Lakme Strawberry Lip Love Care is the Perfect Everyday Pink!

Lakme Strawberry Lip Love Care

Hey chica bonitas!

Today I am reviewing a lip balm from the Lakmé Lip Love Care range. The variant is Strawberry, a cute balm with a cute pink tint. So let’s see how this fared.

About Lakmé Lip Love Care:

Say hello to Lakme’s newest offering, Lip Love Lip Care – a range of dual core lip balms, the first of its kind in India. Available in 4 flavours – Cherry, Strawberry, Peach and Vanilla. Lip Love is ‘a little tint with lots of love’. Keep those lips moisturized and protected with a winning combination of a luscious creamy core along with a hint of tint and SPF 15. Lakme’s Lip Love tinted sticks are here to make sure you enjoy the best of both worlds!

Luxurious creamy core moisturises your lips:

• Just the right hint of tint
• SPF 15 protection
• Easy glide
• Everyday casual essential

Price: Rs 200

Qt: 3.8 g

My Experience with Lakme Strawberry Lip Love Care:

I guess I can never have enough of pink. Seriously, I mean blushes, lip balms, glosses, lipsticks, clothes, shoes, nail paints, accessories, phew! I need a pink in every category on this earth 😀 And by the way, it is NOT my favorite color, believe me! 😛 But I guess we women are a little biased toward pink. Aren’t we? So how could I miss this particular tinted version. It is a pink after all!
Lakmé Lip Love Care Lip Love Care in Strawberry is a tinted swivel stick with a balmy core. The tint is a beautiful baby pink with a glossy finish. The pink is a little blue-based. It looks quite bright in the stick but comes out naturally on lips. I call this one my grocery shopping pink :D, quite useful when I don’t want to look all dolled up, if you know what I mean. This one is a little less tinted than the Cherry one (I have swiped it 4-5 times in the lip swatch for the color to show through as I pigmented lips ). But I feel it is a little more hydrating than the Cherry balm.(coming soon)
Also, I believe your experience with a lip balm also depends on the present condition of your lips, like whether they are too dry, chapped, pigmented, etc. The thing I am liking the most about these balms is that they are superglossy and yet not waxy at all. You don’t have to reapply it every time you eat or drink. So, a thumbs-up from my side!

But, but, but…where are the ingredients? If not on the carton, then at least they should mention them on the website. Don’t you think so? These days we are more than ever conscious about what we are applying on face, eyes, or even nails. But these lip balms are good to be tried once if you don’t care too much about the ingredients. At such an affordable price, this product is a steal. And it has SPF 15 too! So all the Babylips loyalists, if you are looking for something new to be added to your lip care kit, go for Lakmé Lip Love Care Lip Love Care in Strawberry.


Lakme_Strawberry__Lip_Love_Care__1_ swatch

What I liked about Lakme Strawberry Lip Love Care:

  • Glossy finish with enough hydration.
  •  Perfect everyday pink tint.
  •  Good quantity for an affordable price.
  • SPF 15

What I didn’t like about Lakme Strawberry Lip Love Care:

  •  I guess it is not widely available yet.
  •  No ingredients mentioned.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I repurchase Lakme Strawberry Lip Love Care?

May be, until I get something better!

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35 thoughts on “Lakme Strawberry Lip Love Care is the Perfect Everyday Pink!

  1. Wait!!!…what??!!…. Where are these from???? … Never spotted any…looks gorgeous…am a pink hogger too….want want wanttt!!!!…. Grt revw monika…. 🙂

  2. Woow. . . really glossy answer to baby lips i must say . My hubby works in HUL and he gets employee discount on all HUL products so i am getting biased towards lakme products 🙂 🙂 😀
    It looks awesome . . .definitely buying 🙂

      1. Ya Monika , he sits in the office address mentioned on the lakme product 😀 chakala… 😀 🙂 . yesterday he asked me to make a list of the stuffs i want . Believe me its really a long one 😀 😀

        1. You know I have stopped checking out online shopping sites! I always end up buying something 😛 And with the coming Christmas and New Year, bhagwan bachae in sales se 😛 😉

            1. Arey please share some tips on how u control the urge to check the portals…i am full to velli right now…n even after so much spending i am hooked to them… 🙂

  3. This looks sooooo yummie.. like a strawberry cake.. ofcourse we are biased towards pink and we accept it lol 🙂 thanks for introducing them to me 🙂

  4. Such a cute color and it looks lovely on you! Too bad, this brand isn’t available in my city, but I’ll check it out online 🙂

  5. Last week bought all the electro pops and now these !!!!
    Argggghhhh … But cant skip on such a cute packaging… Such a nice review monica …but how did i not spot this while GOSF was on 🙁

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