Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Pink Bureau

So I got the new Lakme lip color *happydance* I am completely bowled over, I cant stop thinking of them and have been applying them every single day! Remember the last Lakme collection consisting of 20 browns, two peaches and two pinks, and two reds? Well, right after that Lakme has released 15 new shade in the 9 to 5 category, and believe you me, you will not recognize the lipstick brand by the shades, all the 15 shades are wearble corals, pinks, nudes, not a single brown *shock* Lakme has done wonders this time!

Lakme 9 to5 Lip Color Pink Bureau

The SA at shopper stop, is ultra sweet North-east Indian, I always make a point to visit her, even though I might not buy Lakme all the time, she told me that since the day this collection has come, no one ever buys anything else, these are too good,stay on and on.
Lakme 9 to5 Lip Color Pink Bureau (6)
Lakme 9 to5 Lip Color Pink Bureau (5)

Personally I think they are improvisation on the earlier nine to five which were little dry and sticky too, but these are matte, buttery, pigmented, set but softly, not really into a rough dry feel, they are feather light like not wearing a lip color at all and these are packaged a little “motu” now, they are curvy at the wrong place, the core I mean 😛 and have this pretty graphic “9 to 5” come in a box pack and the shades, oh la la, my husband was forced to hear, repeatedly, that Lakme never comes out with anything but browns, looks like something changed , not that he gives a … but seriously, gorgeous shades!They have named them so well too!
Lakme 9 to5 Lip Color Pink Bureau (9)
I got 6 of them, I kept swatching on and on handing the tester over to her, I could not stop my self, and I had to hold my self back from buying the shade called Red coat, pink slip telling myself I have a ton of red, but honestly, you can buy all the 15 shades without second thoughts, just one shade is a shimmer one, but mainly all are mattes, nudes pinks and corals, one red and wine too.
Lakme 9 to5 Lip Color Pink Bureau (3)
This one is a coral pink with gold flecks, the gold twinkles and is barely visible, trust me, the lipstick is creamy to apply, it has a feather light finish and the gold shows up barely, it sets but not to a dry finish, you can rub it off if need, but it goes on totally matte! I love the pink coral tones it has, love the pink and love how pigmented it is, glides on so well, everything is love love !
Lakme 9 to5 Lip Color Pink Bureau (3)
The staying power is NOT 9 to 5, it does not survive a full meal and a shower, it survives snacks and tea, so with light meals two coats stay for 3 hours, without meals it will stay for 5 hours, but one coat gives you enough color. It clicks lock in place and can be carried around!
Lakme 9 to5 Lip Color Pink Bureau (11)
Lakme 9 to5 Lip Color Pink Bureau swatch
Now coming to the only issue you might have, it feels a little dry, honestly, like the earlier ones or any long last ones since it sets, but trust me it is not very dry, if you think and concentrate on your lips, like I did for the reveiw then you might feel the dryness, otherwise one coat is feather light.The gold shimmer is not a problem for me, it in fact looks pretty on a pink matte base. These should cover lip pigmentation as well.
lakme 9 to 5 lipstick pink bureau
Last word:

Need all 15 shades, Lakme has taken me by surprise with no browns! Gorgeous shades in a matte finish, that is all the lippy smitten girl in me wants!

pink lips (2)

IMBB Rating:

4.9/5 just for the teeny-meeny dryness a long last lippy would have anyway!I have 5 more lined up, meanwhile check out this gorgeous shade Rashmita got in Scarlett drill.

PS: They also a full nail paint collection too, Im in love with these three shades, and will get the coral shade in Pink profit next time!Check them out, the lipsticks are the ones I did NOT get, below.

lakme lipsticks

Lakme nail colors (3)

Lakme nail colors

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29 thoughts on “Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Pink Bureau

  1. Huhh. Wowsieee. Such a pretty one. Agree neha..their last collectiin of 9to5 had only browns! Not even one wearable peach or pink..this is a relief 🙂

  2. Seriously it has done wonders Neha di *woot* *woot* glad they did not make any browns, hate wearing browns *hihi* *hihi* the texture and the finish looks soooo pretty *powder* and the nail colours are sooooo gorgeous.. *pompom* *pompom* definitely trying them out on my next visit to shopperstop *woot*

  3. Lakme is really surprising me! The other I checked out their Nail Paints and my y very pretty shaddes! Me gonna go this weekend 😀

    ANY lipstick/gloss will look perfect on you *haan ji*

  4. aww.. so pretty shade and awesome collection of nail paints neha.. *nails* *pompom*
    am in love wid ur flawless swatches.. *shy* *whistle*

  5. Wooooow so finally Lakme had pulled up its socks and tried to brings decent line.. That’s awesome *jai ho* *jai ho* .. Love the shade will surely check out the range when it’s coming from I neha then buying one from the range toh Banta *oye balle* hi hai

  6. owww..beautiful shade.. *woot* *woot* .i saw these n the nailpaints in H&G last week,at Forum..but i never bothered to try..awsome shades n matteones..gotto check. 😀

  7. Looks like Lakme got all our anti-brown comments from us pulled in there feedback *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* And got all pinkies this time *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* Loved the shade Neha.

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