.’ Each Lip Kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lipstick and matching Lip Liner. Spice is a deepened raspberry-plum.



This ultra-long wearing lip liner has a creamy texture that glides across the lips for a very easy and comfortable application. The Lip Liner sharpens easily in most standard sized sharpeners – just make sure your sharpener is not dull! The Liquid Matte Lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip. The extremely long wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out.
US $29

This is a lot to pay for a lipstick. Also, with shipping/customs, it’s gonna cost you a substantially more. Some cite the argument that the pricing is considering there are two products instead of one. However, you need a lip pencil to apply a liquid lipstick? We will come to that in a minute. Also, please note, like Colourpop, you get about half the quantity of product that you get in say a Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick.

My Experience with Kylie Spice Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner:

Packaging:  The product comes in a huge box, huge considering that there are just two slim products inside – a liquid lipstick and a lip pencil. The box can easily accommodate at least two of those liquid lipsticks along with 2-3 lip pencils. The box is colour coordinated to the shade of the lipstick.



The liquid lipstick tube is the exact same dimension as that of the Colourpop liquid lipstick – in length and in thickness. The only difference being the detailing. If you are used to the MAC lip pencils, this lip pencil is distinctly smaller. The cap fits in snuggly and its easy to sharpen. it isn’t retractable. The bottom is colour co-ordinated to the shade of lip liner.



Color:  The liquid lipstick in the shade “Spice” is a stunning deep purple with hints of a fresh red wine, it’s quite a fall” shade. It definitely grabs eyeballs! It’s absolutely gorgeous and would suit all skin tones as long as you are comfortable with a bold/deep shade. On Caucasian skin tones, it would appear more deep purple. While on a darker skin, the pink in it would be more evident.


The lip liner seems a tad bit lighter in shade, especially in the skin swatch. However, it matches the tone perfectly and seems darker on the lips than it did on the skin.

Texture: The texture of the liquid lipstick is quite liquid and it spreads easily and goes on fairly evenly on the lips. It does not seem patchy. However, the shade does seem to have a bit of translucency. The shade looks darker on the lip lines because my natural lip line is dark. The translucency is more visible on the centre of the lower lip. The lipstick takes a few seconds to dry down. There is enough play time in case you want to correct mistakes or add another shade or lip contouring, etc. Once set – it’s fairly budge-proof.



While all seems honky-dory, it isn’t quite. The flip side of the texture is that it is fairly drying. I’ve been testing this lipstick since last 4 days – lipstick with lined lips, just lipstick, lipstick with lip liner as base, just lip liner… my lips are dry and hurting by the end of it! I’ve been using my trusted Dermalogica lip balm the entire day today, but my lips are yet to recover.



Coming to the texture of the lip liner – it is quite creamy and emollient on application so much so that when used to fill the lips (not just outline them), the entire product on the pencil tip got used up. So, for second application, I had to sharpen the pencil. That should give you an idea of how creamy it is. However, the creaminess does not translate to comfort on lips. Once applied, the texture sets to a non-transferable matte finish which does not budge but leaves the lips extremely dry and it accentuates an dry patches on the lips. While, I am used to the drying texture of the MAC lip pencils, this one me bummed maybe because the texture had seemed softer than that of a MAC lip pencil.

Bottom line – either of the scenarios – with lips lined, only lipstick, only lipliner, lip liner as base for lipstick – all 4 cases – the product is fairly drying! And considering the winter season, I don’t think I did my lips any favour by trying out this product!

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is fairly good. The liquid lipstick goes on glossy to settle into a matte finish. I mentioned earlier, that it has a bit of tranluscency. Using the lip liner as base for the lipstick, does give the shade added depth. The lip liner on its own also looks pretty as far as the shade is concerned. It hides all lip pigmentation and the colour applies fairly evenly. However, the fact that it accentuates dry patches on the lips, I doubt if I will be using it on its own.



Lasting Power:  This shade really does last a long time, especially the liquid lipstick, on its own or with lip liner as base. The lipstick leaves a fairly prominent bright pinkish purple stain. So even when it starts wearing down from the centre of the lower lip, it does not look patchy. You can get away with wearing it as it is without doing a touch up. It lasts about 8 hours plus that if you can manage the dryness on your lips. Also, once you start eating, drinking – depending on what you are consuming – it will start transferring a bit. Not too drastic – but it is there.

You can easily do a touch up – it will not look patchy. You do not need to remove the entire lipstick and reapply. It layers well. this new layer will not dry down entirely. It will continue to have a little tackiness.

Lip Pencil/Liquid Lipstick: So, I wanted to discuss this aspect separately – since it impacts your decisioning on whether there is value in two products versus one. Meaning, one single liquid lipstick from a decent brand retails at about $18-$20. However, this one is significantly priced higher at $29. Points to consider:
1. A lipstick will cost you $20, while here, shelling $29 gives you a liquid lipstick with the corresponding lip liner.
2. If you already have a lip liner in a similar shade or don’t want a lip liner, can you buy just the lipstick? Nope, not quite! You have to shell $28.
3. More importantly – do you need a lip liner with a liquid lipstick? This one is the key question. And this is governed by you – your preference in application. How? Do you use a lip liner? If yes, do you use it to line your lips or to provide base and in turn longevity to your lipstick? Honestly, earlier, I wasn’t using lip liner at all. I would apply the lipstick from a bullet and be on my way. So, why did I start using lip liners? One was to give an even base to my bullet lipstick and second was to give the lipstick longevity. Right? technically, both these things should not matter in case of a liquid lipstick. A good lipstick can have good pigmentation and great texture, which ensures you don’t need a base for even applications and you don’t need it for longevity either. In the case of Spice, the second point stands true – the lip liner does not add to longevity. However, it does give added depth to the shade because the lipstick itself isn’t 100% opaque, which you can say is the good thing about having a lip liner or a negative about the liquid lipstick.
4. There is one other point to consider here regarding lip pencil. We also use lip pencil to define our lips and in today’s Insta world, we use it to correct the shape of our lips – if they are naturally mis-matched or to outline them for the extra pout. Right? But this we generally do for our bullet lipsticks. Our liquid lipsticks go on smoothly without a lip liner. Yes, they do! I have been using liquid lipstick since ages and I am fairly comfortable applying it with the applicators in the tube – without lining my lips with a separate lip pencil. However, having said that, while applying this one, I did use the lip liner to outline my lips since I had one and I can say that it does make a difference. It makes a difference in the crispness of applications and the fact that once you have drawn the outline and are only required to fill in with the liquid applicator – the application becomes easier. So yes, 2 is definitely better than 1.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Kylie Spice Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner:

  • A stunning shade – perfect for fall.
  • Lightweight texture.
  • Good pigmentation!
  • Easy to apply with the applicator – very easy to get clean lines.
  • It applies smoothly and evenly.
  • No feathering or bleeding.
  • Decent packaging.
  • Easy to identify colour from the tube itself.
  • Does not flake.
  • Excellent wear time – 8 hours plus.
  • Lip liner helps in achieving neat application.
  • Two products at the price of one.
  • Ships internationally.

Cons of Kylie Spice Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner:

  • Clings to the dry patches on my lips.
  • Extremely drying.
  • Lips feel prunish.
  • Nauseating caramel smell – it’s just so pronounced!!

IMBB Rating:
3.8/5 product.

So, what the final verdict on this one? This is tough! While I love the shade, I agree to the ease provided by the inclusion of the lip liner and I accept the price point considering there are 2 products in the kit – I cannot get past the dry texture. It is a deal breaker for me. It is great that the colour sticks around for as long as it does, but if my lips are gonna be crying for help at the end of it, I don’t think it’s worth it. I feel this to be a concern big enough because today there are liquid lipstick formulas in the market – at various price points – which are comfortable to wear. So, I don’t see a need to kill yourself over this. I am not purchasing another one any time soon.

P.S. – For people who have seen the pics on my Instagram already know why the lipstick/nail ring is strategically placed at that point. For those who don’t – it’s because I had to have a zit appear right over my lip when I was supposed to take pictures that day!!

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8 thoughts on “Kylie Spice Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner Review

  1. Wow your nail ring does still the show, but you Lippy is a lovely shade you have picked, a must have shade definitely!

  2. OMG! that color is stunning on you. honestly, i haven given up on the whole kylie range. it’s such a hassle to buy it. Plus I feel it’s become more of a hype than the actual product. And some how I am a bit bored of liquid lipsticks as well. I am back to loving my classic lipsticks. I am okay with the drying texture. May be I have gotten used to it. Absolutely loved the nail ring! 🙂 The color is gorrgggg! cant get over it. 😛

    1. Thanks Rati! The colour really is stunning and I’m not able to get over the purple kick!

      I still don’t seem to be over the liquid lipstick phase even though I seem to have had dismal luck with my last few lipstick purchases. Ya, but I don’t think I’m buying any new ones in the near future. That leaves only about 74598321 liquid lipsticks left with me to review on IMBB!!! ??

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