Letters to My Daughter- Part 2

Hey buddy,

Writing this after a long time. Well, not actually. You are only 10 months old so… but hey, it seems like a lifetime when your mom was preggy last year and we were wondering whether we would have a boy or a girl, and now we have you, and you are the reason we look every day forward to. It seems like we have grown 10 years old everyday since.

letters dad daughter

I don’t know how old you would be when you read this but know this- you are a happy child (you have happy parents by the way so credit goes all to us not you :P). No whining, no needless crying, no signs of worrying when handled by strangers. In fact, I have to restrict you from going to everyone. You are awesomely trustful (which is a good thing by the way) and nothing scares you (even cooker ki seeti which made you cry earlier). So we’re blessed that you are a happy kid. I hope that life keeps you the same always. If you are ever reading this when you are unhappy, know that you were not always so, and that it’s in your power to be happy again. Happiness is state of mind, no matter what shit your life is going through. Your mom and I, we were happy when we had nothing in our bank accounts and we were living in a crummy apartment that will fit your living room today. We just loved to kiss and fuck. So know that. Stay happy. Whatever the fuck happens.

Your birthday is coming soon. We have planned something for you. Let’s see how you take it. No matter how you take it, we’re going to take pictures. So it’s gonna be your choice whether those pictures are great later on or too embarrassing for you to post. Hope you do great. If not, it will be my favorite story to tell year after year how sucky you were on your first birthday. 🙂

I always hope, through these letters, to pass on some wisdom to you that will be help you survive in the world that you will be living in years later. That world may not be anything like the world I’m seeing today. So I have to pass on something that holds, no matter how the world is. I have already talked to you about change in my previous letter. I shall stress the same again. Be prepared to change with the world. Everyday. Every week. Every month. Every year. By the time you read this maybe we will have already have colony on the moon (or somewhere else). In my life time, I have seen my world change from black & white ‘Konark’ TV AND phone with rotary dialer to colour TV, internet, and smartphones. These are not small changes. These have changed the world how the world is. So learn to accept changes. As long as you accept changes, you will ride the waves on this world. And since most of the changes will come through technology, do not be scared of technology or things that appear too technical. Learn it, master it, and keep moving on. Be the seeker buddy. 🙂

And that brings to my second wisdom. If you ever have to choose between love and money (or love and anything else) choose love. No, I am not saying this as bourgeois peasant who doesn’t know money. I know the importance of money and how it affects your life. And I know you might find yourself wrong afterwards about choosing love. But still choose love. If you are wrong in choosing love at some point in your life, and then again you find yourself at the same crossroad, again choose love. Again choose love. Take left. Take left. Left again. Take left. My logic is simple. Once you find love finally, you shall be happy no matter what life dishes out to you. If you do not find love, you will always be unhappy no matter what riches life brings you. So take left. Always. Till you find love.

I have to potty train you yet by the way. Amusing isn’t it? You don’t know how to potty by yourself yet? Imagine if I decide not to train you, you’ll be 10 years old, still wearing diapers and pottying in it. That would be sick. Say thank you when you read this. 😛

I’m going to raise you as a free child. That means no schooling and no one to subjugate your free will. And I think it is more important that you are raised knowing that you are free to choose in this world than obeying what the world tells you what you ought to be. So we’re going to homeschool you. Doesn’t mean it is going to be easy. It is going to be tougher than what those kids face at school. But hey, at least, you will be in control of your life. The control that your parents never had the first 20 years of their lives. So, now you will have to take decisions for the extra 20 years of your life. Fucking awesome. Don’t whine.

That’s it then. Really looking forward to your first birthday. One last thing I want to say; your parents are not perfect. Parenting can never be perfect. To prepare a child for the future which no one has ever seen, by taking lessons from experience which is based in the past, can never be successful. But we try our best. And we are going to prepare you with skills which we feel will last even though the world will change constantly. Hope you we succeed. If we don’t, don’t bother blaming us. We have already forgiven ourselves. Not our fault if you turned out to be a nincompoop. All good then. Great that we got that one straightened out.

Your Awesome Dad.


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  1. As always, loved reading your posts because they convey a lot of things – thoughts beautifully translated into words. Sia is extremely lucky and so are Rati and you to have such a happy child :*

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