Lakme Jewel Sindoor brings smile on my mother-in-law’s face

Lakme SindhoorIf there is just one product where Lakme can proudly say ,’ We understand Indian women the best’. It’s Lakme’s Jewel Sindoor.

When I got married this February, I had no clue how to use that powder sindoor. I would put sindoor in ‘chutki bhar sindhoor‘ style every morning and I would end up dusting the red powder in hair as well. Not only that, I had issues with sindoor getting stuck in  my nails as well.

Then my aunt told me about Lakme Jewel Sindoor. With no second thoughts I bought this sindhoor in maroon colour. And since then there is no looking back.

Why I love Lakme’s Jewel Sindoor so much?

    • Absolutely non messy. The doe foot tip makes the application very easy. Just slide the tip in your parting or on your hairline and you are good to go.

  • It dries at the drop of hat.
  • The maroon colour sindoor has a little golden glitter. I have no idea how many people have complimented me for my sindhoor. 🙂
  • Even on hot summer days, it does not melt.
  • You could use for your bindi application as well.
  • Very sleek packaging. You may carry with you always and all the time. Although since it lasts all day long, you might not even have to carry it with you.
  • Priced at Rs 90, it’s worth your money.
  • It will make your life sorted.
  • Long lasting. I have been using the sindoor for 10 months now almost every day and it is still there. 🙂
  • Available in 4 shades- Gold, Maroon, Coral and Pearl.

I am planning to buy it in gold as well.


IMBB Rating: 5


12 thoughts on “Lakme Jewel Sindoor brings smile on my mother-in-law’s face

  1. You read my mind! I was just talking about this today morning with my friend, and wondering if i should get one myself!

    I too got married a month before u in Jan, and have not been using any sindoor coz i hate the powder one… Thks for the review! Will def get myself the maroon one 😀

  2. It’s awesome. I guess I am going to buy this all my life. 😛

    I am not sure whether they have increased the price because mine is quite old now. 🙂

    Hope you like it.

  3. I too love this sindoor, I got married may 2011 and from then I am using this sindoor… It lasted good 12 months… and going on still.. love it 🙂

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