Makeup Revolution London Baby Pink Amazing Lip Liner Pencil Review

Skin tone: Fair.
Skin type: Normal to oily.
Hair type: Medium length, wavy, colored, normal.

Hello all,

Today, I will be reviewing a lip liner pencil from the brand “Makeup Revolution.” I hadn’t come across their lip pencils until now and I was excited to try this one 🙂

Makeup Revolution London Baby Pink Amazing Lip Liner Pencil

199 INR

Product Description:
Makeup Revolution’s first lip pencil with built-in sharpener.  Super-Soft and Intensive Formula to Line your lips or even fill in your entire lips with its creamy pigmentation, Makeup Revolution will amaze you with our quality.
We have complemented and matched some of top-selling ‘Amazing Lipstick’ shades.


My Experience with Makeup Revolution London Baby Pink Amazing Lip Liner Pencil:

The lip liner is a wooden pencil in the sharpenable form with a plastic cap that has a little sharpener. The cap is flimsy and keeps coming off which makes it unsuitable to toss it into bags. The body is color coded making identification easier.


“Baby Pink” is a light, milky pink lip pencil. It is almost white with feeble hints of pink. If you have a lipstick of the same hue, then it would go well with it, otherwise, it’s not at all a good shade. Well, who would want to slather white on their lips?! This pencil was pretty much a useless buy for me.

Lip pencil

I like the texture of this liner; very smooth and super soft. It does not tug or pull at all if the lips are well exfoliated. It doesn’t highlight dry patches that much, but lips need to be prepped, but it does settle into the fine lip lines. For a light color, I think the pigmentation is pretty good. It feels very light too; doesn’t crease either.

Swatch on hands

I really cannot comment on the lasting power since I could hardly wear it even for 5 minutes, but it hardly transfers. Though I do not admire the shade, I am pretty impressed by the texture and performance. The lip liner is good, in terms of the texture, but the shade makes it useless to me.

Pink lips

Summing it up:

Pros of Makeup Revolution London Baby Pink Amazing Lip Liner Pencil:

  • Color-coded wooden pencil.
  • Sharpener provided.
  • Hygienic, since it is a sharpenable pencil.
  • Lovely soft texture.
  • Doesn’t highlight dry patches.
  • Doesn’t crease.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Makeup Revolution London Baby Pink Amazing Lip Liner Pencil:

  • Not a versatile shade since it is a milky pink; almost white (huge con).
  • Settles into fine lines.
  • Cap comes off very easily.
  • Will suit only pale, very fair skin tones.

IMBB Rating:
0/5 (just because of the color).

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Makeup Revolution London Baby Pink Amazing Lip Liner Pencil?
This particular shade should be a total skip!

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