Labello Pure & Natural Camomile and Calendula Lip Balm Review

Labello Pure & Natural Camomile and Calendula Lip Balm

Hello pretty readers,
Hope you all are doing great. Today I would be reviewing one of the lip balms from my collection. Yes, like most of you, I am a lip balm addict too! I am currently using three different ones and here’s the review of one of them.

labello lip balmProduct Description :

According to their website- Comfort and soothe sensitive, irritable lips with this incredibly gentle, 100% preservative-free, non-waxy formula. Natural jojoba and certified organic shea butter give long-lasting, nourishing moisture while camomile calms and calendula soothes for healthy, radiant lips naturally.

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Calming camomile, soothing calendula extracts.

Availability and price:
Since Labello and Nivea lip balms are manufactured by the same company, this variant is also available in the Nivea range at 159INR for 4.8g. I purchased mine from UAE for around the same price.

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My experience with Labello Pure & Natural Camomile and Calendula Lip Balm

The lip balm packaging is like a typical swivel stick, just like the Nivea range. It is pretty sturdy, and the long cap fixes on with a click making it travel friendly too.

As for the product, I found it to be one of the best for sensitive lips. It does not contain any parabens, so it makes for a great lip balm for sensitive, sore lips.

It is ultra-light and one swipe is enough to moisturize your lips. It has almost or no fragrance at all which I like especially on days when my lips get all sore and dry. The lip balm really does have a soothing effect on my lips, plus it has also helped a little in healing them too.
Let not the green color of the lip balm scare you away, it has absolutely no tint and leaves a nice not- too glossy sheen on the lips.
However generally, the Labello and Nivea lip balms don’t last on my lips for more than half an hour (with no meals in-between), so I have to keep reapplying. But I really like this lip balm nonetheless.

Pros of Labello Pure & Natural Camomile and Calendula Lip Balm

• Natural Ingredients
• Very Moisturizing
• Soothes and Heal lips
• Does not contain parabens

Cons of Labello Pure & Natural Camomile and Calendula Lip Balm

• Only that it tends to become soft in summer

Verdict: I would definitely recommend this lip balm to anyone with sensitive or sore lips.

Will I buy it again: I am mostly trying out other variants but this is one variant I will stick to since this one is specially formulated for sensitive lips like mine. So it’s a definite yes.
Rating: 4/5

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